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Its gonna be nice enough to play at night soon enough and just had a few questions... I recently came across a lot of nice Discraft Photon Glo discs that were somewhat reasonable. I read that they are no longer made due to availability of materials or something, but that they hold their glow for an entire round with one charging. This is better than what Ive heard about Innova discs needing frequent recharging. Should I get pick up these glow discs or just tape either the LED lights or mini light sticks to my Champion plastics? Ive also seen people tape those things to the top of the flight plate as well as the bottom. I would think that the top would affect its flight more than the underside....any thoughts about any of this?

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All glow plastic will require multiple chargings during a round.. weather it would be Innova, Discraft, or Gateway it's the phosporescence material and it's nature. As for LED/glowstick, spend the money on the LED's. the LED's also work with lighter (white, yellow, peach, Light blue, ect..) Star/ESP plastics. As for the discussion of top or bottom, if you put it on the top, it will take the disc slightly more undrestable, taping them on the bottom, you want to keep them centered and well taped.

if you should buy the glow plastic, Depends on how much you plan on throwing night golf. monthly, I'd say got for it, but more ofthen than that, I'd just use the money on LED'splus you're use to the discs you have.
I've played a lot of glo in my day this is some advice. Tape LEDs to fast overstable drivers. Generally they will slow down the disc, and make it less stable. I would sugest using glo putters for upshots and putts though, but a bright white disc usually works as well. As to where to tape the LED, the flight gets screwed up equally pretty much wherever you put it. If you tape it underneath it will tear off after multiple throws, because its the bottom will contact the ground more. I tape my on the top near the outside, cause it looks sweet when you throw it!
Anyone know about the disc's with led's built in. How do they fly?
Tape to bottom.
Glow has begun here in town, Garrett Graham started it at Bandemer park in Ann Arbor, MI on Friday nights. Last week we had 7 people, including someone new to the game never played before!
He and Terry Sink also came over to our private course the other night and played some glow after a day round too. Photon Glo is nice stuff, I don't know about a whole round but 3-5 holes easily. Innova needs charging every shot. I prefer glow plastic, I'd hate to lose my favorite disc because the light fell off or it landed in some leaves.
I have played my share of GLO golf back before LEDs were even considred and I would suggest picking up some glo plastic. Heck, I use 2 glo discs during daytime hours. Never liked the LED solution because it is not legal according to the PDGA rules from what I can remember. But, I am a purist when it comes to glo golf, I think LEDs are cheating because they affect the flight characteristics of the disc. And, all it takes is one good hit and that LED is no longer attached. Seen people spend way too much time looking for a disc when the LED fell off. LEDs work OK for an open course with not much underbrush but for a heavily wooded course I would go with glo plastic. A camera flash is also a good addition to spark up your glow plastic.
Nitegolf anyone?
I'd have to agree about the unreliablity of the LED's. if you've ever had one come off because of a tree/bush and lost a disc, then you know.
they do look cool though :)
The Blackjax brand has two discs, the Quest and the Axe. The Quest is pretty flippy and imo very understable, I'd say less than 300 Feet of snap handling capability on a flat flip actually I'd say a fair amount less. The Axe is overstable and pretty passable as a distance driver. The pluses are the built in LEDs don't fall off, the batteries last a long time much longer than a glow charge, and they do fly reasonably decent for the quest, to pretty good for the axe. Somebody had them on sale recently might have been Sun King, I'd say much better than recharging a glow disc with a flashlight every couple of throws. Still need to buy a pod for a putter or midrange though as the built ins haven't added those yet.
I've used glow discs, LEDs and the Axe and Quest drivers. I found the Quest drivers to be too understable, but the Axe drivers were ok, and they can take some pretty nasty tree hits and keep working, and you can never lose them!

The Innova glow discs really need to be charged every throw, or at minimum every hole. It does get kinda annoying after a while.

We've also used the small LED lights and attached them to the top of the discs. I didn't notice too much change in the discs flight, but then it is hard to tell at night anyway! If you use some surgical tape to attach the LED on, generally they stay on quite well, and the glow is generally brighter than if you stick the LED to the bottom of the disc (plus you don't have the worry of losing the LED when the disc lands on rough surfaced.

Its a bit of a novelty playing night golf, but I still take day golf a lot more seriously. Try a few different options and see what you like, but I'd recommend an AXE driver and maybe a glow midrange and putter (which you could attach LEDs to for extra visibility). Have fun with it!

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