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What is the largest U.S. city currently without a disc golf course in its city limits?

Got to thinking about that question on a plane ride home from a trip out to Palm Springs, CA this week. I was all-set to pack some discs in my suitcase and play a few rounds while I was out there this week...only to see on pdga.com that the nearest disc golf course wasn't even in Palm Springs...it was around 12 miles away in Palm Desert. I couldn't believe it...a city of over 43,000 in the State that gave birth to our wonderful sport, didn't have a single disc golf course within a 15-mile cab ride.

I'm sure there are MUCH, MUCH bigger cities out there without any disc golf courses, but in California?! Sheesh. Looks like somebody is going to have to write a few emails to mayors and city council members of that fine, fair city...saying "What gives?!" ;-)

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I'd suggest Boston as a contender for this.... there are a number of (beautiful) courses around Massachusetts, but not a single one in the huge Boston metro area! I know that the Northeast is one big megalopolis where it's hard to define city limits, but the nearest courses are well out of the way. I know this all too well -- I might be moving to Boston soon, after living in the course-rich upper Midwest! Bummer for me...
want a course in honolulu ? get everybody on this site to email city council members and suggest for the new tourism a disc course or two should be installed toute suite ......... let's put some mainland pressure on, they must have some derilict parks around ....... so cheap to install and maintain and so much for a tourist to do ......... discin rules ........ post the city's website and best prospect as far as a councilor goes and we'll all write him do it for maui too
good luck and let us know.
Met some people who own a campground on Long Island (way out there).
Who are contemplating putting a course on their property.
Met them at little Reed Canal Park, South Daytona. Florida...
Aloha...Just thought I'd add my two cents....Although we do have some very underutilized parks (Sand Island State Recreational Center being one example), the State of Hawaii, specifically the Department of Land and Natural Resources, keeps feeding us the same old BS line in terms of adding a DG facility, "No Permanent Structures", meaning no pole holes...
Chicago by a mile. For a year and a half there was a fly 18 pay to play course. Its gone. Last Summer a 9 hole course was installed on a college campus that is not really playable if there are any students around as it snakes around a quad and somebody will get hit with a disc. There is not a single 18 hole regular park course in or within 20 miles of Chicago. This is a joke. I never criticize poorly layed out courses as I always think that I would be thrilled to have that course in Chicago. AARRRGGGHHH
Actually Derek I'm surprised you didn't notice this factoid...Minneapolis has NO official permanent courses within its city limits, several within a 5-15 short drive in neighboring suburbs but at least according to the course directory none in the city itself, and St. Paul only has Highland Park which is only 9-holes, again they are within a close drive but not in the city itself.

As I previously stated. Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu has a population of almost 1 Million, and no permanent pole hole courses (Can you imagine that!)

We are stuck with object courses, and the occasional tournament type temp permitted courses.
Yeah, I caught on to that after making that custom Google Maps app for the MFA a few weeks ago. CRAZY! And downright embarrassing...since Minnesota is practically one of the meccas for disc golf on the planet. :-)
Think globally..20+million person cities where 20+million people haven't heard of it. :(
Quote: "What is the largest U.S. city currently without a disc golf course in its city limits?"

I know that places like Mexico City and most/all of China and India (I assume) have never even heard of the sport. However, that's not the question I was asking.... ;-)
Chicago does not have a course
I'm beginning to feel very blessed. I live a small town in Wisconsin called Watertown. Its right in the middle of Madison and Milwaukee. We have 9 holes and are getting another 9 put in this year. Plus I have several courses within a half hour drive. Feeling very blessed. Feeling very bad for those who don't have this wonderful game of disc golf within their reach. Will pray for you.

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