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DISCTIONARY, an informative book that introduces and defines words specific to the game, resulting from the game and surrounding the game of disc golf, like the word DISCTIONARY itself.

Here's the details - submit any and all words that are NEWLY CREATED WORDS to be included in a fun and ficticious book for all disc golfers, "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor". This will be an informative book that introduces and defines words specific to the game, resulting from the game and surrounding the game of disc golf, like the word DISCTIONARY itself. PLEASE, when submitting words include the word, the definition and an example of the word used in a sentence and MOST OF ALL make certain that all submissions are appropriate the the rules of the site. now for the disclaimer - anyone submitting a word to "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" is allowing "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" full and unobligated use of any submissions within "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" the "Disctionary" group/forum or any other usage by "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor". All submitters, by doing so are allowing "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" full and unobligated permission to print, relay or convey that submission without any compensation to the submitter other than crediting the submission to their name, if that is the choice of the submitter. All submissions become property of "The Disctionary" 2008, Disceditied by "Disceditor", "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor", "Disctionary", "the-disc-tion-ary.com", "Craig Prime", "michiganartist", "godiscn.com", "the-disc-tion-ary.net", "lil charlie bishop" and so on and so on and so on until you get tired of me telling you that I own any and all ficticious words that you post, once thay are posted and appear in print. SO LET'S START SUBMITTING ! have fun, think about what you submit and most of all, keep it appropriate for anyone to read. BE CREATIVE, IT"S FUN !

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13. Disc-combobulated - ...Lost on a foreign or unfamiliar course.

14. Discabled - Player who's missing that "go to" disc.

15. Disceased - Unusable or broken disc.

16. Discentery - The greasy smelly slime build up found on a disc that was retrieved from the merky depths of your local waterhole. concentration of discentery depends on duration of submersion and geographical location.
BECKER- The Sound the yellow band makes when your disc hits it. Named after the Idaho legend Charlie BECKER who hit it no matter how far from the pin he was, 10 to 50 ft.
haven't seen this one yet...

:Tweener- the obvious and inevitable putt/upshot/drive that forces you to throw in between two trees.
"TINK", the sound a disc makes when it hits the top band of the basket.
"DOINK" when your disc hits the bottom of the basket.
"DISCAHOLIC" What we are. And denial is the first sign of addiction.
"Wusup" Short lame shot.
"Monkey paw" When you forget to let go of the disc and it flys sideways or behind you.
"HORKIN" When you hork one way out there. Good long shot.
"NOTHING" an exclamation when someone is expected to make the shot but fails. or, "is that your shot?"
"TRIMMING" When a disc clips leaves from a tree or bush during flight.
also can be used to describe a hole where "par" is argued. "Hole 6 is a tweener hole. Its not really tough enough to be a par 4, but its way too tough to be a par 3"
Finger-F**ked: When a tiny little branch that you can't see knocks your disc off it's flight path, usually somewhat violently.
Trampolined: Either when a putt hits the nubs nose up and shoots into the air or when a hit branch acts like a spring, giving a bit and then shooting your disc off in a completely different direction.

And at the '05 USADGC you could've been "Tafe-d" if your putter missed from 20' and then rolled back and forth across the fairway to about 120'!
Here's a few:

a WALLMART SHOT: When a shot hits on edge and 'rolls back'
MOOKS: Almost all teenage male players that haven't been taught proper course etiquette, putt with a driver and play in groups of 7-12.
MOOKTAR: The leader, or the one mook player that actually has more than one disc, and shows the others where the next tee is.
MUDDLESOME, or to MUDDLE: anytime you combine two or more groups to make one massive one, sometimes necessary when everybody pitched in for the beer and don't want to get separated from the dude with a cart to carry said beers.
GARGA or GARGAMEL: Somebody's old lady that doesn't know how to play and has to walk against the course flow just to come out and "get something" from a player but she looks like she should be in the band at Jabba's palace. Could also be any unattractive woman, or just a lame shot.
Those are good...they'd fit right in 'round here!!! ....now I got to clean the mountain dew off my screen.
Local Route a) when a player throws a shot clearly unintentially or purposefully which miraculously finds the pin or the fairway. b) alocal to the course throws a route that would not be obvious to a first time player of the course. (both definitions work only for wooded courses or courses with a lot of obstacles)
"Nice shot, way to take the local route"
How bout a chapter for some Zeppy-isms?

Chippewa Naaaaation..
Butternut Squash..

the list goes on and on..
"mmmmmm.... that looks tasty." :)
I heard a new one this weekend and it might just be a Kansas thing...

"BTK land" ~ Park City


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