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DISCTIONARY, an informative book that introduces and defines words specific to the game, resulting from the game and surrounding the game of disc golf, like the word DISCTIONARY itself.

Here's the details - submit any and all words that are NEWLY CREATED WORDS to be included in a fun and ficticious book for all disc golfers, "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor". This will be an informative book that introduces and defines words specific to the game, resulting from the game and surrounding the game of disc golf, like the word DISCTIONARY itself. PLEASE, when submitting words include the word, the definition and an example of the word used in a sentence and MOST OF ALL make certain that all submissions are appropriate the the rules of the site. now for the disclaimer - anyone submitting a word to "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" is allowing "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" full and unobligated use of any submissions within "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" the "Disctionary" group/forum or any other usage by "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor". All submitters, by doing so are allowing "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor" full and unobligated permission to print, relay or convey that submission without any compensation to the submitter other than crediting the submission to their name, if that is the choice of the submitter. All submissions become property of "The Disctionary" 2008, Disceditied by "Disceditor", "The Disctionary 2008, Disceditied by Disceditor", "Disctionary", "the-disc-tion-ary.com", "Craig Prime", "michiganartist", "godiscn.com", "the-disc-tion-ary.net", "lil charlie bishop" and so on and so on and so on until you get tired of me telling you that I own any and all ficticious words that you post, once thay are posted and appear in print. SO LET'S START SUBMITTING ! have fun, think about what you submit and most of all, keep it appropriate for anyone to read. BE CREATIVE, IT"S FUN !

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instead of bogey...boogered
dream catcher- When you have a AWESOME shot that gets knocked down at the very end by a tree limb you couldent see..
musty - any putt within twenty feet that you MUST make
chunder - to hit the front rim on a musty
sally - to come up short on an approach or putt
A Sunny Bono: dead nuts right into a tree...

What do you call a group of two or more golfers? Around here, that's called a "cough." Actually, one person can be a cough, if he's got a lighter.
splitzville or splitzilvanian- a shot thats splits a tight gap between trees
Birdman - That's the guy who's always under par.

Pachinko - That's when the disc hits about 10 trees, caroming back and forth all over the place sometimes quite spectacularly.
tree pachinko- I coined that expression years ago to discribe a disc that hits the top of a tree and slowly works its way thru the branches and falls to the ground like the marble does in the game pachinko.

taco - the shape a disc gets after hittting a tree / object . " I tacoed my disc on that tree"
So a GOOMBAH is a "wanna be" disc golfer? So what you are saying is a everyone who when they first started playing is a GOOMBAH? So when YOU first started playing YOU where a GOOM BAH. The only way to make GOOMBAH's better is to talk to them teach them and bring them in to the sport. I remember being that guy when I first started and I wish that someone would have took me under their wing sooner to teach me the ins and outs of the game. But none the less a funny word!

Mike Thomas said:
i word i think everyone should know.....

GOOM-BAH - usualy a new player to the sport, they have no etiquite, a goombah is also a problem on the course. in other words a retarded wanna-be disc golfer. the guy you see out there carrying 2 maybe 3 discs, and a saw to cut the trees in thier lie. you usualy dont see a goombah at a tournament. also a collector of lost plastic (you know how we put our name and # on the back and they just scribble over it, and dont even bother try giving it back, then when you see them throwing YOUR plastic they act like they tried calling but you know they never did)

i hate goom-bah's!!!
Thought that was called a "SCOOBIE"?

bobd said:
A disc that is thrown overhand (Tomahawk or Thumber), purposely putting the disc on it's top to make the disc slide; think roller without turning... used in 'sad' situations, bad lies, tree infested areas.

"Nice! - You parked that Tommy-slide right under the basket"
Niced Me (nice-ed) To turn a good drive into a bad drive by complimenting a player before the disc has landed.
When you make what looks like it going to be a really good drive and before the disc has landed, some one says "nice" or "nice shot", at which point the the disc hits a tree or a sudden gust of wind take the disc out-of-bounds or into the thickest, nastiest vegetation on the course. At which point you look at the offending play and declare "He NICED Me!"
Donkey - when hitting the yellow band on a Innova basket
Dennis Rader, the self-proclaimed "BTK killer" (BTK is a self-imposed moniker standing for "Bind, Torture, and Kill"). He confessed in 2005 to the serial killing of 10 people in the Wichita, Kansas area from 1974 to 1991.

spiderwoman said:
I heard a new one this weekend and it might just be a Kansas thing...

"BTK land" ~ Park City


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