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More courses in San Diego like Montiel would help but what are your thoughts on a current, implementable solution to the massive crowding at our beloved Morley.

Tee times?
Higher rates for non-pass players?
Course Marshall?

Positive, constructive answers only please!

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Moving the pins around so often. You have so many pins to start with that no one can know where they all are. Then by moving them around so much you force the groups to walk down the fairways to figure out the hole they are playing. Thats making the course harder to play and it takes longer.
We couldnt wait to play Morely Field for the first time as we traveled down last year from up in North Cal. We arrived at 7am on a Sat and just a few players were arriving to play. Got on the first Tee with no problems and no wait. Finished our first round then paid at the Pro shop and bought some cool stuff. Second round here comes the wait. First tee not so bad but the 3rd got really backed up near the parking lot. 5 groups ahead of us. One group had 8 players and beginners which is great we all started that way. I actually shot down a disc they were trying to get out of a tree on hole 4 with a wrist rocket to speed up play.Applause even lol. All your suggestions are great and maybe limit group play. Awesome Course and we had a blast!! Cant wait to play again and throw some old shoes in a tree!

JT Frost
Build more courses in San Diego County. That's what I'm working on. I don't think the other ideas you have listed are viable. Have you asked Snapper about them?
we need an E.I.-level course smack dab in the middle of SD. the big crowds would stay at morley because it would be 2 tough at the new 1 and people who know how to throw a disc straight wouldn't get all pissy about getting stuck behind Mom, Dad and the 4 kids they decided to drag around the course all day.
No, I just thought I'd throw it out there and see if there are any ideas that haven't been thought of.

I think D's comment below gets to the crux of the issue at Morley. It is both a great skill course, a really fun course, and the ONLY DG course for miles and miles. As one who both likes to play for "real" AND as a dad, I want both.

More courses is probably the only long term solution.

See my discussion on San Diego DG Course ideas at http://discgolfer.ning.com/forum/topic/show?id=1809917%3ATopic%3A95655

I REALLY like the location of the Penasquitos Rec Center. It has lot's of spacious land dedicated to recreation. It is also a nature walk / Mtn. bike area. It would be similar to Oak Grove. I'll take you there if you don't know where it's at. Let me know.
Good luck with Penasquitos, but I wouldn't get my hopes up there. You should give it a try if you have the long-term dedication for something there, but I believe it would take many many years to be successful in getting a course in there, if you were to succeed at all.

I used to mountain bike there a lot, and then they made most of the canyon off-limits to mountain bikers. I think you have to stay on the South side of the sometimes-creek if you MB now. When MBs got a little popular and were using the area more regularly, they got kind of uppity and tried to squash it. They've completely house-locked the whole canyon now, so I imagine it's even worse.

When I lived in Clairement I thought Marion Bear park would be a great course, too. A lot like Pena. But the dog-walkers almost got mountain biking banned in Marion Bear park when the bike traffic picked up a little bit. It took a lot of effort from groups led by the Mountain Bike Warehouse, which was nearby, to keep that ban from happening.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from trying to get more courses put in, but I just want y'all to know that most of the real stand-out places have been scouted and attempted. I don't believe there are any slam-dunk "easy to get installed" disc golf course locations in the city. It will require long and frustrating work to accomplish, and you need to be prepared for that going in. I think efforts in Carlsbad were hindered by excited and well-intentioned disc golfers going in alone and cold to the city council and the parks departments expecting instant success, and then bailing out when courses weren't spontaneously approved. What we really need is a county-wide group to focus efforts and make long-term plans.
Tecolote Canyon has some low-usage areas that might make a good disc golf course. I've always thought that getting a public course put in on public land near a Rec Center would be the best thing because the Parks and Rec department could sell discs and snacks from the center and generate revenue from the course. But most Rec centers are next to flat-grass parks that are already over-utilized and wouldn't be a good fit for sharp edged flying head-cutters.

So the challenge is to find a Rec center next to some under-utilized land.

While making my post about Marion Bear park, I remembered the North Clairemont Rec center at 4421 Bannock Avenue. That rec center is right next to a little drop-off into a section of Tecolote Canyon that stretches all the way to Balboa Avenue. I used to ride my mountain bike through there when I lived in Clairemont, and back then this little canyon with a trail down the middle was almost always completely empty.

If you could design a course that started close by the rec center and in that part of the canyon, it might be the right spot. It'd take a heck of a lot of work to clear out if you were successful, but look at what the Ventura guys did with Casitas. You'd need someone that lived down there to make it happen, but I think that might be a good spot to scout and check out. I don't know if you could put a decent course in there or not, but if it would work that might be a location that's been under the radar.
Perhaps you could limit the amount of people in one group, and then the field would move more quickly. My husband and I visited out there, and it seemed like we were frequently stuck behind large groups. Otherwise, what a wonderful course. We had a really nice time. Sorry to hear about your tree falling:(
SOUTHBAY! Otay has the best lands.
I also grew up in Clairemont and the rec center or the biking trails on the south side of 52 are PERFECT. It would rival OG and MF.

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