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local discusion we are having multiple views on what an ace really is. Some are saying if it isnt a full 18 hole course its not a real ace. Hear is one scenerio, we have a short 9 hole course that a few of us are playing quite abit. longest hole is slightly over 300 ft and the shortest hole is over 100ft. Most baskets are tucked behind trees, you still have a line at the basket however its not as easy as some would think cause of the trees and whatnot.

if i throw off the tee into one of these holes would you consider that an ace ? i say yes, if its from tee to basket first throw then yes it is an ace, i dont care about distance unless its like 60ft away c'mon. But if this isnt an ace in your eyes why not ?

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Any time your first shot from any tee pad goes into the basket for that hole its an ace............Any throws after that that go in are either 3Ps 4Ps 5Ps 6Ps and so on and so forth because all of the extra throws from the tee pad are practice throws which is a one stroke penalty per throw!!!
Courses vary in size, length and amount of holes (9, 12, 18, 19, 22, 27, etc.) If you are playing a round of golf on a course, permanent or temporary, an Ace is your first throw from the tee box that comes to rest within the basket. Whether the round lasts 5 holes or a full 18, an Ace is still an Ace. I'm sure people count there 3p, 4p, etc. as Aces but that is just to make themselves feel better but they know deep down they are just fooling themselves. Just my 2 cents.
Doesn't matter if it is in a round or practice either. I know Barry Schultz counts all his aces even practice.
an ace is ace from the 1st throw from teepad rergaurdless of lenth of the hole, and it doesnt matter if its a nine hole cours or 36 hole course, now in my opinion players that stand at the teepad and throw thier hole bag of discs at the target and get one after the the first drive cant claim an ace, but they can feel good about a nice practice shot, so i guess one way you can look at it is that yes a 200 and under counts but its obviousely not as impressive as as a 250 foot pluss ace, that is iunless its a 100 footer thats an extreme dog leg poluted with trees and you end up bouncing it off two trees and roling it the rest of the way and it bounces up into the basket !! now that could be considered and impressive short ace,lol
any throw from a tee that lands in a basket (with a witness) is an ACE> no matter distance, course, tournamnet or practice. A ACE is an ACE, as long as someone else can witness it!
If u throw from the pad its an ace.
You throw your first shot from a tee to a basket on a stipulated course....and it gores in...that's a one, period!!!

A while back, maybe 20+ years, Tom Monroe came up with basic standards and considerations for course design....I believe the minimum hole length is 90 feet...but still, if the hole your playing is say...82 feet and it goes in with one shot that's still a 1 or 'Ace'....it's not a 2.
I disagree. If it's your first shot from the tee, it's an ace.

If you're on a 118 foot hole and your first throw goes in, it's an ace. If you're on a 118 foot hole and you make throw after throw after throw and your 14th shot goes in.....well, I have a *really* hard time calling that an "ace". I mean, an ace is completing the hole in one shot, not 14. Know what I mean?

If you throw a second shot and it goes, you are allowed to call that a "mulli-ace", but not an ace. :)

An ace can be a birdie instead of an eagle if the world class par on the hole is really a 2, but it's still an ace.
I have yet to get an ace or witness one so i don't even know that they exist. BUT when I do get one witness or not it will count for me. 1st shot off the tee per round that's an ace.
I'm pretty sure a lot of people on here can tell you that they definitely DO exist!
1st shot from the tee used for the hole would be an ace. I have seen a lot of video of people throwing, it looks like 10-20 shots and video recording each one on a real short hole until they make one. Then when they get one to go in, they think it's an ace. This isn't an ace. It is a great shot, but not an ace. These are the same people that have a player rating of like 900 and somehow have 50+ aces?!?!?! Doesn't matter whether it is a practice round or a tourney round, first shot goes in from the pad, ACE!

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