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local discusion we are having multiple views on what an ace really is. Some are saying if it isnt a full 18 hole course its not a real ace. Hear is one scenerio, we have a short 9 hole course that a few of us are playing quite abit. longest hole is slightly over 300 ft and the shortest hole is over 100ft. Most baskets are tucked behind trees, you still have a line at the basket however its not as easy as some would think cause of the trees and whatnot.

if i throw off the tee into one of these holes would you consider that an ace ? i say yes, if its from tee to basket first throw then yes it is an ace, i dont care about distance unless its like 60ft away c'mon. But if this isnt an ace in your eyes why not ?

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Dang skippy! Ace is an ace no matter how many holes the course is. You can only count the first shot from the tee into the basket.
think about it
what does "ace" mean
it means "1" right so there for first shot from tee to basket *if it makes it* is an ace
altho i think even if you throw the whole bag at the basket and make it on the 10th throw its still an ace cuz you made it from tee to basket in one throw *dont count it on your score* that for sure.......

and as far as distance goes an ace is all about accuracy not distance i mean it is cooler to ace anything over 300 rather than under but an ace is an ace hands down

its not rocket science
....and if you play 51....it pays the same! ...as long as it's the first shot.
It begs the age-old philosophical question, does it not?
If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a drive from the tee ends up supported by the bottom of the basket, and there's no one there to witness it, is it an ace?

By definition, it seems to me, if the thrower is there as witness, it's an ace.

Whether a True (as in capital "t" truth) Ace needs validation is another argument altogether.
If you are playing a round and you nail it from the tee pad, you've got yourself an ace. Anything else is just practice. If you quit in the middle of the round, or just throw specific holes, you're practicing. Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty cool to hit one, but it's different when a full game is on the line.

If you threw your putter, I would say "Nice Putt"! Either way it's an ace! Do mulligans count during practice? Kinda sorta...
That reminds me allot of the the old question, "If a tree falls in the woods and there is noone around would it still make a sound?" "If you throw an Ace and noone is there to witness it is it still an Ace." Yes to both. The falling tree will create sound waves and an Ace is an Ace as long as there is one witness! In my opinion.
That reminds me of the old fact that a square is always a rhombus but a rhombus is not always a square!
To play devil's advocate here, couldn't an Ace be a reference to a 2-Under par shot, (the golf equivalent of an eagle)?
If so, one shot from the pad on a par 2 course is not an "Ace," it's a birdie.

But i agree with the group when they say an Ace=1 (like in a deck of cards) so distance or number of holes is irrelevant
I got a good one. I already know the answer but I'll still ask the question. Now you consider the shot to be an ace if on your first throw you throw the disc from we'll say hole 9's teepad and make it into hole 9 basket. What if you where playing safari holes and you were actually throwing to 11's teepad. I did this like a week ago. I havent heard of this before and was a little pissed when it happened to me. Me and everyone out here consider it a black ace. I have had black aces before but not like this. Anyone elso have something like this happen to them??
Here is a scenario I didn't see mentioned

What if you are playing a little flip doubles and you end up as the odd man playing Cali? If I drive the first one and park it...usually nobody will takes 2 putts, so they drive again.

If that one goes in I have always seen that counted as an ace. What does everyone think on that?

I have always gone by if you are on the teepad and it goes in the basket in 1 shot - ACE

distance is up to the hole and the prestige you get from that ace..I have some shorties, but I also have a few 300+...and I count all of them :)
Exactly....distance and number of holes is irrelevant.

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