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This small charter school in Riddle, Oregon, ran by a Southwest Oregon disc golfer, Al Springer, is on the verge of having its doors shut, leaving special needs students in Southern Douglas County with no external support to graduate and/or succeed!!
We need to band together as disc golfers with a cause and support this small cause! The district has threatened to shut down the alternative education program en lieu of a $50,000 deficit to the state for less students in regular classes for Riddle School District.
Honestly, in a small community such as Riddle, as many other small communities in Southern Oregon, students have nothing better to do for excitement than drink, smoke pot, or have sex, sometimes all three at the same time . . . all these activities are easier done without school to worry about . . .
REC is there as an alternative to encourage these would be drop-outs or social deviants, or just students who cannot handle the added stress of the obvious hurdles in attending Junior High or High School in a small town.
Some of these students are finding a new, exciting community besides the little town of Riddle, in Disc Golfing . . .
Let's show them what disc golfers have to offer!
Watch the video on my page or in videos (REC); post what you have to say here!

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Derek is right on! As the Executive Director/Teacher of REC I'd first like to say thank you Derek for stepping up and getting the ball rolling. Over the past 4 years we have introduced Disc Golf to our students and they love it. Last year we flagged off a course around campus and played during ou PE & Outdoor Recreation classes. This year we have students playing during their lunch time and after school. One of them got their first birdie yesterday!

One way people can help is to participate in our 3rd annual State of Jefferson FlipOut League this summer. For more details check the thread in the Events Forum on discgolforegon.com. We will have dates finalized and posted soon!

Another way to help out is to use www.goodsearch.com when you shop on line. Goodsearch.com is a new marketplace that donates a percentage of your online purchase to the charity or school of your choice. If you type in Riddle Education Center you will find us.

Big Al
ill be at that 3rd SOJ flip out for sure
and ill do everything i can to help
but yeah derek you rock for being so involved in this
good karma is on your way!!!
I have been outta town for over a week. I was very surprised to arrive home, and find that no one had any real questions, suggestions, or offers to help in any way . . .
If anyone has anything to offer to the school, as in discs, monetary, or anything at all, I will personally pay the shipping; just ask.
As disc golfers, lets step up to help with this very worthy cause.
?? Anything guys, even input as to other ways to save this school! =)
Thanks for the effort Gents. I'll keep this here because you never know when the right person will read this.

Big Al
I am still flabergasted that know one from this great sport has stepped up with even a single to 10 disc donation, let alone some monetary help . . .

What an awesome cause, left with NO support, 'cept local love!

(3435) golfers and not one person can donate a few of there old DX discs?
i believe flabergasted would be the word for that derek
actually im alittle more disapointed in the people on the site
that have 1-2-300 or more discs sitting in the garage and cant give a couple to a new golfer
now reach out your helping hand and give thease kids a break....
just remember the day that someone helped you get into the sport (if someone did)
and think about how thankfull you are to that person for doing it
because disc golf is the greatest thing thats happened to all of us right =D

even if you dont have anything to give send this to some people on your friends list

give us ideas,input,support!
If the kids would not be offended by used discs, I can send a package. Let's have a postal address to send to, please.
used discs are fine terry
ill try to get you dereks address
or tell him to send it to you
thanks for the help guys =D
You need to give some more information. What is being looked for? Obviously, while some discs would be useful, there has to be a larger goal and structure. Does the school need advocates, for us to write a letter to the state, donations, cash, time etc.?

I grew up in Myrtle Creek and feel a strong tie to the Tri-Cities area (if it's still called that) and am happy to send plastic to any cause in that area, but I'm guessing, based on your initial post, that much more is needed.
BTW - for those who don't know, Oregon was hit hard by the moving of jobs to China and the modernization of the lumber industry. I left before this transition occurred so did not see it first hand. I've read about it extensively and people who I grew up with that were guaranteed a good life working in the mills and cutting trees were left with nothing, and few skills. The prospects for kids coming through the school system is meager and I've heard that there are many drug problems in the small towns.

One of the consequences of the rush to cut taxes at all costs is that there is little money to help these communities that were a base of much of the growth of America (timber, plywood and other building products). It is a tragedy that we should think about as a country.

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