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This past Tuesday I threw my favorite Aviar in some standing water at West Ashley and could not retrieve it. I hoped someone would find it I knew and let me know. On Wednesday I was excited to get a call from a guy who I did not know who found and it and he said he would like to get it back to me. After speaking with him for several minutes, he told me he found it during his first round of disc golf ever. This made me even more happy to know a new player to the sport would do this. I hope to meet him this weekend to pick it up and plan on giving him several discs since he said he only had a couple of discs and no putter. I just wish everyone would do this since I have lost many discs in the past and am sure to lose more in the future. I feel this is a positive for the sport and Charleston disc golf.

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I call on all the numbers and try to return them sometimes the numbers have been disconnected but Ive return 20 or 30 discs so far in 7 months
i have lost a lot of disc and the problem with my area as with many others is the casual players find disc and dont even try to return them.
I recently started playing disc golf, and have never kept a disc that had a number on it myself. people that i play with sometimes though do keep them... I think that it will always be a part of the sport. I have my number on every disc in my bag, and have lost quite a few. I think that for me at least, it is about 50%. I was lucky though a few months ago, I lost one of my favorite discs at a local park where I was practicing. To many discs out of the bag syndrome, and someone found it in the park did not even know what it was and returned it to me.
Hail to the Newbies!!!

This is the kind of honesty that needs to be brought back into the sport/game. I am tired of hearing people brag about this disc they found and then show it to everyone and it has a name and number on it and when asked if they even called the number they said nope never even try to, it's not worth it. I copied the number down and called it later to see if it was still in service and it was so I mentioned that I saw someone that had one of thier discs on the course bragging about finding it and not calling. I told them that the person was still at the course playing in a tournament if he wanted to come down and check into it.

I would still like to get the call from the person who found my Star Stingray at my home course in Wooster, OH Freedlander Park. I lost it when we had the first really nice warm up after having snow for 3 days. Some of the club members got together and played a round even though there was 3-5 inches of snow still on the ground. We had a few moments of where is my disc and found them, but on hole 9 a really killer throw over the pond had what appeared to be a sweet lie for a possible birdie. We get over to where we thought it went and between 5 of us we couldn't find it. We figured it was going to rain the next day and when the snow melted we could go and get it.

Hole 10 comes along and I make my throw and almost hit a tree and from the angle the disc was flying if it would have hit would have went in the pond. It went straight into the snow buildup along the road and ditch area and I thought I had a good spot on the tiny slit in the snow. We all looked around kicking the snow and dragging the feet to see if we could kick it up. Didn't happen. So I left it figuring that I would be able to make it back at an early time before noon and would be able to find both the lost discs.

I ended up not making it until almost nightfall and was crossing toes and fingers that my Star Stingray was still in the general location I knew it should be in. It wasn't there, you couldn't miss a light blue disc out in the open. I frumped around and went off to see if I could find the other disc that was lost. I did. We all had looked and stepped in the spot where it was parked. So I picked it up and went to the other persons home and dropped it off to them. I also let them know that the disc that was on the ice in the pond was still there.

So it has been 3 weeks since I lost it and I know it was found with still no phone call.
This past Thursday I had found a disc at my home course and called the number and left a message. Saturday I get a call from the guy and made arrangements for one of his local to the area friends come and get it. I have gotten back all but 2 discs that I have found and those didn't have a number on them or any other marking to identify it as to who's it was. I figure that if I keep a marked disc (no name or number) and hear of someone descibing the disc and markings then I will bring it out and see if it is thiers.

I see it this way. If I find an unmarked disc and someone is running around looking for a lost disc it may be thiers so show it and see. If nobody is looking for it and your making your way back to your car, checking to see if someone goes to the area you found it looking for it and you see noone, then it is a keeper.

Marked discs should be given a fair chance to be claimed either by phone call or marking description given by the person who lost it.

Unmarked discs while still on course should be given concideration that someone may come back to look for it. If someone says that they know who's disc it is and can get it back to them then let them. I noticed that most who don't play DG tend to not claim discs as thiers but will pass it on to another DGolfer they see or call the numbers. I also noticed that other DGolfer's that say they know whos disc it is may not really know the person but try to snag the disc from you because they like it and want it. If you know the person who claims they know whos disc it is then that elimitnates some of the doubt. After you make it to your car and leave it is yours.

THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS SAY MARK YOUR DISC!!!!!!!! If you don't make an honest effort to give back a found disc it is stealing!!!!!

I call the numbers in hopes that I will get the same courtesy when I lose a disc and it is found.
Get this:

I have lost easily 100 discs in the past that could be found (not in a fast river, off a cliff, etc..might be way more it's been 10 years who knows). In MICHIGAN at home, I've got about 3 calls ever for at least 50 lost discs locally. Once, I confronted a guy throwing what I recognized as my dyed hotstamped xl i got for x-mas from my Grandma, and took it back, pointing to my name on it and asking why he didn't call my local #. He had crossed it off and wrote his name. This was way back in 1999.

When I traveled across the country in 2006, I lost about 20 discs. I got about 6-7 call-backs! That's 5 times better than Michigan. I told most to just keep it because I appreciated just the call that much.

And on a good note
in 2006 I found a champ Valk on the fairway at Keriakes, it was early morning no one else was there and it was covered in dew so I knew it was left behind the day before. I called the # and got a v-mail, and told him I would leave it under the can at hole #1, since I'm from out of town and was leaving. He called back an hour later to thank me, he had picked it up already and it was his favorite disc.
I always try and find the people on the course, or call the numbers (local or not). Returning a lost disc can bring good Kharma!! I hope all would do the same.
Wow, it's nice to hear they were returned. Last summer, I lost two discs, and they were both found. I never got them back though, because some punk kids called me to tell me they found them and they were keeping them. Talk about a slap in the face. Under normal circumstances I believe strongly in disc karma... and if they called to return them I might be likely to encourage them to keep the disc and have fun learning to play. I always try to return a disc once I've found it. In the off chance that I can't manage to find its owner, I usually offer it to the next person my husband drags along and gets addicted.

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