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i cant think of anything other that i used to be a total metal head and now i find myself listening to the beetles and bob marley =D

i also use to play lots of video games and now all i do in my spare time is golf lol

too tell everyone how DG has changed you life

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When I vacation plan, there better be some courses nearby or I pick another spot.

As I begin a job hunt, I am only applying in areas that have a strong disc presence.

I now camp out regularly on or near DG courses, where before I was camping maybe once every three years.

DG is also part of my job, so it gives me something interesting to work on anytime I'm in a rut.
Disc golf snuck into my life a few years back, and has basically taken over my brain. All my expendable income goes into plastic and entry fees. Although I act like I am thinking about other topics at work, I'm not. The only problem is that because I spend all my money on golf, I have no social life, and therefore, no girlfriend...other than that, I'm happy as can be.
well my musick choice is still the same, im a 43 year old metal head, actually i listen to a variety of musick, but mostly metal, lately this sport has changed me in that i used to hunt and fish, now the only hunting i do is for new plastic to come out, and the only fishing i do is to fish my disc out of a pond when i throw one in,disc golf is what i think about more than anything, well almost anything, disc golf consumes so much of my time and thoughts anymore that im waiting on my friends and family to nominate me for that intervention show lol, and the people i meet thru this sport all seam to be my kinda peeps, so friends ive had in the past that dont play dont see me very often and there is nothing like watching plastic sail through the air and into the chains !! as one person stated on an earlier post, nothing beats the sound of that disc hitting the chains.

oh and nibs, if you keep buying all that plastic and playing all them rounds you play in a week ( yes im jelouse ) then soon you will be posting - yeh disc golf has changed me in that now im - broke, divorced and living out of my work truck which i keep parked at the course at night, hey wait a minute thats not a bad idea !!! i think he has a plan !!!
delicate balancing act bud! very delicate!
YOu need to find a girl who plays dic golf.
How has disc golf changed me? Well I've beeen playing for over 15 years now. There's planty of changes.

Thought process: I used to drive down country roads and look at the scenery. Now I look out and see holes and wonder why noone's put the baskets and tees in yet. I went Christmas shoping last year with my cousin at the mall (it's 3 stories with open courtyards and walkways). I turned to him and said something about how that would be the coolest mini golf course ever.

Vacation: There is no "lets go to the beach/camping/amusement park" any more. Unless there is a course nearby. Now it's "lets go to Charlotte/ Va/ SC/ Missouri (yep, been there done that, planning on doing it again) and play this course/tourney".

Clothing: I install flooring fo a living so I can dress how I want. I wear disc golf tournament shirts. Daily. I have that many. I'm not sure my boss has ever seen me in anything else. Also I guess shoes would be clothing. I used to wear Converse Chucks all the time. Not any more. They dont have any traction. Now just about all my shoes have soles that look like a truck tire.

Vehicle: Disc golf hasn't actually changed what I drive but what I always have in my truck. I refer to my truck as "disc golf compliant". Basically it is packed to hit the course at a moment's notice under any conditions. There is an umbrella in there, PDGA Course Directory ('05 edition with the margins full of directions to new or private courses), Seal Skins, waterproof jacket, disposable hand warmers, score cards, catch disc (preemie Condor), extra disc golf shoes, extra towels, work gloves, and of course discs. But not just my disc bag. There is at least 50 or so discs in the truck at any given time between my disc bag and box of backups. All in the king cab of a Nissan Frontier. Dont ever expect to ride in the jump seats in my truck. Sorry, there's no room for you.

Beverages: I should own stock in Gatorade. I go through at least a quart a day and that's when it's not hot out. Summertime that goes up to at least a half gallon.

Internet browsing: I used to use the internet as a tool to learn stuff. Right now I have 5 windows and tabs open. 4 of them are to different disc golf pages and message boards.

Interior design: My house used to be rather sparse as far as decoration. Now there's about 100 discs hanging on the walls.

Social life: My friends used to be a rather diverse group of people. Now if you go through the contact list on my cell phone I'd guess that at least 75% of the contacts are disc golfers or disc golf related. I can go out and get recognized as, "you're that guy from the course" or "hey, don't you play discs?". And that's even when I'm not wearing a DG t-shirt which is seldom.

Girlfriend: Yeah what was that like exactly? I can't quite remember.

Wow, I need help. Disc Golfers Anonymous anyone?
naww you dont need help, your one of us !!!
LOL. That reminds me of a really old (like early 1930's) movie I think was called Freaks or Freaks and Geeks about circus freaks. The last scene of the movie all the freaks are having dinner with a girl who has befriended them and started to see them as normal pepole. They all start to chant "one of us, one of us, one of us" and she realizes she's not like them and runs from the room crying. Except I'm not running, way too late for that. Also a great reference to the Ramones song "Pinhead" where they chant the same thing somewhere in it.
u callin us freaks and geeks?!!!!!
I couldn't agree more. The problem is, I don't know many who don't already have a boyfriend or husband. And I am a bit older than most of them. Some day I'll find her...
I have been playing less than a year and all I think about is disc flight and what I can do to better my game. My wife doesn't understand it, but at least she accepts it!
DC never stop hunting and fishin dude bad BAD DC lol

but yeah i wake up sometimes hitting the wall next to my bed having a dream about tossin a disc =D

as far as a girl friend goes my brother asked me the other day (why dont you ever get a GF
i looked at him and asked him if he goes and plays disc every day and he said no i only play on the weekends if she lets me
im like thats why lol

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