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I dont know what going on but things have changed on this site to the point that I most likely wont use it any more. The chat was first to get totaly messed up. Then they changed our own pages to the point they just look like junk. Now I go to down load pics and they changed how that gets dont now. What Is wrong with leaving thing the way they were. Sure I bet i know the argument that will be made. The site is expanding and growing so fast that its getting bogged down andy they are trying to make things run better and smoother. Well it not better. And why are they trying to grow so fast ? all that is going to do is force the sight to become like the pdga site or any huge site on the web . borring and inpersonal. Any others feel this way???

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i agree...i dont like any of the changes, it also makes it much harder for someone with a SLOW computer =[
Emerging technology is fraught with growing pains. The nice thing is, since the service is in active development, you have a fairly significant say in how it develops. Check out the "contact us" page at http://help.ning.com/?page_id=18 , and be specific about your suggestions. The clearer you are about what you want to see, the better (from a developers standpoint).

Honestly, Ning has no control over how popular they become, as a developer all you can do is provide the tools and hope people come use it. Being too popular is a great problem to have, that means your creation is actually being appreciated. Plus it gives the DG community more active people to shoot the ish with, and a community is defined by the quality of it's members.

Ning just gives us the tools, it is up to us to create the community.
I hear ya, I would *love* a light version, or a mobile version.
smokee sounds like a smart, patient man...Lizard however sounds like a jadded cry baby. No offense to either men if that is not the case. I just finished reading the news from around the world then I read Lizard's whinning. What a contrast. Lizard take a deep breath, hold it in....alittle longer...just alittle longer...Do you see the bright light?
I think this website is nothing like the PDGA website, that site blows; I think it's ran by Raul Castro or some other communist leader LOL.this site has a wide range of people and clubs and so far everyone seems pretty respectfull of each other, not like all the haters on the PDGA, I quit posting on that site over 1 1/2 years ago.. I like a lot of the changes so far, I don't like how the profile is so huge now or that you can only download music in the MP3 formate but hey you gotta take the good with the bad ...right
i don't like how the chat is on a different page either. if someone wants a separate chat go ahead,but give us a public one on the main page too.
but i still love it. besides my email this is the only site i check as often. thank you for creating it.
Well the initial change of the page is a ning change across their whole network. Has nothing to do with anyone on this site. The new chat was on trial basis and for the better, just has to be incorperated into the page. Terry took a vacation and is now back as far as I know. this page did not just happen and Im sure changes have been made to get it to the point it is at, as I am also certain that more will be made. Would hate to see anyone leave because of a change that ning made across their entire network. I also understand that not everyone likes to click a button to get to the new chat. This is being approached now that The guy in charge is back from what I have been told is his last vacation. I am still trying to understand the public chat statement, anyone is allowed, no one has been banned that I am aware of. Anyone may click and enter, it will still display the last lines of chat . Lizard was even one of the ones to get his avatar incorperated into the trial version, 1 of 25 people. I have already spent many hours as has Ben trying to make the chat better and family friendly. I hope to see everyone in there at some time or another. Another difference is it allows Terry to display Ads for the people that have helped to sponsor the site. Which I would consider a good thing, and in the furture the chat may have the abiltiy to display a webcam from a tourney or live scoring from the USDGC which is being discussed. In the old format that was not a possiblity because it did not have that ability and lost chat on a regular basis at least for myself and several others. In the end I hope to see it on the front page as well.
I'm sorry you don't like the changes, Lizard. There is nothing I can do about any of it (except for the Live Chat). At the beginning, I bought in with Ning as a platform from the beginningand I/we are subject to the changes they make over time. Actually, that's one of the reasons I went with Ning. They intend to make a lot, because they want to stay ahead of everyone and keep doing new stuff. Every time they upgrade, we upgrade. Over time I think that will be far, far better than my trying to build all the components myself. Our network will stay at the leading edge.

I don't know, myself, how many of the changes I like (or not) because I have only been back from China a couple of days and haven't been able to spend much time playing in the network :( At the very least, if I had been in the US when the upgrade was made I would have warned everyone, which would probably have helped. Sorry.

I continue to be delighted that our community continues to reflect the friendship and camaraderie that I experience face to face with disc golfers. I was told by naysayers that this could not be done, that "on the Internet" by default meant "in your face." But you and the others here have proven that wrong. Thanks for that!

P.S. As for Live Chat, the new one simply won't work on the front page. Later today I will put the old one back on the front page (although I will also get complaints about that) and we'll see whether people prefer to use the new one where it is or the old one on the front page.
Terry - I know you've come back to a few of these discussions. And while there may be a few things that I/we/you may not like about the format. I think most of still feel that it is one of the best websites to ever happen to disc golf. please don't be discouraged by an occasional disappointment.

thanks for all you've put into this.
Rev. Noah
You're very welcome, Rev. I am not the least bit discouraged by criticism. I would like everyone to be completely happy with the network, all of the time, but I know that is impossible. Given that discgolfersR.us is barely older than 100 days, it's come a long way, very quickly! I am also quite sure that regular upgrades from Ning will make it better over the short and long time frame.
I agree with the rev. This is noe of the best things to happen to disc golf. Keep it up Terry...


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