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i think bowling green this year was horrible it was ran extreamly poorly and the pay outs where so awful 1st place of int only recieve 75 funny money and this crappy coffee mug that u can hardly read what it says. i mean when u beat out 200 people you think you would get alittle bit better trophy anyone feel the same way about this tournament

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BG did suck...my buddy was 36th in the same div. -1= 36 bux. what happen to all of the sponsor money they claim to have.And get your payout was nuts but with that many ppl not sure how to fix that.
You guys should be a female in BG...you could get twice as screwed. 8 in Int. Women and they only paid out 1 and 2. Does that sound like 40% to you? Not to mention the winner of Int. women got a coffee mug, a mini, and a san marino roc w/ a dx sonic.

Basically I just wanted to chime in and say I agree w/ you all about the "biggest" am tourney. I would rather just stick to my local tourney's in TN, GA, And AL. We usually have a better pay out across the board and it is run much smoother.
I played advanced. Did not like the courses (phil moore and franklin) this year I thought it was too much of a big arm contest. Bring back the Original Four (Hobson, White, Ker and Lovers) for advanced. Next year I'm planning on not playing the AM and checking out the Open instead. At the NT they still have the Pros play the original four courses which says a lot.

My travel buddy and I actually DNF'd and played Idlewild instead on Sunday on our way back up to Michigan.
So, what was in the player pack? Bunch of good stuff, I expect. Close to or more than the entry fee in value? How many played the division? How deep did they pay in it?

This was the Am tournament right? Ams complaining about payout...I've always loved the irony of that. At least it was funny money. When I played the BG Open (01 and 05), I got handed a tall stack of plastic for my finishes. No complaints at all, it was a fair haul, just not a lot that I found useful or interesting. Gave most of it away each time...at least with funny money you get some level of control about what you take home.

BTW...BG Am Open has always ALWAYS been a method of raising money for the Pro tournament. The ams still get well compensated for their efforts (great player pack, great courses, a free party and deep payouts in huge divisions) but the bulk of the "sponsorship" goes to the pro event and their purse.
Oh, and you should have known going into BG that the payouts are weak. All of your entry fee is used on the players packs. You should be happy to even get a payout.
I saw on a thread in the SN forum that Advanced and Intermediate players got - among other things - four very nice discs as part of their players pack. That goes a long way toward recouping the entry fee. I know others disagree, and I respect differing opinions, but when playing Am I am hugely in favor of a big players pack and smaller payouts to top finishers. When payout as a finisher starts to matter a lot to you, it's maybe time to play for cash :)
Actually it was 3 discs. 2 DX in most all packs. even in adv. BG is one thing and one thing only, a Worlds qualifier. They are lucky they have 8 courses to handle the numbers because really thats the only reason everyone shows up yr after year. NUMBERS. Then the big sponsors come in and have special goodies that you can only get @ BG.How many of you got a FIrst RUN Excalibut or those sparkle buzzes for BG only. Yes that didn't come from the tourney but it is a product of it so you have to take that into account. Yes I complained some too and the players packs weren't as fat as some people would like to believe cuz Every disc was dx value. Very few got the Pro Destroyers. And Notice the one guy defending the fact that the AMS support the PRO tourney sounded a lot like hes been a pro for a couple years. To bad being pros they can't support themselves. Lest take away from the Women and new players so we can support the people we know aren't going any where. Not to grow the sport. Let the rich get Richer. But when you reflect Don't complain about how bad a tourney with 750 people is run till you do it. That had to have been hard. Yes their direction books were pretty WITH THE WORST FREAKIN DIRECTIONS EVER. PS BG( No one cares how pretty your book is if you half ass your FREAKIN DIRECTIONS)
Still we all had fun though right. And after you've been there a couple years and know theres NO payout you can enjoy BG for what it is EVERYTHING ELSE. St
What??? Take money from the women? I know I am for sure here to stay and I'm a woman. I know plenty of other women here to stay with the sport for a long time too. Don't be so ignorant to assume that the women that are playing now are going to quite so quickly. Thanks.

I don't complain about money almost always being taken from my payout to payout to the guys. However, it seems that they already take enough in most cases. I play for the love of the game, and yes the payout is an added bonus. Really it's all about fun for me though.
What I was saying was Don't take from the women and kids. They supposedly paid top 40 percent to every division. Well Except for the Women where they only paid 2 out of 8. Thats sorry. These pros think that we should all serve them. Instead Of taking care of the masses and everyone. THE CHOSEN few that can Actually cash at PRO think thats where all the money should go RIGHT? I just think thats a little selfish! Shouldn't you try and spread the goodies to up and coming players and let them get a lil' taste of the action if they do good enough to get a payout.Keep em coming back. Those PROS aren't going anywhere so why should we give up everything just to support their habit. I say spread the sport and give to the have nots not the HAVES! But thats not how our Country is. The Rich always wants more and the Poor are the ones supporting them. St
I say every man for himself. Pros should run amateur tournaments the way they want to. Amateur players should decide whether those tournaments are worth their time and money. Amateurs should run amateur tournaments the way they want to. Amateur players should decide whether those tournaments are worth their time and money.

Some pros, like Larry Labond or Brian Cummings, run some really nice tournaments for amateurs. Some amateurs run tournaments that are just as cheap and stingy as anything run by pros for pros. I don't have to drive too far south or east to play cheaply run, high profit tournaments run by amateurs for the benefit of their own back pocket.

It is not a pro-am thing. It is a greed thing.
yeah i have 2 agree, nice players package rules and it will always help bring newbies into discgolf,ive got more plastic than i know what 2 do with. if you want a good payout make side bets with your friends or throw c.t.p for your( disc pink-slips) thats a real nice payout with gonadez. but horrible really? i had alot of fun
"i had a lot of fun"

That's the key: I couldn't go :(


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