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i think bowling green this year was horrible it was ran extreamly poorly and the pay outs where so awful 1st place of int only recieve 75 funny money and this crappy coffee mug that u can hardly read what it says. i mean when u beat out 200 people you think you would get alittle bit better trophy anyone feel the same way about this tournament

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Eh..move up to Pro if you want to play for/complain about pay-outs. Don't forget player's pack, pdga fees, lunches. Step up so I can get paid more in Pro..
I could care less about the payout...I took 34th out of 200 Intermediates and got $21. Oh well. I play for the competition.
Aside from that...yes the trophies were very cheesy. I would have expected a little more thought gone into them.

I was a little unhappy that the scores weren't posted online during the weekend. It makes it hard to follow the action And the score boards set up at the player party were outside in the dark with no lights on them. You can have only so many people holding up lighters in order to read names and not burn someone.

And the player pack was not up to par for what I expected. The packs weren't consistant. I understand the difference between the divisions. But there were intermediates I knew that received different things.
I received 2 DX Destroyers and a Gateway Magic. But some got SS FLX Surges, Some got Pro Destroyers, Some got DGA Shockwaves. A few didn't get any DX discs others got at least 1 DX disc.
It got to the point I didn't know what the INT player pack was supposed to consist of. Otherwise I might have assumed mine was just a mistake.

The tournament was however fun. As it always is. The new rating breaks made it interesting. There were those 934 INT players and 899 Rec players that assumed they would come in and dominate the divisons. It was fun seeing a few over cocky ones fold under the competition. Maybe thats just me.

I had good groups all weekend and met some great people. The weather was great considering what all the forcasts were saying. I'll be back again next year. And hope to improve my finish.
Thanks to Ernie for handling the stress of 720 players.
Probably not enough volunteers..
I wasnt even there but thanks to all who did. And to all who didnt, next time, take a second to help with scoring, ask them what you can do. Will make an unimaginable difference in getting things done.
A lot of you have hit on the keys why I have not gone back to Bowling Green since I first made the trip in 2006. Yes, it was a great time and the weather was like 20-30 degrees warmer than Illinois, but there were not enough positives to get me to take an eight hour drive again.
1) TD's seemed to not quite ready for the large number of players, i.e. scores not posted on time, a free for all to find the next day's card you were on, hall not large enough to hold all the players for the players party, not enough room for the flymart.
2) courses that are geared for the ultra long arms (definately not me)
3) finals ran into the dark
4) payout for 1st int INT in 2006 was a supercolor disc and a Skillshot, no funny money to spend on what I want.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and recommend that every disc golf player at least try it once. It is an experience like no other. The players meeting with 700 other people, the midnight putting in the sand volleyball courts of the hotel, the sweet tea (yeah baby!), as well as the many nuances of geographical differences in approaches to the game, and the players pack is frickin' awesome!!!. It is just that I can get myself qualified for worlds by staying in my home state and spending the money that I used for gas and hotel on local tourneys. Not to mention that Worlds has about as many people there as well.
i made the trip from Delaware, and other then my last round i had a blast. yeah there were some headaches involved. like not getting my players pack til after the final 9, some of the course directions were pretty far off, the awards ceremony wasnt all that great but they ran out of time final 9 started late, not sure why, but things happen. im sure at other hometown courses things dont always ran to the minute on to the dot.

i for one will deffinetly be back, i made many new friends enjoyed the courses and enjoyed some great food.
it figures that a pro would say that stuff thanks for your input ben way to think about the sport
This is BG we're talking about right ? at your average tournament I wouldn't be complaining about the payout to much because you shouldn't expect to get much at a local event,but we're talking about BG. You'd think with over 700 player in pocket the payouts should be awsome, this is a premier am event, if your going to advertise awsome players pack up front with no payout except trophy then thats another story... The Memorial had like 200 ams with no payout but great players pack( and from what I'd heard GREAT players pack) and I don't recall anyone compaining about that event because they knew upfront.
You can say what you want about the whole Ams vs. Pro thing saying if you don't like the payout move up, well I'm here to tell ya we're Ams we like being Ams well aways be Ams and we're apart of this Orginization weather you like it or not, and the last time I checked we wern't the only one complaining about crapy payouts
Each of us has different expectations about an event. I couldn't go to BG this year, but I have enjoyed it several times and just loved the experience. Never got a trophy :( so never even saw one close up.

I think this thread is a good learning experience about the ranges of expectations that disc golfers have about the events they compete in. Personally, as I expressed, I don't have expectations of winning lots of stuff, although if I do get a trophy I want it to be very cool. But the folks who do like to win tons of stuff are just people who expect something different from what I do, not necessarily wrong.

Part of what makes it hard to get good, constructive feedback and use it is that everything we do is run by volunteers who bust their butts and who very naturally can take criticism personally, especially since they are "inside" the running of an event and know how much time and effort it took to make the stuff that was good happen at all.

I don't know any TDs or clubs who are getting wealthy from running events, so it's very unlikely that someone is skimming dollars out of the overall pool of money represented by entry fees and sponsorship dollars and goods. Everything that came in likely went back out in some distribution that made sense to the people running the show. Hopefully they put some money aside to promote disc golf locally and maybe do some course improvement or development.

What we would all, we think, like is some big outside sponsorship dollars. Without a mainstream advertiser coming in and sinking $10,000 or more into an event of this size, it is completely impossible to satisfy the
expectations of everyone. For two reasons:

* It takes more money to have both large players packs and great payouts; and
* To manage something as powerful as that which would meet most expectations, you're gonna have to have some paid staff, as well as very nice bonuses - more than a pizza lunch and a couple of discs - for the important volunteers.

I think that probably the hardest thing in disc golf volunteerism is asking potential sponsors for dollars. In every club I know of, that volunteer job is the one least volunteered-for and the one that takes the most flak from other club members. We should all be on constant lookout for potential local sponsors, and we should all have our thinking caps on regarding where in the non-disc golf world we will find those first few, really big, "Here are some dollars" sponsors.

Here's a recent suggestion for others: Think about how disc golfers are among the few groups where we spend lots and lots of time outdoors, maybe not in wilderness conditions, but not always in manicured, built environment circumstances, either. And we do it in all kinds of weather. We should be a prime marketing domain (like hunters) for Cabela's, REI, and other companies of that sort, eh?
One trip to BG a great experience! Driving home from BG another great experience. Followed the Discraft RV back from BG. Nothing like looking at a Chainstar basket the entire way home. Somewhere near Ohio, we could not take the pressure anymore and gave in! That's right, 5 lost putters and 1 actually went in at 70 mph driving down I-69!! End result, a great experience, 5 lost putters, 1 AMAZING PUTT and a ticket for $200 for high-speed putting in a non-high-speed putting Zone!!

Have a great Day! It's what you make of it!
Oh, you got me, Tracy. I was gonna ask did you have video :)
He got me too.

That's the first time today I got caught in an April Fools prank. Good one, Tracy.
I think the common mis-conception about payout is that the bigger the field, the more loot the winners will get. Not really the case...that "extra" money from added players mostly gets spread among the extra "cash" spots added as a result of the new players. If you look at the Amateur payout tables, first place payout doesn't change a whole lot between having a 10 player division and a 20, or a 30-player field vs a 60....

Assume $20 out of every entry fee goes into the payout, and the 45% amateur payout scale is used.

10 player field - 1st place = ~$60
20 player field - 1st place = ~$70
30 player field - 1st place = ~$65
40 player field - 1st place = ~$70
50 player field - 1st place = ~$70
60 player field - 1st place = ~$70

Pretty much no impact at all is seen from adding more players to the division. In fact, even if you go double up to a 120 player field paying 45%, 1st place is STILL ~$70. 200 players...still ~$70. 300 players...still ~$70.

So while BG boasts these HUGE fields of players, the payout is not going to be all that different from your local B and C tiers with the same amount figured per player for payout. They're just going to be paying a whole lot more players. And EVERYONE goes home with the player pack that surely exceeded entry in retail value...even if you personally don't like what you got, you still got it. Plus the party.

I can understand frustration with logistical issues. Waiting for awards sucks, things running behind schedule sucks, but they happen. But I just don't think payout concerns hold much water. I'm not going to do the "move up if you want big payouts" thing...always disliked that. But I do have to say that there are some things you just have to understand and accept as a part of being an amateur player: it's not about the loot.


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