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i think bowling green this year was horrible it was ran extreamly poorly and the pay outs where so awful 1st place of int only recieve 75 funny money and this crappy coffee mug that u can hardly read what it says. i mean when u beat out 200 people you think you would get alittle bit better trophy anyone feel the same way about this tournament

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On top of all of this, ESP plastic cost $18, and Elite Z was $16. Don't know if the Innova discs were as cheap.
The manufacturers upped their prices again this year. I think the 500 on ESP is $9.50 or so counting tax and shipping. The bigger vendors cannot skate on their taxes like fly-by-night clubs do.

When you are working with multiple vendors you have to maintain a standard exchange rate between your funny money and cash, because they are taking your funny from the players and exchanging it for your cash with you at the end of the day. 2:1 is typical because it is very easy to work with. You can price your plastic any way you want with other exchange rates, but 1.843 to 1 is cumbersome at the end of the day when your vendors want to cash out.

My stock ESP is 18 funny, but I'll make you a good deal for cash. I cannot make a good deal on Star for cash because Innova has rules, but I can make you a good deal on some funny money!
Y'all should post this crap next year well BEFORE the tournament, but none of you will have the balls. Back when the KC Wide Open started doing this every year, every year I'd bump the previous year's bitch thread to the top at PDGA.com.

Expect the same at KC Worlds in 2009. The KC Crew feels about ams the same way the Wisconsin crew did. Good chance to make a pile of money and buy a new car.

I'm not expecting this at K'zoo Worlds because Larry is very generous with the ams at his B and C tiers. But if he goes to the darkside, don't be surprised. We're ams. This is what we're here for. If you don't like it, run tournaments where you treat ams better.

It is what I do.
I can't comment on the event as I was not there. However I'm home sick today so I'll make someone mad on the Internet. There has been mention of lack of press coverage. I've been getting Google updates on "disc golf" and I have as of yet not seen an on line article from the mainstream press on the biggest disc golf event of the year. That is not to say none made it into print, but I have not seen one.

I also went to the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce site. They have a calendar of events that had 10 events listed for Sat and eight for Sun. No mention of the biggest disc golf tournament there. There is a link to "Disc Golf" on the recreation tab that show a map of courses. For most of the other activities there is a link to another site dedicated to enthusiasts. No link to the Bowling Green Disc Golf Club is provided.

We shouldn't be all that surprised that no one knows what we are doing when we don't take all the steps to get the word out. As it stands right now, almost no one outside the family of disc golf is aware of Bowling Green Ams. If the goal is to attract spectators to our events, this will have to change.

Now for a disc golfer, Bowling Green Am's is a really big deal. It draws 720 people! Really, folks. I live in a small town and we draw more than 720 people for a single High School football game. 720 participants with no spectators is not really a big deal in the grand scheme of tourism dollars.

I've been to Bowling Green for an event at the National Corvette Museum. There were hundreds of people there with cars and THOUSANDS of spectators. The Museum holds 10-12 events a year and attract a group of people who don't complain if they don't win their entry fee back in merchandise. Actually, the Corvette guys lay down some serious cash when they are in town. The amount of revenue any one of those shows brings into Bowling Green dwarfs Bowling Green Ams. I saw a lot of people talking before the event about spending $2.00 bills to let local merchants know how much money we spend in their community. I'm afraid all the money disc golf generated for the weekend would amount to a big "ho-hum."

Yes, the sport is growing. Yes, tournaments are getting bigger. Yes, there are more courses and more players. However, we have yet to grow into the numbers that would make a blip on the radar screen in mainstream America. A lot of work still needs to be done if that is the goal.
My point is keeping things in perspective. If you went to any Chamber of Commerce and said "would you like me to attract 720 people to the community this weekend," of course they would give you an enthusiastic yes. However, Bowling Green Am's-our biggest event anywhere-will not generate anywhere close to the revenue that a single Western Kentucky basketball game or an event at the Capital Arts Center will. I think some people have lost the perspective of exactly what we are talking about here. Some people mistakenly think that because Bowling Green Ams is the biggest event we have that it is the biggest thing going in Bowling Green. It's not. Not even close.

So, it's not that the hotels and restaurants don't care. It is just that they don't care nearly as much about this event as we do.
18 funny is rediculous. That was one of the reasons I stopped going to IOS tourny's as an am. I loved the courses and the way you run them. The divisions were always full. I am not dissing your tourny's cause I love them. Maybe I am just spoiled with my Brian cummings prices.
14 esp 14 star at tourny's or not. Maybe its just me. Now that I turn pro I am willing to donate at your tourn's. But come on $18. That is what I call price gouging.
It's just fixed by the prices the manufacturers set and the exchange rate of funny to real. Since Discontinuum and a few others are taking my funny money from players and selling it back to me, there has to be a fixed exchange. Brian's exchange floats from disc to disc because he isn't exchanging funny for real with anyone. He does the economics by the seat of his pants. Because our tournaments are a collaboration, we have to use standard rules of accounting.

The value in an IOS and a Brian Cummings tournament is about the same. He charges about 20% less in funny for his Innova plastic and pays out about 20% less in funny. He charges about 20% more for his Discraft but still pays you about 20% less in funny. Even though i don't throw Innova, I always take innova as prizes at his tournaments because it is the way to maximize the payout for me. But he has you fooled by all that, so that's all that matters.

We've always been fine with the concept that some players won't be able to figure it out and they'll not play our tournaments. Fully 50% of our players have not been able to figure out that they can increase their payout 50% by learning how to throw a Buzzz or a Challenger or a Surge or an Avenger. Compared to a Brian Cummings tournament, Innova throwers get the same deal from us but get inflated payouts and inflated prices. Discraft throwers on the other hand do about 60% better than they'd do at a Brian Cummings tournament.

So long as we can get full to foursomes with players who get it, we're fine with losing the players who don't.
One of the tricky things as an Am player is that the Am value of an event is not an easy stat to find. As a result, people often end up deciding to go or not go to an event based off word of mouth...basically someone else's perception of the payout. Not myself, as I am more worried about how the courses are and if the event ran on time than anything to do with payout. But we know for a lot of players, the payout is King.

One thing I will say for IOS is that the info for how the payout is determined is out there if you look for it. If you take the time to read what Bruce has posted on the PDGA site and the DISContinuum site, you should have no question as to how the IOS is run and how the payout is figured.

I don't know Bruce, but he posts a lot of things is a lot of places. I don't agree with him a lot of the time, but at least he has a clear idea of what IOS is and is not afraid to put that information out for everybody to look at. I'd like to see more places take the time to make the information on how they view Am play and how the Am value of their events are figured public.
tell me about it Matthew Rodgers is a bagger lol lol lol lol 660 bombs off the tee playing am are you joking
What I was saying was Don't take from the women and kids. They supposedly paid top 40 percent to every division. Well Except for the Women where they only paid 2 out of 8. Thats sorry. These pros think that we should all serve them. Instead Of taking care of the masses and everyone. THE CHOSEN few that can Actually cash at PRO think thats where all the money should go RIGHT? I just think thats a little selfish! Shouldn't you try and spread the goodies to up and coming players and let them get a lil' taste of the action if they do good enough to get a payout.Keep em coming back. Those PROS aren't going anywhere so why should we give up everything just to support their habit. I say spread the sport and give to the have nots not the HAVES! But thats not how our Country is. The Rich always wants more and the Poor are the ones supporting them. St

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