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i think bowling green this year was horrible it was ran extreamly poorly and the pay outs where so awful 1st place of int only recieve 75 funny money and this crappy coffee mug that u can hardly read what it says. i mean when u beat out 200 people you think you would get alittle bit better trophy anyone feel the same way about this tournament

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I think this is a funny topic. Seems like a lot of baggers complaining. BG is strictly a points tourney. The money that is paid for the tourney is put into players packs and deep payout. This is to make the people who didn't play up to their standards satisfied with the tourney pay-outs. Like Terry and Ben say, if you are not happy move up to a true competitive class!
or..... I hears of this site that hanicaps golfers... Thats a great idea for match play... Get the money flowin on some skins..
i have not been able to go back to BG since i was there in 05... but from what i have seen... this is what i've taken from this discussion AS ADVICE FOR THE STAFF OF BGAMs in 2009:

1 -- out of 256 AM1's and with a probable maximum of 85 players in contention for the FINAL 9, have the FINAL 9 start within an HOUR and a HALF from the last AM1 card brought in...

2 -- have AM1 play the original 4 courses every year... if you'd like to play the four BEST courses in town... move up to the HIGHEST AM division... simple logic here... from the pictures i have seen from PHIL MOORE, it should NOT be the FINAL 9 course... bring the FINAL 9 to the best course in BG, KY: Kereiakes!

---------- lastly, and more importantly: ------------
3 -- if you are going to set a CAP for the tournament, MAKE SURE that you can fill every players pack with the same quality and care for every PLAYER! higher divisions with higher entry fees should have the nicest player packs, and within each division: MAKE SURE EACH PLAYER'S PACK IS IDENTICAL IN VALUE!

if you want to run an A-tier, make it A+...

if you are going to have 720 players... make sure you have enough help!

---the random deuce guy
Guys, I am going to lose some friends over this, but I am warning you now that very soon I will delete any post that uses the word "bitch" or "bitching" or "bitches"!

There are a lot of ways to express the same feelings that do NOT make the network uncomfortable for women.

I'm married to one. You only wish you were married to her. (Find your own.) Get rid of those phrases from your vocabulary.
I say every man for himself. Pros should run amateur tournaments the way they want to. Amateur players should decide whether those tournaments are worth their time and money. Amateurs should run amateur tournaments the way they want to. Amateur players should decide whether those tournaments are worth their time and money.

Some pros, like Larry Labond or Brian Cummings, run some really nice tournaments for amateurs. Some amateurs run tournaments that are just as cheap and stingy as anything run by pros for pros. I don't have to drive too far south or east to play cheaply run, high profit tournaments run by amateurs for the benefit of their own back pocket.

It is not a pro-am thing. It is a greed thing.
Sorry. I clearly used it as an adjective to describe the thread itself, and not any woman or player. Assuming i did use it. I meant too. Maybe I forgot.
The PDGA could change this. It would be a simple matter to report the pro and am value in the tournament stats. The TD report calculates that number, or it used to.

The fact that the PDGA has resisted for years the suggestion that they include that stat on the tournament results page really says something. It says, "Pay your dues and shut up."
8 women in int. 2 paid out.
Winner mug, mini, 2 dx disc.

10 player field - 1st place = ~$60

Thanks...I used this to confirm we women got screwed.
8 int. women BG paid out 1 and 2.

45% ... not quite w/ my calc.
travis im deffinitly not a bagger your a much bigger bagger then me i just got a bigger arm
Bowling pays ams. Golf pays ams. Bingo pays ams. Poker pays ams cash! Lots of sports and games have prizes for ams. In Michigan every game that has prizes for ams and is legal has an exception to our gaming law. If I were to look it up, I could probably find some more examples.
fun times, wished Id played better, more people throwin father every year
this was my 2nd- I played last yr- yes mostly for the people, points and weather
nEway my .02

Id say start the final9 as soon as possible to get it n
payout people as soon as its figured
plaster some signage on the scorecard caddies saying where that pool's playing sunday (yeah we went to the wrong course relying on the pre-tourney intraweb info- 'sall good we made it no prob but frustrating-- yeah it was right in the book- my fault...)
lots of players said they liked playing with 33' circles painted- more work but a nice touch at least on the flatter holes

seems like the players meeting could mention/remind folks about our ettykett with regards to chatter and line of sight- in other words be respectfully aware of who can hear you and stay back until its your turn- its not a race to the next teepad...( I had great groups just think sometimes walking ahead to save time spends more when a guy's gotta wait for you to stand still- the golfgame seems to flow better when yer outta people's way is all Im sayin)

a big ol diagram of what it takes to play casual water correctly could have been useful for phillipmorris- I thought landing beyond it and rolling back into it still meant you had to stand behind your lie even if that means standing in a line w/the basket&disc back short of being across the puddle/pond, or stand in the water on your lie of course, looked as though some players wanted their meter of dry footing , /never came up w/our group, no idea how it got handled by everyone- good place for a marshall/spotter...

how about the basket raffle as an incentive to be at the satnite party- gotta believe many names in the box were well on their way home by the time that got drawn so as my odds got better we stayed til it happened prob an hour or more later than we needed to...
thought it'd also be kewl to have the players judge the best bagtag design or something- hang some on a board for us to check out -thread a locking cable thru so mine don't get jacked!heh...

part of the closing ceremony that no one wants stay for and wait thru could be some posterboard factiods put together by a volunteer minister of BS stats like where and when each ace was hit, average score of each course, highest scoring holes per course, birdie/bogey ratios of the top five or something- kinda like a weekend summary taped to the wall you can read at any time, golfers love stats and where their own stack up- summaries of exceptional holes too much?
/thinkin out loud here franklin15 1tee to left tree bouce right int water,2out3rd hyzer out over road,4out5th run baket, kick off top into river6out7turbo from the prickers to roll away back in water, 8out 9th putt to facemask, 10in, triple circle...or somethin- 1s, long 2s, tough 3s, or 10s and up only please;)...

finishing the biggest tourney of the year at a place where you can't have a beer is also counter-intuitive to many - hope the sheriffs and the park people weren't to bent outta shape about it...

all in all good times- I go for good people, good weather, and points- well I met lots of cool people so 1 out of 3 ain't bad...
look forward to playin masters next year and maybe stayin in the top pool...
big thanks to all who helped

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