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i think bowling green this year was horrible it was ran extreamly poorly and the pay outs where so awful 1st place of int only recieve 75 funny money and this crappy coffee mug that u can hardly read what it says. i mean when u beat out 200 people you think you would get alittle bit better trophy anyone feel the same way about this tournament

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8 women in int. 2 paid out.
Winner mug, mini, 2 dx disc.

10 player field - 1st place = ~$60

Disc Golf is the only sport that pays Ams. By definition Ams are non-compensated players. There should be trophys only for Ams. If you want to play for booty turn 'professional'. Ams should concentrate on gaining the skills required to play as a professional and having fun. Open players have put a lot more time/money into honing their skills and should be compensated accordingly. Try playing ball golf as an Am and see what you don't win.....
So other Am sports pay out? Please enlighten me as to which ones....
By definition Ams are non-compensated players. That is what amateur means. Don't know about the fishing thing....
Wikipedia says:
Most commonly an amateur is understood to be someone who does something without pay or formal training. Conversely, a professional is someone who has received training in a particular area and who also makes a living from it. The word comes from French, and can be translated as "lover of", reflecting the amateur's motivation to work as a result of a love or passion for a particular activity.

As with any construct, amateurism can be seen in both a negative and positive light. Since amateurs often do not have training, amateur work can sometimes be seen as sub-par. For example, amateur athletes in sports such as basketball or football are not regarded as having the same level of ability as professional athletes.

Alternatively, the lack of financial recompense can also be seen as a sign of commitment to an activity. For instance, until the 1970s most Olympic events required that the athletes be amateurs. Receiving payment to participate in an event disqualified an athlete from that event, as in the case of Jim Thorpe. This rule remains in place for boxing and football events.
I played BG as an Am once and as a Pro once. I TOTALLY enjoyed both experiences.....that is the bottom line....also I never whined about payouts until I turned Pro...lol
Bowling pays ams. Golf pays ams. Bingo pays ams. Poker pays ams cash! Lots of sports and games have prizes for ams. In Michigan every game that has prizes for ams and is legal has an exception to our gaming law. If I were to look it up, I could probably find some more examples.
Hey you know what ...we're not playing ball golf, we're playing Disc Golf and they do compensate non-professional players, and have you ever considered that we're happy where are skill level is.Have you ever considered that some people no matter how much they play will never get to the level needed to cash as a open player, are we suppost to just go away and find some other sport to get involved with ?
I agree the with the whole trophy only concept with a desent players pack I'm down with that but that aside, what wrong with Ams playing for plastic.The only reason pro's want us to step up is so we can prop up your crappy payouts by donating in a divison we have no chance in cashing in,Yeah I'm down with that...NOT.
I know now that if you want to enjoy BG, then STAY Sunday night, do not try to drive home to MI on Sunday. The main reason I DNF'd is that I looked at the courses we were playing and the 5-somes on every hole. Did the math in my head and realized that I wouldn't be getting home until 2-3 am IF everything was on-time. Also you have to be packed up, checked out of your hotel and warmed up for an 8am tee time. Then ruin your arm playing White and Phil Moore. yea yea, that is part of disc golf, maybe I'm getting old or something.

In 2006 and 2007 our group stayed down there Sunday night and it worked out very well. I should have known from the beginning to plan on staying Sunday night, but people I drove down with could not do that for work reasons. lesson learned.

I think Ernie and company did a good job of running things this year. My main criticism is purely selfish. I want advanced to play the four best (not longest) courses in BG.
well the bottom line if we should only get a trophy at least make it a sweet one not a crappy hand made little coffee mug u can read
I'm a pro, and I don't play for the money. I never go to a tourney expecting or counting on cashing. If I do cash, good, it will help pay for some of the expenses of the trip. If I don't cash, fine, I always have a great time because I love to play disc golf more than I like anything else in the world.
I don't play for the money (read into the sarcasm earlier). I turned down the $ several times. I moved up for competition, when no matter how I played I did well in am, it got pointless.
What's on the trophy is way better than what it looks like, more expensive trophies would have come out of the pay-out.


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