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i think bowling green this year was horrible it was ran extreamly poorly and the pay outs where so awful 1st place of int only recieve 75 funny money and this crappy coffee mug that u can hardly read what it says. i mean when u beat out 200 people you think you would get alittle bit better trophy anyone feel the same way about this tournament

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By definition Ams are non-compensated players. That is what amateur means. Don't know about the fishing thing....
Wikipedia says:
Most commonly an amateur is understood to be someone who does something without pay or formal training. Conversely, a professional is someone who has received training in a particular area and who also makes a living from it. The word comes from French, and can be translated as "lover of", reflecting the amateur's motivation to work as a result of a love or passion for a particular activity.

As with any construct, amateurism can be seen in both a negative and positive light. Since amateurs often do not have training, amateur work can sometimes be seen as sub-par. For example, amateur athletes in sports such as basketball or football are not regarded as having the same level of ability as professional athletes.

Alternatively, the lack of financial recompense can also be seen as a sign of commitment to an activity. For instance, until the 1970s most Olympic events required that the athletes be amateurs. Receiving payment to participate in an event disqualified an athlete from that event, as in the case of Jim Thorpe. This rule remains in place for boxing and football events.
I played BG as an Am once and as a Pro once. I TOTALLY enjoyed both experiences.....that is the bottom line....also I never whined about payouts until I turned Pro...lol
well the bottom line if we should only get a trophy at least make it a sweet one not a crappy hand made little coffee mug u can read
I'm a pro, and I don't play for the money. I never go to a tourney expecting or counting on cashing. If I do cash, good, it will help pay for some of the expenses of the trip. If I don't cash, fine, I always have a great time because I love to play disc golf more than I like anything else in the world.
My buddy took 2nd in am2, and I took 17th in am3. he only got 27 dollars more funny money than I did! Talk about bad payouts!
Bad payout? How about normal payout. See my previous post. When you're paying 90-100 people, you need tens of thousands of dollars to have a huge divide between 2nd and 17th.

Just as an example, with $4000 in the total purse and 200 players...paying 45% of the field (90 players) yields this...
2nd place = $68
17th place = $60

So I'd say a difference of $27 is pretty big in all honesty.
What??? Take money from the women? I know I am for sure here to stay and I'm a woman. I know plenty of other women here to stay with the sport for a long time too. Don't be so ignorant to assume that the women that are playing now are going to quite so quickly. Thanks.

I don't complain about money almost always being taken from my payout to payout to the guys. However, it seems that they already take enough in most cases. I play for the love of the game, and yes the payout is an added bonus. Really it's all about fun for me though.
I guess that I was just shocked that such a better placement in a higher division yielded that little difference. The event was great, and I will continue to go to it.
I don't play for the money (read into the sarcasm earlier). I turned down the $ several times. I moved up for competition, when no matter how I played I did well in am, it got pointless.
What's on the trophy is way better than what it looks like, more expensive trophies would have come out of the pay-out.
Of course it was great for you! You took home a new Chainstar!
He got me too.

That's the first time today I got caught in an April Fools prank. Good one, Tracy.
Bowling Green has been an am scam tournament for several years now. If you were expecting something else, you should have done your homework. Like Am Worlds, they get free or deeply discounted stuff for the players' pack and then deduct from your payout as if they paid retail for it. They make a lot of money on that tournament and spend it on the pros. If you don't like that concept, you don't like organized disc golf. You can play some other game or work to change this game. Or do nothing. It's not how I run tournaments, but I think they can run their tournament anyway they want, and you have to decide whether to play it or not.

And flat payouts are just a function of the new PDGA payout tables. They could have 10,000 players and first in intermediate with that player pack is still going to get about 75 funny. Actually, with that player pack and the free food at the player party and course use fees for eight courses and the $5 PDGA player fees, they could have given all the cashing players a bill for the difference!

People go to Bowling Green because everybody is going to Bowling Green. A few of us go to get our Worlds points or our Obelisk points, but everyone else goes simply because everyone is going. If I sprain an ankle or something, I've got my invite to Kansas City sewed up. And Kelsey probably won her first Advanced Women's obelisk by her finish in Intermediate Men. We got out money's worth.

They could have done a more timely job with scores. We waited four hours and still had not seen a leaderboard and no one could tell us when we might, so we split. We filled out the forms with innova to get paid through them. I hope that works.

Scores are almost up. Looks like G-pool got lost, or parts of it. I don't see my name anywhere. Looks like I tied for 7th by winning G-pool. Looks like Kelsey got orbital in her bid for a women's obelisk. Looks like Kira did some one-stop shopping for her first obelisk. I have not decided if I'm going to run for one. I need to see how the am masters in Advanced did.

Bowling Green, like disc golf, is a metaphor for life. It's not what it is but what you make of it that matters. I got my money's worth just by spending the weekend with my kids having fun. You should try playing disc golf for fun. Focus on the tournaments that offer what you get the most fun out of.

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