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I am still in mourning over cracking my last throwable 8x Roc a couple months ago. She had been in my bag for years. She will be missed dearly.

I have a mint Orange 8x in my collection, so tempted to throw it. Decisions Decisions

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Chris ,
So brake it out ! 'An orange 8 time' sounds sweet -Throw it or buy it a dress ,
or you could give it to your good frind Terry...

from Terry
I've lost a couple of Rocs in the last two years that almost made me cry. A few years ago, I found a perfectly broken in 8x KC Roc on our home course CMC Glenwood Springs hole #1. It was just buried in a tree, and I spotted it while playing. Believe it or not, it didn't have a name or number on it. I used it for over a year and then it just disappeared from my bag! I have no idea if I lost it playing or in the practice field. I just hope someone finds it and uses it. It was awesome! And yes, I did have my name and number on it. No calls.

Just after Colorado States in '07, I returned home and upon opening my bag to check it, I found that an old, old DX Roc I had been given by someone was cracked in half. It was an old school DX, the hard plastic, and was broken in to the most perfect turnover midrange I have ever thrown. It was a sad day indeed.

If you decided not to throw the Orange 8x KC ... I would advise asking around the PDGA community to see if you can pick up one that has been used or that someone wants to sell for a reasonable price. A little over a year ago, I posted such a request on the PDGA message board. Justin Jernigan had a few 8x and some 10x he was letting go for much less than ebay prices. I picked up quite a few discs from him at that time and happy I did! Thanks JJ!
I hate losing good plastic, knowing that it will never come back. Its a shame.

Thanks for the advice on picking up some good rocs, I'm always on the lookout.

Got my orange 8x for $60 bucks two years ago. Can you say "bargain"!
Buy it a dress...LMAO
let's see that thing fly..
That two you got on hole #14 in Daytona, in the long placement on the island with that Wizard was nice, but
would have been cooler with an 8x orange Roc. Don't ya think?
You know it would look even cooler in my bag,
Why not throw it. after losing the 8x on hole 12 and cracking your other 8x a couple of months ago. 2 wrongs dont make a right..........but three lefts do. Does that make sense to you?
I disagree put that thing on the wall B4 it number 3 that ends in horror or you could sell it to me and itd be safe with the rest of my wall Rocs. It's a part of history and a rare one that should be kept not thrown. Or you could make some good money and put it on ebay. I just saw a clear 01 Roc the bid is over $1000 and climbing INSANE
My condolences for your loss. It's like getting socked in the stomach. Maybe the Order should start a therapy group for lost or broken Rocs. "Hi my name is Nitegolfer and I have been without my prized Roc for 67 days now." We could exchange coping mechanisms and tell stories of happier times. Maybe "ROC Anonymous" would be a good name.

Anyway, I find it hard to keep rocs on the wall and I would suggest just keeping it there unless you can find a replacement. Eiether way it is a win win situation. My rule of thumb with my older Rocs is that I do not throw them when it is less than 60 degrees outside. I live in the South and throw different Rocs during colder weather because I've had to find or help find the larger piece of a busted Roc too many times in a tournament.
I feel for you, did you put ur orange one in there?
I too have just lost two ole friends. Both on the same hole during the same tournament in Daytona a few weeks back. One was replaceable but the other was a beat in white Classic that I could throw up and out and it would turn over and glide like a champ. Used it all the time, been in the bag for years.
Any Daytona people find any white classic roc in the small pond on hole 15, let me know. I drudged that thing for 30 minutes after the round and only found 6 other discs (that i turned in) but not either of mine. "-(
If you do not throw it. Vacuum seal it up forever.
The disc will simply start to crumble and dry rot slowly a 'painful' death never knowing the true purpose of the flight for the 'ace' it seeks.

Profound enough!
Tough decision.
Stay thirsty my friends! Oh that's something different all together.

I had my Black Original San Marino Roc ( 180 grams ) stolen from me. Had a Silver Big Bird Stamp. Now I throw these Super Rocs.


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