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I made this disscussion for a group of friends as a way to vent. LOL (JK) and to get a general concences to see how TD's stop people from doing it. like pro's droping down to advance because they know they can't win. that week

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In our club you move down and you lose your points. I finished in 4th last year in advanced and only played in 7 events. I moved up to Pro this year. The person that won Advanced last year stayed in advanced this year. He is a real nice guy but I still give him a hard time every month. The point of moving up is to play with a better group of guys that will ultimately make me better. The president of our club (MTDGA) is also the reigning state champion and when he does the awards he calls every bagger out. He'll say, "So and So wins Intermediate with a score of 61...Time to move up." Or he will out right call them a bagger when he hands them their winnings.

So here we go...You know your a bagger if you have winning plaques from the same division year after year.
i everyone that i play with says im a bagger becasue i play rec but right now my rating is around 850 but the thing is i still have won in rec division but when i do i will move up to int. but right now my rating is barley over novice
Yes, you are a bagger in my opinion. My rating is 874, and I play in Advanced Am in the PDGA, and Open in the local tourneys. Even though my rating has me rated for Int AM.
ive been called that before too. although i have only won 1 turny as a rec. i moved up to int.
i havent one a turny as an int. i get plastered that i need to be an advanced player because
i won an ice bowl a year ago.
I have a 895 and will play Pro this year. Mostly because I don't play many PDGA tournaments here in Montana. Baggers play in lower divisions because they want to win. They believe that if they can't win a division they don't belong in that division. I HATE BAGGERS!!!!! Seriously give others a chance.
ok then im a bagger but come and play in a tournament in augusta and see how you fair with that kind of rating since only one pro at the unity summit at the idgc had a round rated lower than 900 and the last advanced player had a total rating of 907 for the tournament
You know you're a bagger if you finish second in Pro Master one week and finish 7th of 200 in Intermediate at Bowling Green the next week!

You know you're a bagger if you've won B-tiers in Advanced and C-tiers in Pro Master and unsanctioned tournaments in Open Pro, but you play Bowling Green Ams in Intermediate!

Oh, yeah. I know I'm a bagger. And proud. When i play PDGA I play in whatever division they say i can that I think will be fun that day. If they say I can play Am 2 and it looks like it will be fun, there you go.
You have an 895 rating and play pro??? Wow. And you claim to *HATE* baggers? Do you even know what a bagger is? I can tell you what it isn't: a bagger is *NOT* a 920 rated Intermediate player playing up in Advanced and beating an 895 rated Rec player!!! That's for sure!

Are there more 895 rated "pros" in Montana? I bet they love it when they go out of state, pay $100+ in pro entry fees, and then get stomped by 48 strokes for a 4 round tourney. What can you yell at the guy who beats you by 48 strokes in the Open division? Nothing, I guess.

What the heck is going on in Montana that Rec players are saying they are proud to play "pro"?
That happens all the time in small market disc golf towns. St Louis used to be notorious for that in the 90s. Colorado was like that in the 90s too. I once drew a Colorado pro for a partner in pro-am doubles and I'm like, "This guy is a pro? Does he play in the wheelchair pro division?"
You know you're a bagger if...

your name is Kevin Gomez!
ouch...that's gonna leave a mark!
the million dollor question i often find myself being called a bagger and i think i am a bagger but i am only playing the division my rating is but after winning bowling green i think im going to move up for most tournaments except a teirs i dunno if i will be making the right move but i deffinitly play advance calliber golf majority of the time and if i played advance i always will be in the top half of the field but i dunno i think that everyone should play there division that are rated for and there wouldnt be any bagger it would be way more competitive the biggest problem is the pro thing there arnt not enough awesome pro players to keep advance players from moving up because they know if they move up they can win cash even though in all realitly they arnt pros the pro division just is not strong enough but i dunno i just felt like i would throw that out there

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