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I made this disscussion for a group of friends as a way to vent. LOL (JK) and to get a general concences to see how TD's stop people from doing it. like pro's droping down to advance because they know they can't win. that week

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OK I'm new to this so bear with me. I am definitely not a bagger i have been playing for seven months I just got my pdga number. I thought that there was an AM 4 bracket what happen to that? I placed 18th in AM 3 yesterday in No Fool-in at Hudson mills. I was called a bagger and don't know why. Why cant we all just have fun and play where you want. I will move up when I win in am3 or when my rating tells me too. But I can tell you this I will always have fun when I play no matter where I am in the standings.
There is an AM4 division, but many TDs do not think to offer it. You will most likely have to talk to the TD ahead of time to try to get the division run (or come over to Illinois and play in the IOS tourneys). Let the ratings be your guide. Just because you win one tourney, doesn't mean that you are ready to move up.
you were called a bagger? for 18th place in am-3, that's beyond ridiculous.
i moved up when i got 3rd in am-3, first time after juniors, spent too long in am-1 (because i never got good enough to win often or to cash in pro, disc golf limbo for years. first year, first tournaments, there is no bagging by definition-you'd have to know what to play in and you can't if you are new.
I was called a bagger at an event where I played INT and finished with the worst score of anyone playing in the entire tournament. My crime was that apparently my PDGA number is too low. Evidently anyone with a PDGA number similar to me should at least be playing Advanced no matter what their skill level. At least that was the rational I got.
It doesn't matter if you have won a tourney or not. There aren't enough tournaments for everyone to win one before advancing.

If you are asking yourself the question, then the answer is most likely that you are a sandbagger and you should immediately man up.
I know the feeling...I took 11th place in the intermediate divsion in Newports News Virginia and had an advance player call me a bagger. Seriously?! But then again I got lucky and hit the only ace in the tournament. It was my 1st tournament ace and the hole was roughly 203 feet. But to be a better player than me and to call me out like that in front of everyone was total B.S.!
I don't even have a rating i don't know i think the kid was just mad at himself. ill move when they make me move or win consistent
i have a solution to all this quit complaining about baggers. i love being called a bagger is awesome that means i am doing good and cashing most of the time. my pdga rating tells me where to play you got a problem talk to them not me
In my opinion a bagger is someone who play's pro one week at a tough course and drops to advance the next week at the easier course just to get payed.or someone who scores high in there class repeatedly beat the poeple in the class above them. the reason i started this post was because we have a few people that are out of towners that come to our courses and play a lower class then they do at there home courses. if it was because they had never play the course i could see that , but that is not the case most of the time.
Some players play a division better on their home courses than on courses they only play occasionally. On their home course, they step up to the tee, throw the same disc that they've thrown hundreds of times and know the perfect flight path for that hole. On other courses, they don't have that confidence/experience. I wonder if Chuck has any stats on this. :-)
You are a very good player that is consistent. You hold the #1 Bag Tag as an amatuer and will probably hold it for a while. If you can score with the middle of the advanced or pro players consistently, then why play at the amatuer level? My scores are at the top of the amatuer but at the bottom of the advanced. I worked from the bottom of the amatuer to the top. It's time to do it again.

If I offend or hurt, then I apologize for it is not my intent. You should not be confused. Your score will show you what to do. You need a nickname that is not #1 Bagger. It is meant as a joke, but it was just too damn funny. Frodo Baggins, Paper or Plastic, Sandy, Bagger Vance, Wisconsin Baggers, Allergic to Green, .....ahh hell I can't think anymore.

Mystery is now Mysery. I will lose again, but the wins will be so much sweeter.
At monthly events, if a player wins 1/4 or 1/2 of the events. Then they should move up. If their score would put them in the bottom half of the next division, then they should move up. This should be consistent and not based on one event. Your play should dictate your division. You should not play different divisions depending on the course or whether you played there before. Ken Climo wouldn't play Advanced at a tourney because it was his first time at the course. He wouldn't drop down because Dave Feldberg showed up either. You play the divison based on your play not who is there.

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