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Hi everyone, I just wrote to ESPN having them cover some of the tournaments or championships. I think we can have a major effect on them if we all write and ask. Make sure to tell them how fast our sport is growing. Just go to espn.com and go to contact us. Thanks everyone. I don't know about you, but I would love to watch this great game on TV.

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I didn't know Texas Hold-Em has been around that long.. or NASCAR.. hell even college football.
The list goes on.
is that a joke?!?! if not then wow.
Can you say runaround?
Just sent my email to espn to get some coverage. I put a few links to the final 9 coverage and the new distance video from discraft. Keep at it!!!! fill up their mail box
wow, which sport has been around for that long besides track and field? baseball is maybe 150, football a little younger, I hate to think 40 years old is still considered an infant. Come on ESPN the person who wrote that reply should be fired!
Yes this is a great idea . our sport is growing. tv time would be great. Every one sould see are pros play this game. Coverage of the WORLDS would be allsome.
Hey guys-ladies I hate to burst anyones bubble but like i stated in my last post. They will give you all the run a round till they see the payout bigger. (avg to win is $1500) thats not worth there time the avg number of people at each event.(any where between 56 to 210 pro open players) Thats not enough either. They want to see MAX fields and a big payday. What event do they cover that don't pay? You can try to say the NCAA but how much do they get for a bowl game? 3 mill? Fishing?? You cant say that there they get 100k to win? Poker? well i think we all know what there getting.Snowboarding? There getting ne where from 50-100k to win the X games. Look for world wide sponsors something they can get a hold of and use. look at all the sorts they cover and look at what they have that u don't. look at there numbers of fans and look at the number of ppl who play world wide. If u look at all of the data were(disc golf)are only about 1% off football witch is the worlds largest sport. They pull in millions of people to watch 1 game. there know way we can do this at this time.I know some of you are thinking yes we can. Just think about all the sports out there and really that a good look at disc golf. It all starts on a local level . Its up the you and your club to be active and raise money to put these events on with a nice payout. It up to you to be active in finding new ppl to play and getting old ones to come back. Try to get the local paper to cover part of your event use the local radio to post the top 5-10 when the do the sports news. Have them post it on there web site. Try to work with big companies to get big sponsor we work with napa alone we get over 2??? for our one event to add to the payout. we have over 25 sponsor for one event. You have to take on big company. Get them to TRUST in you. The rest will fall in place.
REMEMBER IT STARTS LOCAL(WITH YOU) You want espn ask your self did you do enough? Did u get a sponsor (you work for someone) and $50.00 goes along ways. They want to see the money and players will follow the money. Espn don't want to go to a event and have 56 players.$$$ = players.Players don't want to go to an event thats ran poorly either so just because your clubs is running it dosen't mean you have to play. Td's can use help with signing ppl up and working on score cards setting up for payouts so on and so forth. espn doesn't want a half ass event. like i said i'm not trying bursting ne one bubble but its the truth. I have worked with espn on a few thing i event tried to get them to let me work on disc golf but there no way they will take a chance till its much bigger.
I hate to burst bubbles, but as much as I'd like to see disc golf on ESPN like the rest of you, flooding them with emails won't make a lick of difference. As Glen has pointed out, we don't have the cache or the purses to interest them, no matter how much we try to convince them otherwise.

We have to realize that it's an outlay of tens of thousands at minimum, probably in the high 5 figures, just to cover a single event. Much more so (6-figures plus) to do a live telecast. They not only have to ensure that they have those costs covered, but also be able to make a bit of money on a telecast to justify it. And by that I mean it has to be more appealing than whatever fare they already have on the air in a given time-slot.

Best bet to get something on air that does our sport justice (and not jokes and "hey look at this goofy 'sport'" treatment) is to produce a pre-packaged show or set of shows and BUY airtime to broadcast it. Shows like Disc Golf Live and Disc Golf Monthly are a good start. Blowing up a tournament coverage production like Lead Card Live or the MSDGC DVDs into a full-fledged broadcast package would be even better. Regardless, it would be something in which the full half hour or hour production was entirely controlled by disc golfers. All ESPN or whomever would need to do is press play and they've got a block of programming filled.

That's how paintball managed to get a show on ESPN2 for a while last year. It's how many of the more obscure sports find their way on to late-night ESPN or Fox Sports. They produce and underwrite the whole thing and buy air-time. We're a long way from that still. And until we reach a point where we can do that, I don't foresee ESPN sending a crew to cover anything. Sad but true, unfortunately.
I sent my comment it, and took up the space, That would be great if they started to broadcast that on espn, I would think there ratings would jump a little if we all watched. So everyone email them so we could get this rolling.
You will be calling us,sooner then you think. Catch us if you can. It, s the fastest growing sport in the U.S. Disc golf courses are poping up every where. And all ages can play., even handicap.The sport is hear to stay. Schools are teaching it. church groups are playing it. The courses are filling up every day. o yes they are playing it in other countries too. good day!
The way to getting more exposure is everyone getting behind our sport's governing body, which is the PDGA. If we put our money where our mouth is and join the PDGA, we give our association some monetary "bite" to go with our bark. As others in this post have mentioned, ESPN and Fox Sports won't look at us until the prize money and spectators increase. We get more money, we get more players. We get more players, we get a better quality competition. We get a better quality competition, we get more people coming to spectate. THEN the networks will be interested, its all about numbers and dollars.

But the key is to financially support the peak body that is working to better the sport, so if everyone joins up, we give our sport a far better chance to grow. People will have both positive and negative opinions about the PDGA and how they go about their business, but they are the governing body of our sport, and will ultimately have a major influence in how mainstream our sport becomes. If we support the PDGA by providing our cash and a strong membership base, doors will start to open which currently are slammed shut (as we all saw with the "200 to 300 years" email from ESPN earlier in this post).

DISClaimer: I'm not an expert in this sort of thing, just a guy with an opinion. I also live in Australia and have no ulterior motive for seeing the PDGA gain more membership (apart from seeing them lead the way in bringing our sport out of the "Novelty" section of the media and into the "Serious Sport" category). I'm interested in seeing what other people think of my ideas.

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