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I started playing in 1988 and got pretty serious about it right away, but unfortunately slacked off for a few years here and there.
didnt play my first real tournament till last year.
but I have NEVER hit an ace ?!!
the past few years Ive really picked up my game quite a bit and play as much as I can, but still no ACE.

how long since you started playing till you hit your first ace?

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This year I am at two aces. Last year I had 8 aces. Two in one day, same disc, (2001) CE Roc from the USDGC. They were short holes but a hole in one, is a hole in one. I have had a few that paid well, one was for $456.00 in an ace pool. One was during the Daytona open three years ago, split the ace money with Double G and John E.McCray. We each got around $138.00 apeice.
The only way one will get an Ace is to be able to drive past the basket. A skip Ace does happen, but it has to carry. Come up short and shoot again. When looking at the basket, focus past the basket, have a good grip on your disc

The Daytona Open has 7 players signed up. Tournament date is 7-12&13-08. It will sell out so if you want to play, get registered soon or you to will be shut out.

Turkey Lake Park, Saturday mornings, one Ace pool at $500.00. One guy hit an Ace a few week-ends ago, did not get into the Ace fund. For a dollar he could of had $500.00. Can't win if you don't play or pay. Take care. GB #554
oh.. I can drive past the basket , hehe. but I know what you mean, so thanks for the advice.
just bad luck I'm thinking.

I ALWAYS get in the ace pot. never seen it happen but I've heard too many tales about the guy that aced and wasnt in the pot to know better :)

I must be due!!
I started back in 2002, hit my 1st ace in january of last year...then about an hour later (and a round later on the same course), i hit my second ace on the same hole. Hit my 1st tournament ace last november in newport news virginia.
I played for about 11 years before I got mine. I hit so many baskets, went through the chains, and hit poles more times than I can count. Then one day, after we cleaned up one of our courses, I hit it. And it happened in front of 8 other people. It was sweet. There was no better feeling. A month later, I got my second. Keep the faith brother. It will happen.
thats easy, i havent hit one.
No ace.

I've hit the basket, chains, yellow band on thet op of the basket, and the pole, more times than I can count.

I think the disc gods are against me
Nice 554.....i had a sweet one with you at Tusk pre Hurricane and one more at the Melbourne Course and you were just walking buy and said BT was that your big Ace across the water that i saw....and i replied.....Quit it!!!..no one throws a glow Roc in Florida but me...lol....BT supports 554
4 years and counting without an Ace. although just last week i bounced a thumber off the basket edge
Started playing in the fall of 96'. St. Patty's day 97' I hit my first ace with no witnesses. Of course a couple of friends showed up 15 minutes later. Last year in Lansing, MI, our Sat. doubles ace pool was up to $500 on St. Patty's day. 10 years to date, the ace pool should be mine. No ace. Come out the next day play 17, 18, and head to hole #1. What do ya know, ACE. A day late and a dollar short. I have never been so pissed of about getting an ace. I ended up with $10 from the two guys I was playing with instead of $500. About a month later some casual kid that had not been around all winter wins the $625 on one of the shortest holes on the course. He didn't even buy a case of beer for all the people that donated the money over the previous 5 months.
he has to buy a case of beer?...thats rich,...i would say congrats to him and to you...change your diaper
I hit my first ace about a month after I started.....tell me I wasn't hooked after that...lol then I had a bunch in the next few years.. but I went on a three year lag with out any.. But on March 15th of this year I aced hole #4 at Gogan Greens, at the first tournement on the course, first time playing the hole, and ended up under par with no birdies....lol.
As in ball golf, if you get a hole in one you are supposed to buy a round of beer. When you win $625 dollars that you contributed only 2 or 3 dollars too, it is not to much to ask that you buy a $15-20 case of beer for everyone to have a beer and celebrate. Thankfully we don't have a lot of people with bad attitudes like yourself in our club.

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