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I've been stewing on this after talking to "Mr. Dark Side"(maybe he'll throw Innova again someday!lol!!) a while back. It was in regards to the Gator and how the Star version sucked. Since I was lucky enough to find some Champ Gators and that's all I've ever thrown. I thought, aside from the common diff. between Star and Champ. It should at least be the same disc/mold. So I checked some Star Gators I had stashed away to the Champ one's. Wow! What happen to the bead on the Star mold? (there is hardly a bead at all). I must say. The Star Gator is NOTHING like the Champ Gator after playing with them for several rounds!
Soo, my question is. Why do they change molds with diff. plastics? Why mess with a good thing, or Why does this happen? Is it because of the plastic and it's "molding" procedure?
Anybody have an idea WHY?

Thanks and Peace!

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I'm a Innova guy myself and have asked this question. You may want to ask Mr. Dave Dunipace at Innova about this. I'm not sure the reason.

You are Right though !!!! Champion Gators Rock !!!!
in my experience, Innova isn't known for a vast amount of consistency, i mean how many molds do they have for the same discs? this doesn't deter me from liking any of them, i throw a few, but i only trade for em now and never buy them now.
If you want to see a huge difference in the same disc in two plastics check out the Monster.... Champion and Star are two entirely different discs. Don't get me wrong either, I throw lots of innova but it;s really odd to me to have 2 discs with the same name be totally different.
So basically innova should just stick with Champion plastic?Sounds great to me. Best grip and durability for innova's plastic.
My pro valkeryie and star valkeryie are pretty different but knowing the flight differences i love them both for different types of throws.
I just don't understand. How could the same mold be so far off, because of the plastic that is used? If in fact they use the same mold. How could the Champ Gator have such a pronounced bead and the Star Gator barely have one at all? We've all had a disc or discs that have diff. flight patterns and I understand that, but to be completely diff. I don't understand. FYI All the Star Gators I have (three) have the same miniscule bead. Also, they were purchased at diff. times. So it couldn't be a "bad batch"
Finally, you are right Donny. The Champ Gator Rocks!!
like i said, innova has different molds for the same discs, perhaps sometimes its because of platsic properties..but i dont think thats it, i jsut think they like to change things for the heck of it.
They want you to buy more discs! Innova has I beleive over 50 different models.Most of use could play with 5 or 6 different discs, IMO.That's not counting if you have to have 2 or 3 of this driver , or midrange, or fairway's, or putter's/approach, or speciality discs.
In my personal opinion,

There is a reason that Innova is the leader in Disc ingenuity and design, not to mention sales . . . they are constantly trying different things.

Of the 20+ discs that I carry, I've one Star, one Special Blend, three Eco Star, and two non-Champ or Star putters. The rest ? ? ? Champion Plastic, all the way.

Star Gator, Special Blend 2006 Roc, Eco Wraith, Eco Destroyer, Eco Excalibur, KC Aviar, and First Run Pro Aviar

I carry 3 Champ Rocs, a single DX, and the one Special Blend. All five are Rancho molds, but each flies different. This is one reason that I appreciated the plastic variance.

As for the Gator . . . I throw the Star Gator because it is nearly BEADLESS. Just give 'er a toss to one side of your target and watch it hyzer in, usually with a skip to follow. The only reason that I do not carry a Champ Gator is because I do not have room. Great disc, though!!

-Derek, DiscGolfOregon.com
I tend to know about how all the discs in my bag fly, regardless of slight inconsistencies. Mainly because I throw them a lot. :)

Not to say it wouldn't be nice to know that every disc of the same mold and plastic will fly similarly, when brand new. But you will still have to keep up with the variance in flight path as the disc ages and gets more broken in, anyway. So disc familiarity will be equally important with either company.

I have too noticed the differences in shapes of the molds in different plastics and wondered if that is perhaps just how the plastic sets?
Why? simple, because they suck. I just dont get why you would ruin something like the old champ gator. and not only that but I belive they are bringing back champ gator's but the ones I have seen are freakin pop tops unlike the nice flat ones of old. I didnt even wanna throw it. easy fix pick up a flx drone they are completely flat in the current run (first runs were alil domey) and more stable than there Z brothers....pull a skywalker, dabble in the darkside haha
The strangest dichotomy I have seen yet is between my Star Bosses and my R-Pro Bosses. The former are quite over-stable for me while the latter are very, very straight and almost under-stable. Not complaining though, as that makes the Star Boss a good forehand driver for me and the R-Pro my longest backhand driver now. (Waiting to see what the "Nuke" is like!)

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