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What is the best way to care for my discs, I only have about a dozen or so discs but some of them are dirty and beat up. What is the best way to clean and shave off those little bits of plastic that have been carved up by trees and whatever I have bounced my disc off of...

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I carry a towel and wipe them off as I go. Good old soap and water with a fingernail brush for those that have been neglected.
I just carry a couple of towels with me as well, I always seem to wind up in a lake or mudhole somewhere between 1 and 18 anyway. Every few weeks or so I give em a warm bath with Dawn detergent to get the rest of the dirt off. To clean off the tree tags I usually just use fingernail clippers. I've seen some people use sandpaper to clean tags off, but I don't recommend it if you plan on playing in a tournament.
Cold water and liquid detergeant is what I use. About once a month or after I have played in the rain, and they are muddy. Even where a towel or my shirt doesnt help...LOL
For Burrs....
Sandpaper shouldn't get you in trouble at a tourney.
Better alternative is an emery board. Finer grain.
Fingernail clippers or knife will work.
Using a lighter is frowned upon.

Hand Soap or Dish Detergent, warm water, and a towel or non-abrasive cleanin pad will remove any dirt and skin oils.
I clean mine before each tourney or every few weeks. I really don't like skin oils (aka fingerprints) building up.
A clean disc just feels sooo much grippier.
Fill the sink with warm water and dish detergent and allow to soak. Then use a sponge to wash your discs and a towel to dry them. To fix the discs use a clipper or razor blade to remove nicks or flashing and sandpaper to finish the edge, don't sand too much or you could make the disc illegal. I use a lighter to fix nicks on the edge if they are easy to put back into place.
I fill my utility sink up with warm water and put in a little dishwashing soap and a cap full of bleach. Then put the discs in to soak for a little while. The best thing to scrub them with is a Scotch Brite pad. This will take off the burs and help smooth down rough edges. I don't recommend using knives or razor blades as you can make your disc illegal pretty quick if you shave too much off and our ruin one of your favs. If you want to use sand paper be gentle and go lightly. I recommend drywall sandpaper because it is very fine.

802.01 Discs Used in Play

C. Players may not make post-production modification of discs which alter their original flight characteristics. This rule does not forbid inevitable wear and tear from usage during play or the moderate sanding of discs to smooth molding imperfections or scrape marks. Discs excessively sanded or painted with a material of detectable thickness are illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and

Happy washing!
Mr. Clean Magic eraser will clean them up like new but it doesn't do anything for the dings and digs.
I like using Simple green and a fingernail brush. It breaks down the dirt real easy. It also cleans off any tree sap, blacktop scuffs, oils or grease.

Champ and star plastic rarely needs repairing so thats why I use them almost exclusively. I've hit so many trees and rocks with them and they barely change at all!
i agree fellow lefty from new york, even thoguh i clean mine as i go and rarely do so at any other time...
Never tried Simple Green, got to hit that one up.
Burt ,before you rush out and buy new plastic. The comments in regards to Champion, and Star type plastics are correct. I pretty much throw one or the other now. They are 2 to 2.5 times higher in price than standard plastic but last a hell of a lot longer. The higher grades of plastic do change the flight characteristics.

I fell into the buy em all trap and had probably 20 different discs in my bag at any given time. One was a DX Spider and I fell in love with it, so I rushed out and bought a one in Champion plastic. While the DX held a straight line, the Champion was very overstable with my technique. The Champion is still in my bag, It took me a few months to learn how to control it but it's still very effective when I need a sharp turn in a short distance. The DX taco'd on me about a year ago and was retired to my 4 year old grandson (I'm working on a third generation of hippy golfers).

Others may argue this advice, but it's the advice I was given when I first started playing I didn't take it and my game suffered for it.
I found that if you use armoral orange wipes or liquid cleaner they come pretty clean.

Has anyone tried the dish washer?

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