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What is the best way to care for my discs, I only have about a dozen or so discs but some of them are dirty and beat up. What is the best way to clean and shave off those little bits of plastic that have been carved up by trees and whatever I have bounced my disc off of...

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i would think the disc washer would warp the disc becuase of the hot water but it might work if you put the disc on the top rack
I just soaked my discs in a sink of hot water and dish soap and then scrubbed them with a green scrub pad. that worked well...
I have used a dishwasher for about 4 years now with only 1 casualty. And that was because I forgot to turn off the heat to dry feature. This is also good for taking stamps off most discs for dying if you use the same amount of soap you would use with a full load of dishes.

I use a sanding block thats made of spongy material I found at the local hardware store. The one I bought has 4 different levels of abraision.
Does the dishwasher take off the stamp eventually or after one washing? All types of plastic?
If you use, what I'll call; 'the normal amount used for a full load of dishes' then yes, in most cases this will remove most stamps from all plastic. Specifically, I use a brand; Cascade. It must have a good amount of some sort of bleaching agent in it.

For everyday normal washing of discs, they are the only thing in the dishwasher, they are all in the bottom rack, just like you would plates, and use 1/4 the amount I would use for a load of dishes. Works quite well. You cant help but grab them out right after the cycle is done....every disc you have is "GUMMY"! Until they cool off, then they go right back to normal rigidity.

This has worked on my DX, Champion and Star plastic.
Just started a load (heh heh) with diff types of my back-up discs. We use an enviro-friendly cr@p soap so I'll know in 30 min if it works. Also, I un-selected 'water heat' and 'cool dry'.
good ole' dawn dish soap and warm water. does the trick every time.
I wash mine in the sink just like I would my dishes. Warm water and some dish soap, then I dry em off with a towel and.......voila. I also use 200 grit sand paper to touch off those rough burrrrrrrrrrs after I trim them with clippers. Just take it real easy on the sand paper, we're not looking for perfection or to make an old disc new again, just taking off the rough edges so its easier on the fingers.
Actually, I thought I was the only one that washed his discs.......nice to know Im not the only obsessed discgolfer!!
For cleaning, I like a sink half full of warm water, a big shot of dish soap and a scoop of oxiclean. scrub with a brush or pad. That with some scrubbing will clean a black disc I found on the lake bottom and turn it back into a white disc.
First, arrange the discs face down on a large tarp. Using a sharpened Ginzu knife, cut away the annoying edge that is located on the bottom of every disc, it is a design flaw and your fingers do not need to rest anywhere on the disc anyway. Spray liberally with a mixture of tractor fuel and WD40, then set cinder blocks evenly across each disc until a level registers, well, level. Remove blocks. Set the discs ablaze, being careful that the temperature does not exceed 3000 degrees, or some warping may occur. When the discs cool, allow some of the blood seeping from your Ginzu knife wound to sprinkle onto the discs. You are almost finished. Tie your bag to the rear bumper of your car and drive to the friend's house who lives furthest away, and back. Use Gorilla tape to patch the rough spots, then place your discs back into your bag. Refrain from bathing at six weeks prior to any competitions, so that the site of your gear, coupled with your own "earthy" scent, ensures no one will play with you. Keep your own score. Be creative. Collect your winnings, go home. Repeat as necessary.

Failing that, yeah, Dawn and a stiff brush works pretty good.

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