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I'm curious as to how many of you ,and myself sometimes , think about the fuel we put in ourselves for a mini or a tournament?

I mean, I've seen some discussions about what to bring to a tournament and whatnot, but even before a mini it makes me wonder sometimes when I see people out there drinking a beer and wondering why they arent playing well?

our bodies perform to the level we feed them. no ?

I've found it best to get a good breakfast and make sure I have healthy snacks.

seems to make a difference in my game.

I'm not saying anything bad about having a brew or a few before a local mini or friendly round with friends or even a small tourney, but it isnt it a good idea to keep in mind it can be a detriment to how we perform if we dont eat healthy?

sorry to be on my high horse. and I wish no offense to anyone. lord knows Ive played many a round a bit buzzed, but I'm curious as to what say you?

I just find that I have a better golf experience if I have fed myself well before a round. fruits and veggies seem to work wonders for the human body.

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I bring a grill to tourneys to suply my body with some good protien such as chicken or beef.
before any event that's going to sap a lot of energy you should eat carb heavy, things like rice, pasta pb WW toast, and for a snack mid tourney s pb sandwich, or some sorta energy bar, NO CAFFEINE, caffeine will just end up sapping more energy than it gives. and Cassidy, your body doesn't use protein during physical activities, only after when its rebuilding muscle, you have about 4 hours after your done with your physical exercise to get in your good proteins....its all in the carbs DURING the event, after..grill away.
sry i grill between rounds..... i usually eat a big breakfast before hand. I have a hard time with cold food since i usually only get to play tourneys in the colder seasons.
You definitely want to eat some protein before you play. Carb boosting is good if you are running a marathon or something but for walking a disc golf course I would say eat a normal meal. A little protein ( eggs, lean meat,cheese) some unrefined carbs (fruit, veg). Don't eat too much at one time and boost the blood sugar periodically with fruit and maybe a beer for the nerves.
a friend of mine turned me on to smoked salmon befor a round , and i always bring M & Ms with peanuts for extra energy on the back 9.
As a lifelong member of the fat boy club I find that playing lite is necessary. I eat little breakfast, if at all, and as lite a lunch as I can tolerate. Lack of energy is not a problem. I have enough stored energy to last for a long, long time. If I eat too much it just drags me down and I play poorly. I do admit to gorging after an event and pretty much all other waking moments not involving a tournament.

How people can eat a big breakfast is a mystery to me. After a big breakfast all I want is a nap.

While I cannot play competently after a few beers, some players can. I know guys who shoot not only great while legally intoxicated but probably better than they do sober. And I mean great like 1000+ rated rounds. Caffeine, on the other hand, is superb stuff. I load up in the morning and hit an energy drink before the second round starts.

Everyone needs to find what works best for them.
i think it's obvious that as humans we all have different bodies. that's why some of us throw bosses and some of us throw valks. it's the same for our nutrition, it would appear. i seem to do the best when i eat healthy. by the way, carbohydrate loading is a three or four day process. quick energy comes from sugars, while sustained energy comes from other carbs. protein is good to eat everyday. it keeps the muscles and tendons repaired.
I try to bring small things i can carry in my bag,raisins,beef jerky.bannana chips,things with lots of potasium seem to help me alot.Staying hydrated seems to be the most important thing to me.Most of the time when we feel hungry,were really just thirsty.
I do believe that what we consume has a huge impact on anything you do. Physical or mental. To have a honeybun and a Dr. Pepper for breakfast my not be a big deal, but eating like that daily prohibits anyone from performing 100%.
Well, the honeybun(home-made at least) may not be all that bad for breakfast carbs and sugar are an OK way to start the day, the Dr. P on the other hand...i think we can all agree soda/pop/coke(trying to cover all areas) is not really a good healthy beverage.
Mountain Dew.........The Breakfast of Champions.....HA!!
Consuming my daily dew right now

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