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I'm curious as to how many of you ,and myself sometimes , think about the fuel we put in ourselves for a mini or a tournament?

I mean, I've seen some discussions about what to bring to a tournament and whatnot, but even before a mini it makes me wonder sometimes when I see people out there drinking a beer and wondering why they arent playing well?

our bodies perform to the level we feed them. no ?

I've found it best to get a good breakfast and make sure I have healthy snacks.

seems to make a difference in my game.

I'm not saying anything bad about having a brew or a few before a local mini or friendly round with friends or even a small tourney, but it isnt it a good idea to keep in mind it can be a detriment to how we perform if we dont eat healthy?

sorry to be on my high horse. and I wish no offense to anyone. lord knows Ive played many a round a bit buzzed, but I'm curious as to what say you?

I just find that I have a better golf experience if I have fed myself well before a round. fruits and veggies seem to work wonders for the human body.

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I usually eat some toast, eggs, oatmeal, drink a glass of milk, and take vitamins every morning to start off. I always have some form of trail mix with dried fruit while I'm on the course to much on if I get hungry. I also carry a liter of water and gatorade for liquids. I find staying hydrated really helps with fatigue and helps keep you cool on hot days.
Before a tournament...I have a mug of World Market Kona, a couple pieces of toast and a large glass of orange juice. In-between rounds... I try and locate a Subway, or pack a Subway the evening before. Water is my drink of choice, but Mr. Ellis has me thinking about an energy drink to wash down my sub in between rounds.
I try not to eat anything in the morning that gives me mud-butt. You never know when mud-butt will hit, and you don't to be in the middle of the first round and have that dreaded feeling hit you. There is nothing more worst then trying to hold back mud-butt. I mean, just think about it. You got to walk around like something is wedged in your crack. The cold sweat on your forehead as if the very thing you ate that morning is trying to squeeze its way out of your pours. Defiantly distracting.

As for foods food I bring with me to sustain me through the match, defiantly sunflower seeds. Their salty coating keeps the dry mouth away, very lite, and there is something calming about them, like as if I were smoking, chewing gum, or what not.
Oatmeal, toast, and Yogurt for breakfast, and pack a healthy lunch for between rounds, maybe a granola bar or two in the pouch for during rounds if I need. it. Lots of fluids.
Pasta the night before seems to work well.

Always carry Water too !!
Yes, something heavy on carbs for breakfast, and then clean proteins the rest of the day and a ton of water. the heavy carbs at breakfast will give you sufficient energy for the entire day, and the protein will keep you full of ripe energy, without draining you with heavy carbs/sugars the rest of the day.

I always drink a Monster though, addicted to those things, lol.
i eat bad players for breakfast. :)
My Doctor says Oatmeal also helps.
So Donny,
Do you sprinkle the bad players on top of the oatmeal?

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