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yeah the problem is you cant "TUNE" it to anything
worth hearing or throwing for that matter. its a gimmic
disc and even for that its worthless.
I'll admit, even for my bashing on it, I've heard of a few people that can throw it pretty far. not sure about 700 ft though?!?!
but I have yet to see it first hand, and I've seen some guys throw some pretty awesome thumbers, just not with this disc.
Hi guys,
Thanks guys to share with us your tips.
One of the worst discs ever made, don't buy one.
I'm not going to say that I can throw this disc some ungodly distance (though I believe it's possible), but I still love having it in my bag. I get about 40-50 feet less than I can get with my drivers, but I can throw it dead straight, and throw it over any tree I've yet encountered. It's a great go-to disc for those long midrangers that you just can't find a good line for. It gives me options when I nomally wouldn't have any.

O.K.  This is an old discussion that was brought back from the dead.

I bought an Epic for my brother.

Threw it a coupld of times and told him "Good Luck".

Then I saw videos on Youtube, and I decided to buy one for myself.

I read that it can be tuned to be under or over stable.

I have read that the best way to throw is an overhead tomahawk.

I have tried to throw, tried to tune, and I have to admit that I can only do one barrel roll and it flattens out to glide for some distance.

But to do things accurately and most importantly consistantly............

Let's just say I used it once during a Doubles match, and I have never used it in an official way.

I will still break it out when playing around for fun just to hear people say "What the Fu*k did that disc do" 


he does not throw an epic lol!!! he throws all innova discs


3 years later...
Unfortunately for everyone else this is a disc that only a select few can throw really well. There are about 5 to 6 of us that throw these up in the New England area and we can all get them well over 450. It does help if you have a background in a sport that requires alot of throwing. As for the disc not being accurate I beg to differ , yes it is hard to control on windy days but what disc isn't. Once you learn to tune the disc the right way (up for stability and down for understability) this disc can be very predictable. The key is to throw it like you are throwing someone out at home from centerfield and make sure to follow through and snap the wrist forward like throwing a curveball. Anyone that uses this for anything other than Tommies and thumbers is crazy !
Epic facts...

1) A beat-up Epic makes a great thumber or tomahawk disc because it unwinds as a helix and provides an extra turn from upside down (the scooby position), so it adds an additional 1/3 onto the end of the flight .
2) The thinnest profile (1.3 cm, = Discraft Flick).
3) Floats in water!
4) The fastest disc in the world.
5) G. Bennett used Epics to win his first Michigan State championships with 800 ft helix turnover drives.
6) The Epic can be tunned to adjust stablility.



THE FASTEST floating driver in the world!


it don't float. I had one that sunk.
Yeah, not a fan of this disc.  I was thinking that it could be some miracle disc, but it wasn't for me.  I've heard from folks that have thrown this disc a lot that you need to stick with it to really learn it.  Most of them state there is a slight to medium learning curve with this disc.

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