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When I started the "What's In Your Bag" thread, 120 posts ago, I listed what follows this post as the first reply as my bag contents. Some of that has definitely changed. Funny, 'cause I thought at the time I was settled. Hmm. How about you? Anything changed this year?

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This was my first post (edited now for changes in 2008 already:
tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm (lost that one, have another)
orange Z-Storm (still have it)
- Z Storms are my primary straight driver and approach discs
yellow Sinus AP (replaced by a soft Challenger for most putts but still carry for short approaches where I need overstable)
purple 10 Meter Crossfire (not using it anymore, carry it for short overhand shots, though, but only in big tourneys)
blue APX Swirl (gave it away)
pink first-run Rogue (lost it)
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat (lost it)
yellow Z-Xtreme (short forehands)
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray (replaced, have all three levels now)
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel (replaced)
Also added:
Destroyer - my long forehand "go to" - Yes! I have a forehand this year!!!!
need to add a Stratus
What I don't have, reliably:
- An overstable driver, just can't figure that one out
Big changes, and not just because I also added a forehand-

Omega Super Soft still in there
Champ Panther "
Star Stingray new
Star Wraith - just came out of storage
Champ Wraith- traded a champ Beast for it but new to me
San Marino ROC- new and so incredible, thank you Russell!
Star TL from Avery- thank you!
Star Valk- old reliable
Champ Starfire- new and a great forehand turner

all because my beloved Star Coyote was lost at Crooked Creek in Chapin SC (yes, name and # in it)
Well I definately added the flx drone, its awesome! got a elite x challenger and aviar for longer distance putts. still got the blunts for 30 and in. also still have the champ gator tho the flx drone is taking its place for alot of shots. Added a champ stingray for turnover and hopefully getting a roller in my arsenal.

Got the destroyers, discmania cd-1 elite x xpress and leopard and firebirds as my standard drivers

Trying out the xcaliber and force, but not too impressed yet
disc golf is soooo incredibly mental.

I posted fairly late in your last one, so no changes.

sorry you lost the pink rogue terry. I love mine.

I wonder what percentage of the game is mental and what is actual disc ?

I'd also be curious for someone to take a look at that post and see what the most common disc's were?

again, not like it matters.

if I could convince you that disc A was better than disc B, theres a good chance you would throw disc B better.
noy always I know, just a generalization.
so much has changed in my bag because have finally learned to throw a back hand

added a surge
a light weight aviar
a super roc
and a teebird

lost my monster
pulled out the shark and cobra
2 Aviars (used to carry 3, with a flippy one for jump putts, KC/175, StarDriver/175)
1 Sonic (new, I'm using this for jump putts and some upshots. Slow and understable, 176g)
3-6 Rocs (added an '08 San Marino, and sometimes an MD-1, 2-4 KCPro10x/180, 1 CH/180)
1 GatorX, CH/175
Leopard (Star/175g)
Teebirds (Star/175, CH/171, CH/175)
Roadrunner (Star/175)
Beast (carry a Pro/175, Star/175 and CH/175, easy to throw, requires less power than the big dogs)
Wraiths (GONE until I build up more strength since breaking my leg)
Destroyer (GONE until I build up more strength since breaking my leg)
Firebird (Star/175)

I'm sure I'll have the Wraith, Destoryer and Xcaliber in the bag in a month or two. The rest will probably stay the same.
2 Esp Crush 174
1 Z Crush 173
1 X Pred 172
2 Soft Magnets 175
1 ESP Avenger 174
1 FLX Avenger 174
1 ESP Force 174
1 Z Buzzz 177
1 ESP Pulse 172
no longer throw destroyers ive got the force for that
no longer throw wraiths went to the crush and the avenger
went to the buzzz for my midrange instead of the roc
i feel more confident with this setup than any other setup ive had although i am thinking about goin back to wizards for my putter
I added excaliber, pro distroyer , buzzz pro wrath and a star orc.
LOL, well being a "less than a year" player and "totally beleiving" Innova's, disc descriptions, duh, I have changed disc's like underwear but I've gotten down to mostly 165-170wts. and mostly 9 speed disc's. Due to arthritis problems I can't throw a side arm so I've got disc's from totally understable to over-stable in the 9 speed range to try to cover all the angles. I just finally stepped up to a 10 speed, wider rim disc, a Camp Orc in a 168wt. and like it! Being a new disc it's still a bit on the over-stable side but I got a feeling as it get's "beat in", it's gona become my new GO TO disc, which had been a Champ Viking. Also looking into a heavy wt. Rhino putter for WINDY days as my putting style is "arching sissy throws", which works very well, except in a blustery WIND, arrrrrugh!
I've added the Force for my overstable driver and I'm throwing the Crush for shorter hyzer shots. The Predator is out for now. My CryzBuzzz is getting flippy so it is likely to see a new CryzBuzzz snuggling up next to it pretty soon.
Lost: Champ Leopard, Champ Valk, ESP Surge, and Star TL.
Returned: The Leopard and TL got returned (thanks eventually to Steve K of PDGA radio).
Lost the Leopard again
Took out: Comet, Buzz, Aviar P&A x2, Element x.
Replaced: Leopard, Valkyrie, and Surge.
Additions: Z Predator and a Roc or two. I need to do some field work with them first.

I'm beginning to realize that I'm probably better off with fewer molds. My mentor is helping me figure out what needs to be in my bag and what I should donate to someone learning the sport.
I added a Avenger FLX that I obtained by joining the A3Disc club and a Discraft Prototype from the 'one disc challenge' yesterday...

I was impressed with the prototype... I shot my average with one disc... normally I uses at least 5 discs in a round. Not sure if that makes the discraft prototype disc the worlds best disc or not.. but it worked pretty well for me yesterday...

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