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I have seen more and more people using a turbo putt technique (not with Quest turbo putter). Every person I have seen using it is deadly accurate. How do you do this putt and should it be used above other putting techniques?

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I only use it when I need to, but now that i've gotten half-decent at throwing it, its handy!

Good for throwing over the top of head-high shrubs or small trees, especially if they are too bushy to lean around for a shot on the basket.
I put my thumb near the middle of the disc, and spread my the four fingers a comfortable distance apart on the rim of the disc furthest away from the basket. The key is to make sure that as well as putting forward momentum on the disc when you throw, you have to ensure you put a lot of spin on it at the same time by rotating your wrist in the process of throwing. I would not favour this putting technique over my standard backhand technique, but it is useful to know in case you have no other option. Definitely worth practicing. Good luck.
i use the turbo putt above all other putting stances. it is deadly accurate when practiced.i put my thumb in the middle of the disc. i then set the rim in the first joint of the fingers.when comming forward with the disc be sure to spin it fast as you can. i can throw a turbo putt upwards of 100feet and more.i hit accuratly (7-9 out of 10) from 30 feet. the most important thing is practice.i wouldnt recomend this put for a new player.its a utility throw like a tomahawk or thumber.its good to have in case you need it but not for every putt.watch the pros and see how often the top flight players throw one.
no.... LOL
I've used it exclusively ever since I saw a guy can 10 in a row at 30'. Works great, especially when you're parked behind some bushes of other schule - the only drawback I've found is when you need to get *under* something, you're SOL.

Steve Slasor putts this way too, btw.
I turbo putt 95% of the time within 60 feet. Ever since I tried it for a round 3 or 4 years ago I never went back. Its easy to learn; I've taught a handful of beginners it and its most of their primary putts too. I would HIGHLY recommend it on short to medium putts but the farther away you are the harder it gets - exponentially. The misses stay right by the basket though which is one of the best qualities of the throw. Give it a try.
It's hard to write about how to do it...you need to find someone who is proficient at throwing it to really get a feel for it...that's your best option for learning the throw...in my opinion...side by side with another turbo style thrower.

As far as having the shot in your arsenial...absolutely it is a yes. Try to learn all the shots you can. I prefer to throw it upside down...Slaz style.

I only rely on it when somethings in the way of my regular putting style.
You keep your fingers fanned out and throw like you are spiraling a football, follow through with your pinky
You need to have this putt when you play in SOUTHERN Florida because there are palmettos(with saw blade stalks) everywhere by the baskets and they are too high to allow a regular putt!
When putting from short distances it is easier to place the disc upside down and let it dump into the basket.
I put my right foot forward and push with my index finger with the exact motion and snap of sticking a dart in a dartboard...the only difference is that you drop your wrist down and put some spin on the disc as you snap it toward the sweet spot.
You can stick this putt from close range...add some height for longer dumps.
For longer putts you put your left foot forward and throw the disc more like a baseball pitcher. Stand sideways and bring the disc through right above your ear as though you are going to pitch a strike!
Some things to keep in mind are that the disc needs a little hyzer angle leaving your hand. It will flatten out if you snap it correctly.
You also need to keep the front lip up a little to achieve glide or the disc will just dive into the ground.
I always add every putt I see to my arsenal. I practice them all.
Keep your main putt the one that you are the most comfortable with and you hit the most.
Work on your weakest putt and make it your strongest!
I use it all the time. It doesn't work well in windy conditions. That is about the only complaint I have about it.
I like using this putt when I am throwing over or through an obsticle. I also use it for elevated baskets as it can be a pain to try and toss a high floating putt a distance. Whereas the turbo putt can be used to throw at 6+ feet already and dead straight.
I used to exclusively use a Bi-Moto putting technique, which is very much like a turbo putt... only with two hands. I found my turbo putt was good for only extreme right hooks (I could never get that thing to straighten out for long distance throws) while the Bi-Moto I could use consistently within 20ft, but with too much effort.

I've switched to a regular throwing motion when I figured out how to throw it (I had been not using the right technique). Now I can hit putts at 40ft with less effort than before (I could never get a turbo putt/bi-moto to go that far). So my suggestion would be to not go with turbo, but instead get together with someone who is a great putter and have them help you on your regular putt.

I wouldn't use it. Cause you'll never get to use it in a tourament due to it's PDGA illegal as of Dec.

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