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Got Michael Jordan syndrome?
CTP for a buck? $kin$ $.50 a hole? $1 $5 Overall $5 Mystery $kin$ $Side Bet? Wolf?
Sound Familiar?
Are you unable to play disc golf unless there is money on the line?
This is not Disc Golf Gamblers Anonymous... just an opportunity to expand upon what goes on at the disc golf course.
Have any new games? Can you explain it?
A lot of these games push you to putt harder (run putts you normally don't. Helping you to understand you abilities that you would not normally would not find out about under 'normal' conditions..)

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Played a game:
CTP out of group wins the hole (but must make the putt from that location to win that hole).
No one else gets the chance to win the hole. It all comes down to the best drive.
Some players have more skill on the technical holes, some distance, etc.

Most CTP's wins, but must make to putt to win it.
If said player misses the putt, than that 'skin' carries into the next CTP or null (whichever you prefer).
$ is group decision before the round. Payout per hole.
You can make different variations. Different payouts on different holes, or the same throughout. If a player misses (play like skins). Hope everyone here understands the 'skins' game. (one of my favorites--helps your putting skills).
But, Non-player, if you make the bets you are supposed to pay up. Not tell the others that I will catch up with you later. Let a couple weeks go by and you hope that they will just forget that you owe them money. Part of betting is paying and you have a problem with that part. When money is owed it is not up to the winners to wait on their money or have to chase you to collect. That is why we now get the money up front on Wed. nite doubles and Sunday handicaps.
Organization what a great idea.....
I'm not a great fan of traditional skins. The luck factor is just too high. Someone can play like dirt all day, hit a lucky shot at the end when all the skins have carried over ( no thanks to him) and walk away the big winner. Good games diminish luck and emphasize skill. If I wanted to gamble based on luck then I don't need a frisbee.

If I wanted to increase the luck factor I would just play on poorly designed baskets that arbitrarily reject apparently good putts. Oh, wait, I already do that. (sorry for the thread drift)

But skins is a really good game for 3 players. The version I usually play is skins with no carry-overs. So each skin is worth 1 betting unit. It even makes the math much easier when each skin is worth 1 dollar. If the chance of losing $18 (18 holes times $1) is more risk than anyone in the group can handle, fine, just set a maximum burn (the most you can lose) at $5 or whatever.

Non-carry -over skins is just a version of match play. Match play is a great format.
Played great round of golf (skins) carried over many a shots, to the next hole. Having no skins, but playing great! Only to lose to chance from a lucky shot, Same with wolf, paying out an uncomfortable cash amount to some lucky person.
Experimented: can't win the carryover if that player did not match the previous hole tie score. Example: if a birdie tied up the last hole, than only a player with a birdie can win the carryover and the hole. With the exception of an Ace.
Too complicated?! Sometimes, you'd be surprised.

Limiting the amount of cash is a better idea, in some cases.
And zero carry overs. Just end that run (wash the hole).
I'm all over that triathalon. You just described my Fri/Sat routine.
I'm not much of a gambler, i usually hate it.
But i really like Mark's idea of inventing games to work on your skills. I'm gonna have to try that out.
Thanks for the ideas.
We play Wolf with a big group regularly.....A few of us like to double and triple the skins on the line regularly.

Along with the Wolf we have the :
$1 dollar metal
$2 Leaner(disc end up leaning against the pin)
$3 Chains
$4 on top of basket (must remain there)
$5 ace (If you happen to not win Big $ from our local ace pot)

I love the way a side bet(game) can make you run at a putt you may normally lay up or just lay up at a putt you would usually go for.

Who could respond to this without bringing up BAG tags. These are the greatest of side bets IMO (kinda like bragging rights materialized.)
wow. some good ideas here. and not to take anything away from that, but I guess we all play for different reasons. Not that thats bad or anything. but lately there have been times when I go to play a "casual" round with friends and I dont have a dollar to my name. I'd feel bad if my group started gambling and I couldnt participate .
Is the game itself not fun enough ?
Now the times I've played mini's obviously I had enough cash, and I did enjoy the CTP for a buck thing, or any side bets. but I would be frustrated if that was a regular thing for me. just my two cents.
The underlying factor in these games is not the money. Yeah it is nice to win.
But these games push you to play more effectively.
You run putts, and try shots you would normally not have tried in a 'normal' round.
Yes you can actual learn something....
Learning to play while under pressure is what a bet adds to the game. When your the last putt to push or win skins that have carried over for ten holes and all eyes are on you (not to mention south Louisiana chicken feet), and you can learn to still make that high pressure "clutch" putt. You have improved your game all around.
South Louisiana Chicken Feet? South Louisiana Chicken Feet???


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