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Just wondering if anyone has any advice for shoulder injuries. I know I WAS torqueing my shoulder a week or two ago. I've worked on my form and I'm not torqueing anymore. However, the outside middle to back of my shoulder is extremely sore to the point that it hurts to lift it. It gets more painful with every round I play. I stretch out before I play, and I have begun icing after (and throughout the day when I can). I know plenty of things I could do in the weightroom to strengthen it/ get more endurance out of it, but I can't do those now because of the pain. Anyone have any other ideas?

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i've heard ib can cause liver damage. like tylenol and it may come out about napraxin too.
ANYTHING in large quantities isn't good for ya. Be it a drug or a food. Can't beer cause liver damage too? See what I mean. Eating too much fatty foods can cause more fat tissue to form making you fat. That's not necessarily good either (unless you're a stick and trying to gain weight). I've been learning a lot about nutirtion typer things this semester. The biggest key is moderation. .
Moderation? Moderation?? What is this moderation thing you speak of? I am not familiar with this word.

Someone who claimed to be very wise once said that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.

Now "excess", this is a term I am familiar with.
Haha. Nice one Mark. I guess I'm familiar with excess too now. Threw a round today and the shoulder felt fine. Decided to play a church softball game. That's where the excess came in. Back to not playing disc. Shoulder= shot. I'm taking the next few days to decide if softball is really worth my time considering I want to be playing disc tourneys all summer and improving my game. Probably means no more softball. Ugh. Decisions decisions.
easy choice... Disc!!!! haha.
I think you are talking about the tereas major and minor muscles. Recommend resting it for a week or two. If you are throwing heavy discs, go down in weight a bit. stretching your arm across your chest and then reaching up as far over your head as you can, then bend your forearm down behind your head, take your left hand to your right elbow and pull to the left. Very good stretch for those muscles. If it still hurts get a massage, and if that doesn't work. go to the doctor.
Thanks Leta. I'm definitely already doing those stretches. I'm going to go walk a course with some friends this weekend. I already told them to beat me up if I try to throw something or even try to walk on the course with a disc in hand. I flip anything lighter than 165, and all my plastic is in the 165-172 range. Can't really go lighter there but I totally see your point.
I understand about going down in weight when you are already throwing in the 165 range. I use 162 -168 and I tried a149 once and felt like I had dislocated my shoulder because of less resistance. Last time i ever did that! I thought of another avenue to take for your shoulder, have you ever had a chiropratic adjustment? Sometimes that is the fastest way to recovery. When your spine is out of alinement, it can cut off, or pinch, the nerves that go down your arm, and cause termendous PAIN and sometimes numbness in your hand. I strongly recomend finding a good chiroprator in your area and try it.

Personally I have been going to chiros. since i was 12 I was a spring board diver in high school and when you are learning new dives the water isn't as soft as it looks if you land wrong. I remember doing a 2 1/2 and snapping out of it too late and did a 2 3/4 right on my back felt like i should have been in traction for weeks. Went to my chiro after pratice and was back on the board the next night.

If you can find one that is more old school its better then the younger ones that do muscle testing to adjust you. Although it works ... just slower then the rack-em and crack-em type, which you get better results with. Just my observation, I like... find the problem, ...adjust the problem... no more problem, back to doing what we love to do.

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