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I just wanted to see what pet peeves some people have while out on the course. (Its your time to vent, Just let it out)

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Just a total lack of respect for the course, and fellow players. This includes, but is not limited to, trash, vandalism, rude obnoxious players, drunk/stoned players. Folks who won't clean up after their dog(s) when they bring them with them. Slower moving groups who won't let others play through.....that's just off the top of my head
oh and one more thing. people who do not mark their discs. it is so much easier to get your discs back if we know they are yours. it boggles the mind to find a 15 dollar disc and no way to get it back to the owner.

people who don't make an effort to return a disc if its obviously marked. i could see keeping it if the person does not mark it. they must not have cared that much. but if its marked try to get it back if at all possible.
hmmmm, well, basically what everyone has probably already said, disrespect for a course i.e.....trash...I find more trash within a 20 foot range from the trash can....and a new pet peeve of mine...well, I'll probably get a lot of crap for this one, but, we need to clean up the sport a bit...so, lets keep drugs at home
My pet peeves:

1) someone who stands directly in my line of sight behind the basket when I putt. Also, people who shuffle or put away their disc (making noise) while I'm lining up a longer putt.

2) somone who gets mad when they have a bad shot that carrys on for holes.....

3) loud / obnoxious players w/ no respect for others in the vicinity.

4) players who "convienently" left their bag tag at home.

5) litter bugs - h8 them!

6) someone who is sooo competitive, they won't even acknowledge another player made a good shot. If someone makes a good shot - let em know :)
I have auto-immune disease which causes pain and nausea pretty much every day of my life. If i can tolerate people's cigarette and cigar smoke, they can damn-well tolerate it when i take a few puffs from my pipe for pain relief. i've played in mixed groups when the course is packed and some people don't even notice when i light up my one-hitter and quickly stash it back in my pocket. I think if more people operated this way, it wouldn't be such a big deal. the smell disipates far faster than tobacco smoke. if you are a liscenced patient like me, I say do whatever you're comfortable with.

T-Bone said:
People who smoke pot during leagues. I don't personally smoke the stuff and I don't care if anyone else does that's their business, but not during leagues. If were going to try to promote this sport to the general public then we have to make it appealing to all. Sorry, just my opinion.
- Fellow golfers that talk and make noise while driving and putting.
- People that litter and pack stuff in and don't pack it out
- People that bitch about how things suck on a course and don't do anything about it
- Vandalism
- I could go on and on, but I'll just keep my blood pressure low and list only a few
People who walk their dogs off a leash backwards through the holes on the course even when they know what you are doing. There is one German Lady at Maximo and and Old man at Coachman. They seem to thrive on the negative attention.
The old man at Coachman called the cops one day and told them that people were throwing frisbees at him. The cops told him not to walk his dog backwards through the disc golf course, get a leash, and pick up after the dog. Ever call the cops to complain and Bust yourself ?!?!
my biggest peeve is someone has gone and left a bunch of nature around!!! the other day i threw my star tl on a beautiful gentle hyser on course to park next to the basket when it hit a branch on a tree that was left carelessly on the fairway.i've notice that all my favorite course are littered with trees and roots not to metion all the damn bushes .how many have had hundreds of shots ruined by a millimeter thin branch that cant be seen on a tree left on the course. thought id throw some humor in here.
It really bothers me that people will not clean up after thier dog takes a very large dump right in front of the tee box.
i absolutely refuse to pick up my dogs shit, i will never do it.
Thats why you house smells like poo then eh...........


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