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I just wanted to see what pet peeves some people have while out on the course. (Its your time to vent, Just let it out)

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I totally agree on the trash issue. we always bring trash bags and pick up others trash. sometimes it takes away from your game to the point where you just cant keep doing it or that'd be all you did. My other pet peeve is those who take the game way too seriously. It supposed to be for fun #1. "dont talk to my disc while its in the air" give me a break. or those people who like to explain ALL the rules during a round. these are probably the same folks you see screaming at their kids during little league soccer,football,baseball,etc...

other than that, dont talk while im throwing dude. i might grip lock and kack your ass. LOL
dude, agree on the trash as well. but when my friends get together to play round or two, we are quite loud on the course. we respect others on the course, but we like to whoop it up, as long as we aren't bothering anyone. we are very serious when we play, but like to be loud and raz each other when given the chance.
a couple of courses around fort worth, texas have started a adopt a hole like you see adopt a highway. if each person or 2 would be responsible for 1 hole, it wouldnt be too hard to keep it clean. then again, if people were responsible to pick up their own trash their wouldnt be a need for that.
no offense to you personaly, but i dont go out to play and want to hear alot of noise. Part of what draws me is the serene apect of being IN nature and away from society.
My biggest pet peeve, is the thiefs. People stealing other peoples discs. I spent MY money on the plastic BUy your own damn discs!!!!
Do you mean finding someones disc and keeping it? Or, straight up stealing? Cause if you lose your disc and didnt put your name and a Valid phone number on it, its mine.
Litter and vandalism are the obvious biggies. But one that gets me is doggie poop. If you are going to bring your dog regardless of what the local park restrictions or leash laws are, at least have the courtesy and the equipment to dispose of what your doggie leaves behind. This can be especially bad after a long standing snow cover melts out.
A local here in Augusta, GA had his bag stolen from the bench at hole #1 at riverview. He was retrieving his practice throws, when he got back, no bag. If anyone comes across discs with the name Eddie Miller #20643 message me please.

My biggest pet peeve on the course, negativity.
Put a course in the ground (did all the work etc).
Only to find disrespectful people leaving garbage all over the course!
Bottles, beer cans, sport drinks, food wrappers....
Do they do this at home?
Please be responsible. What you bring in take it out!
Someone who never shuts up about their ACE's or "well last time I threw this hole I parked it"

and negativity

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: People who QUIT a round b/c it's going to have a negative affect on there rating.
if you quit to save your rating, then your rating is not accurate of how you play, and is therefore false and completely irrelevant, isnt it?
not to mention, the TD can, at his discretion, give the player par +4 for every hole he didn't finish, and submit the round.


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