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I just wanted to see what pet peeves some people have while out on the course. (Its your time to vent, Just let it out)

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This is funny because our course is built on a Dog walking trail. lol.
I shall make a list...

(BTW....whenever I type "people" or "someone", assume I want to type a-hole.)

- When someone obseses about what disc you are throwing for the shot at hand

- When someone obsesses about what weight you are throwing

- When someone throws only one brand of discs, just becuase they are too ignorant to appreciate variety

- When someone has too much pride to admit that their lie is actually the farthest one out

- When you are on the bottom card (yeah i know) and nobody shuts up about rules and regulations the whold round.

- When people go on www.discgolfreview.com, and put down all their personal info, and proceed to exaggerate about how far they can throw 500-550, and talk about how "flippy" and "understable" a brand new t-rex, max, xcaliber, monster, firebird can be. We all know that those discs arent flippy. WTH?

- When someone cant wait for you to get your putter out of the basket when everyone is practicing and you get nailed by a 50 foot put in the arm. Then the person laughs like "oops, ha ha my bad". F YOU.

- When I get paired up with Lloyd. He is a great player, I am decent, but together, WE SUCK. Just downright incompatible. Good thing we are not both gay and attracted to eachother.

- When crackheads sell your disc back for about the same price you payed new.

- When GG is oddman in doubles

- When the leaves on the trees are not moving, but once you throw, it's a cat-5 hurricane

- When people intentionally screw up the rest of the handicapp match because they realize they have no chance at winning.

- The guy I played the redhawk amateur with. He is a DICK.
Two words .........................Dr. Phil
GREAT LIST! You covered a lot of the biggies.
LOL. Good start, but I think you might be holding back some on the list.
hahahahahaha!!! good list!
Very Funny Stuff!

Hey! I've played with that guy DICK!
Good Times!!!!!
of course he left some things off the list talking about those things will get half of us kicked off the site lol =)-
it's all about the PDGA...not anyone else
I really get peeved when groups jump in front of us when we are putting out on 9 and then Hold us up....
Besides alot of the ones you guys have mentioned I have a different one. Why in tournaments do the woman always have to play with the kids. They are not even my kids they are brought by the guys who are playing so why in the heck do I have to watch them. I don't mind once in awhile because that is how the cards fall but every time gets on my nerves. There are only a few woman that play in the tournaments around here and we have to ask the guys in charge to please not put them with us for every round. I do have to admit that the kids that play with us are all good kids but if I wanted to be around them all day I would have my own!!

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