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I just wanted to see what pet peeves some people have while out on the course. (Its your time to vent, Just let it out)

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I agree, I love to play for the relaxation and to hang out with friends.
Here we go....

1. Courses that don't offer recycling. I realize this might just be a fantasy....
2. Broken glass - not that im going to play barefoot, but believe me, people do
3. Walkers - especially the ones that decide to stop and look at a pretty tree right infront of you after you let them go through
4. Excessive noise - there is no reason to yell about everything the whole time
5. Grunting during throws - sometimes it's ok....but this is not tennis folks! (ok, I'm petty about this one)
6. vandalism
7. People who don't call you when they find your disc. I leave 2 messages over a week span if I find someones.
8. large slow groups - it seems the larger the group the less likely to let someone go through.....I don't get this
9. Loud cellphone rings during throw - It happens to the best of us, but it still sucks
. Grunting during throws - sometimes it's ok....but this is not tennis folks! (ok, I'm petty about this one)

We dont do it on purpose most of the time. Are you perfectly silent when chanelling energy into "other parts of your body" besides your throwing arm?
i hate it when u get to a tee pad and find that some one has smashed a glass bottle on it. theres no need for that exspecially when (at my course) theres garbage cans at almost every tee pad. if u wanna be imature and break that bottle then just break it inside the garbage can!!!
Impatient players. If you are CTP then stay behind the shooter. I have a friend that is a great disc golfer but he plays ahead of everybody every time. I have gotten use to it but it can break my focus in a serious round. I wish for his sake that he could relax. Hey, I threw the best shot so I can chill and watch my buddies throw and relax. he can't do that.
or the people who let their dogs poo on the course and leave it for someone to step in, happen way too often...
Wow. I remember playing courses where TRASH was the issue.
I hate when It's so muggy and humid I can't breath.
When there's a tick on the back of my neck after a round.
When I gash my leg on barbed wire.
When I climb 20 feet up a liveoak and still don't get my only flick, and leave it up there even though I can see it. (And they never come back)
When I'm trudging through shule and I trip over briars and shred my ankle, then have to stand in more briar to throw, miss the out, and take a 6 anyways.

I love South Texas Disc.
Oh. And I hate when bikers park their Rvs in our fairway, and when kids steal our baskets out of the ground.
trash, any and all of it but mostly the cig butts, yeah I used to smoke, and I never liked picking them up and I like it even less now

golfers that can't figure out when they're out and it's their turn to throw

golfers that walk into the line of sight or talk during someone else's shot, drive/up/putt, no matter

friggin Cell Phones, most curteous golfers will say, hey man I'm on call so I have to have my phone on, which is cool, but I played a round with a guy last weekend and he was on the phone more than he was off of it, it rang ten times in eighteen holes
When "banders" (a term I made up to describe groups at Morley Field in San Diego, that play / rent discs, get drunk the whole 19 holes!, move s-l-o-w-l-y, and are generally oblivious to ANYONE around them. They have to wear a paper wristband... hence "banders"), lose their disc in the trees or bushes and then proceed to bust whatever branches they deem necessary to retrieve their discs. I NEVER verbally balk at others conduct, but every once in a while I lose it when I see a beautiful place like Morley Field being trashed by a thoughtless jerk!

I fart in your general direction!

whew... that felt good :)
Having to drive 2 hours to my "local" DG course.

Panama City, FL is so cheap. What a crock. Enjoy your after work rounds, and if you join the military, make sure you get stationed somewhere disc golf friendly. Right, like it's up to us. :) Hey, I'll pick up ALL the trash if the local park service would put some baskets in!!

What's the # to Dr. Phil again?


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