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I just wanted to see what pet peeves some people have while out on the course. (Its your time to vent, Just let it out)

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I will start out. I don't like when someone is walking their dog and they walk right through the line of play. Then they stop and sit there and take their sweet time. I understand they may not know about the sport and know they are in the way, but it still bugs me sometime.
people who throw up on you before you clear a hole when you are clearly visible :(
People who are just horsing around and throwing multiple discs per lie and who don't let you play through. Even though they can clearly see you waiting patiently (usually) to throw.
And specifically people who don’t have their dogs on leashes (usually in violation of leash laws).
People who smoke pot during leagues. I don't personally smoke the stuff and I don't care if anyone else does that's their business, but not during leagues. If were going to try to promote this sport to the general public then we have to make it appealing to all. Sorry, just my opinion.
I heartily agree. I did my share back when I was young. so nothing against those that choose to partake. but even during a mini it seems really innapropriate. If they keep it to themselves and I dont have to see it then whatever. I think it's up to the TD to really set the tone at the players meeting though. my first tourney in Abilene the TD stressed how anyone caught drinking beer or smoking the "green" would be DQ'd and asked to leave. period and I only once smelled it on the far side of the parking lot.
that and smokers who throw the butts on the ground. I always ask my group if they mind if I smoke, and if it's ok I keep my butts in a stash tray till I can trash can them. but alas.I'm sure some people dislike smokers too so oh well.
i really don't understand why people cannot take the the trash that they bring on the course off the course with them. At least hold on to that empty 12 pack box till you see a garbage can. There are normally quite few of them located every couple of holes. If you think about it you are actually giving the vandals more fuel for there fires buy leaving crap like that all over the course.
I always love the players who bring one disc, throw it as fast and carelessly as possible while talking on their cell phone the whole time, and then want to play through your group like they are seriously playing the game or something... :)
I smoke cigarettes but make sure to ask my group, and I pocket my butts, Litter on the course sucks and the parks departments and the public look down on us for that. Also, nothing wrong with the herb, but not around the younger players. In tournys with a young or novice devision, keep it hidden or do it prior and at lunch. Represent the sport and more players will come. Just my 2 cents.
let me guess you huff down a pack of cigs per round
my pet peeve is someone worried about everyone elses game instead of their own
dont be a H8ter!! haha. no. I dont smoke that much man.. sometimes I dont smoke at all .
the point was I pick up all my trash, and I observe others around me. call me a "conciensious" (sic) smoker, but I do believe in appealling to others around me as far as smoking goes. even at a mini or a tournament I'll stay at the fringe if I am smoking and watch wind direction.
not all smokers huff a pack an hour dude.

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