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I just wanted to see what pet peeves some people have while out on the course. (Its your time to vent, Just let it out)

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then leave your dog at home or make sure it shits before you leave. you'll change your thinking the 1st time you pick your disc up out of a bid pile of dog shit on the course.
People that play tournaments and have no idea what any of the rules are. Especially, standing on their disc and as they rock back and forth and the disc looks like its pulling a wheelie. FOOT FAULT! I also hate people who look at you crazy and think your an a-hole because you call them on a rule violation. It is a competition, right? Even tho we are only playing for plastic, we are still competing.
I've had this happen many times. Playing in a sanctioned event means you are there to play by the rules. Everyone has to follow the same rules so why am I the dick when you are the one violating the rules. AND THEN the other mofos in your group won't even back you up on it. THAT'S some bullshit.
i dont know about the lower 48 but if your disc has ever landed in a fresh pile of moose or bear crap you'll be thankful that your disc slid through dog shit
my biggest pet peeve is people who throw temper tantrums during friendly casual rounds and ruin everyones good time
Well, let's see. Played hole #5 short the other day and get up to the basket and there is a huge pile of fresh dog crap right next to the basket. Really people. I think that they did it on purpose. Why wouldn't you pull your dog away when you know that people will be walking right there. That pile was just waiting for someone to drop their disc in close to the basket. That kind of s#!t (literally) makes me want to rip somebody's head off.

The other thing is trash. We have trash cans all over the course yet you will find water bottles and beer cans tucked into trees and bushes. If you hide it does it mean that you weren't a lousy lazy slob? I commented the other day that I thought that the course was looking fairly clean only to go out yesterday and find a bunch of trash. I want to find those people and take my kitchen trash to their house and dump it in their living room. Along with a good helping of dog crap!
Folks who do not clean up after their Pet !!! Or themselves !!!
I cannot stand someone chowing on candy and just tossing the wrappers as they walk along trowing 20 discs at each hole with no respect for the course or other golfers. I really cant stand when you approach a basket and 5 or 6 people are breakin up their weed on a disc on top of the basket. I want to be able to take my son discgolfing and not have to worry about explaining to him what those dudes were doing. Not to mention, I hate the amount of empty beer cans on the course. I really cant imagine what goes through the heads of these guys/gals, when they just toss their empties on the ground and keep on going..................please have some RESPECT. Both are courses are on school property and at any time the school could just decide that they have had enough of our DISRESPECT and tell us to get lost.......it will happen eventually of these things are not corrected.
If you are going to smoke pot then show some discretion. If you are going to drink beer then pick up after yourself. I'm not your mama and if I was I'd break my foot off in your ass!
Dog Poop Smashed on the Teepad !!! Or left by someones foot print !!
Dog shit anywhere on the course. Trees broken down by idiots who suck at disc golf.
I did almost have my TL land in a steamer last Saturday, and I was totally unprepared to have handled it. I did warn the group behind me of where it was.


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