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kind of basket is this? I got it off of a buddy for super cheap but was wondering if anybody knew what kind of basket it is, and also whats the best way to get this thing into the ground? I want to mount it in my back yard due to the fact the base is kind of weathered and instead of replacing it I would rather remove it altogether and mount it into the ground, any suggestions appreciated!

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DGA M-14 Disc Golf Basket


It looks like an early version of this one. It's not an exact match but it's close.

um, a stolen one.  Looks like an old Mach basket but I couldn't say for sure.

HA! I can assure you I would never purchase a stolen basket! It was a present, brand new, from his brother (I remember when he got it) then one day he was nice enough to bring it to the park to loan it to another TD for an alternate hole location and an unsupervised child (belonging to a stranger) came bombing up and jumped INTO it like it was a jungle gym, causing the base to snap. Another guy had some scrap wood and made a makeshift base, which has lasted YEARS, but is slowly deteriorating and would be better suited sticking out of the earth. Thanks for the laugh though (literally almost blew a snot bubble trying to picture my buddy actually doing something wrong!)I wish you knew the guy I got it from, never even heard him CUSS, let alone steal, jeez, do disc golfers have that bad of a rap?

I actually saw one of thier baskets that has the weird hook/loop/nubs on the rim of the basket like mine, but it had a plate on top, which mine doesn't. Just trying to figure it out and the guy I got it from doesnt remember. Hoping maybe someone had bought one back in the day and still had it/ remembered it as the same. Thanks for replying!


It is a Original Mach Lite.  I have one. It is not a M-14 as I also have one of those. The chains have been modified on your photo as those are non - galvanized chains.
Thanks Donny! I'm sure it worth more than I thought know that I know it's a FIRST RUN! HAHA! Well glad to have that cleared up, and yes these chains are HELL! I love 'em though, if you can consistantly make putts on this thing you can make putts on ANYTHING! Not hard enough, spits 'em right back in your face. Too hard, putts cut through like a hot knife through butter. Little low, one of those nubs is SURE to grab it. Concentrate on touch and put 'em in the sweet spot and they stick every time! I love my new old basket. I named him Rusty Shackleford (Thanks Dale Gribble) AKA THE IRON MAIDEN!

Love that swastika base. Weld a similar sized fence post (or heavier gauge pipe ) about 2 feet long and  dig a post hole and concrete it in. Simple.


Maybe a little Rust-o-leum while yer at it.


Wouldn't rustoleum come off on/scuff discs?  I was wondering if clearcoat would make a difference? Any experience w/ painting a basket?

Yes you can throw a little paint on it I did this to mine...


Yeah I saw that, but didnt you have a problem with it leaving color on your discs? How's it holding up?Did you end up clear coating it? Do you have a recent pic to show how its doin? Can I borrow a dollar? Am I asking too many questions?

It's holding up good, the red chains are chipping a little but not too bad. Mostly around the bottom ring holding the chains together.


I get a blue smudge on my discs every now and then but a little magic eraser takes it right off.


I think if I had used a non-metallic base enamel for the blue it wouldn't be leaving marks on my discs. But it doesn't bother me.

The metallic kinda makes it pop, I think it just wouldnt be the same without it, maybe clearcoat would cut down on it? Does the red rub off on the white when the chains bang together?


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