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I am the type of person that would pack the kitchen sink if possible when I go anywhere. My wife likes to pick on me about that at times. So what I am wondering is how many extra discs do you take to a tournament? I usually take extra jackets, socks, waterbottles, towels, etc.... Over the years I probably have lent out the majority of my extra's somewhere along the way. Thankfully the majority has come back.

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when i go to local tournaments i carry my spare discs in my truck then if i loose one during the first round i can atleast pick up the spare inbetween rounds but i always carry an extra pair of sock shoes (nothing worsre than haveing wet shoes) shorts/pants shirt and underbriches

but if i go to a tourny out of town i will pull discs that i normally dont use and put in some of the spares but i always carry extra clothes
I drive an SUV. The back storage area is jammed with disc golf stuff. Every couple months(usually in preparation for a tourney or tourney road trip) I pull everything out and reorganize and repack it. I try to anticipate every item that I might need during a round or tournament and have at least one, if not multiple backups. I have storage bins for clothes and discs and a beer cooler that I prefer as stuffed as possible. I admit I carry way too much stuff.

Playing a tourney after few years ago in Lansing, Michigan in late winter the conditions were a combination of snow, ice and mud. On tee pad #1 there was a big mud puddle in front of the pad. On my drive I slipped and did the full face plant into the mud puddle. My group seemed to enjoy the spectacle a bit more than I did. ((Really, though, with my form on a forehand drive, if my plant foot slips out I'm going down. I know it and do it with some unfortunate regularity.)) Anyway, I ran to my car and did a total outfit change then ran back to my lie to putt out. I can pretty much do the total outfit change (maybe several times over) at any time.

In terms of discs, for a repack, the first thing I do is pack a back up of every disc in my bag ( so I have the starting lineup and the second string all picked out ). I also keep samples of most discs in the Discraft line (my sponsor) in case someone wants to test something out. So if someone wants to see how the Force or the Zone fly (our newest models) they can try before they buy. If you run into me at a course feel free to come see what I have.
the day before a tourny is always a p.i.t.a for me !!! I pack extra shoes, socks and shirts. Usually have a stack of plastic that is someone wants to trade we can do that. I also carry a second of every disc in my bag in the car. Not to mention i carry 3 wizards in my bag 2 magics 2 assassins and 2 element x in my bag every round (gateway player).
I've only played one tournament, and let me tell you... I was under prepared.

I'm pretty new, and only have one of all my main discs with a few exceptions (now that I'm playing more I'm accumulating doubles and triples). I gotta say, extra socks, shoes clothes etc. are prob the most important things.. I do have a box full of old discs in my trunk though, and a bunch of new ones that I can trade off, or loan if needed..

At the tournament I played I threw my main driver into the water during a practice round... Let me tell you, I wish I had a second in the trunk.. I plan to get doubles and triples of everything for the next tournament I play.. Being down your main driver (was an SL for me) was awful... It also made me much more timid throwing my other drivers since I didn't want to be down 2.

Overprepare is the best thing I can say...
one more thing i have to add, FOOD !!!!! Not just any food, something that is not gonna sit heavy in your tummy. Stuff like granola bars, fruit snacks. My own personal concocsion is granola cereal with m&m's and either cashews or almonds. Its lite and will give you the energy to play all day. The worst thing you can do is stuff your face in between rounds 1 hamburger ok 2-12 is not gonna be good for the second round.
i over pack also socks ,towels ,drinks ,at least 20 disc most being doubles thank god i have a revolution bag to fit it all
This is for tournament play, hence why all the extras like clothes and food and such. Tournaments take alot longer then casual rounds.

The gear like shirts shoes and socks stay in the car and i will change if need be in between rounds.

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