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anyone have any stories of animals you have run into while playing a round ?

At a course here in maine called woodland valley a black bear was just chillin on hole 3.

I have nearly hit a turkey with a drive at dragan field in auburn maine.

of course there is always the annoying woodpecker on the clutch putt to seal the victory.

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There is an emu farm bordering our park and occasionally one will get loose and trot around the course. These are 5-6 ft tall flightless birds with attitude. The owners are pretty good at corraling them thankfully.
Emu's are sweet. There is an emu farm down the road from where i grew up. We used to race them on our bikes. They are fast. Lol.
Well i got a dg story, well 2. First one was when i was playing a quick round by myself. Hole 7 at bandamer park on the north side of ann arbor, mi I threw my drive and while in flight I nailed a small bird. Blood and feathers went everywhere. It was pretty sick but sweet at the same time. The second encounter was at Willow Metro park. I was there with the 24 Chains gang and came accross a very large snapping turtle. Thinking back he would have made a sweet dinner. Lol
A private course near me had a Hawks nest in a tree directly over 10s basket so that hole had been off limits. While on hole 8 one day we noticed the 2 hawks flying over head. As I stood for my second shot, with the other 2 golfers standing behind me, a very loud buzz came from over me and I dove to the ground...the other 2 busted up laughing saying they watched the one Hawk put it's wings back and dive bomb for my bald spot (we assumed) and pulled up at the last minute.
The sound it made was unbelievable and pretty cool.
Only run ins I've had have been with squirrels. Playing a round at La Mirada when 4 baby squirrels just dropped out of a tree and landed right next to us. Turns out they were just stunned and 2 holes later they were back in the tree. Another time at Morley my buddy threw a roller that hit a squirrel and broke its neck. Unfortunately this one could not be saved.
Through the fall/winter months we play a lot of GLOW. This puts out in the dark and have a lot interactions with owls almost to point where I have coined the phrase "I have a cosmic connection with Mr. Owl' It all started one night when we noticed an owl land on a limb above us. I innocently wanted to get a better look so I flashed a light on the owl. Of course the owl tried to look away so pointed back into the direction he was diverting to. This seemed to disgruntle the owl to the point that he kinda hunched down and stared directly through me as if to say "I am gonna make you bleed". I quickly put away the flashlight and went about the game. From that point during different rounds I would say "it would be cool to come across an owl about now" and poof low and behold once would appear. It is always cool and bit spooky to hear them scream during the witching hours.
Just a couple deer and turkey.. However i did almost run over a 4' rattle snake on accident playing ball golf in texas and i saw roadrunner the same day, that was pretty cool.
I seem to have a lot of run in with turtles. At Old Farm, ran into a mother turtle laying here eggs (not a very good park choice for her.) At Brewer Park, Red, my throw landed under a bush in the middle of an open field. Low and behold, there is a massive Snapper Turtle under the bush next to my disc. There aren't many bodies of water around, so I can't imagine where he cam from. I find more Box Turtles than anything else (ALWAYS LEAVE THEM ALONE! some are either endangered or threatened.) I even found a baby Painter Turtle resting on one of my partially submerged disc.

I've heard that finding a turtle near you equipment, during any sports outing, is good luck. I defiantly hope so.
I have to many run ins with moose to count .almost hit a porkupine last yr and have smelled bears about 5 times at kincaid .i uploaded some videos of the local moose being moving distractions
so i was playing the other day with a friend of mine and play was slow. we approached a twosome in front of us and they asked if we'd like to join them and their dog, so we agreed.

the round was pretty normal until a little kitten approached the dog in the middle of the forest! the dog ran after the kitty and chased it up a tree! eventually the dog's owner restrained it and the kitten came down. the kitty was shaken up but still courageous. it continued to follow us for the next 7 holes, finally sitting underneath the 18th basket.

the thing had no name tag and couldn't have been more than 2 months old. with no homes in the area and a clear denial of a home from its orginal owners, the people that my friend and I joined up with took the kitty home along with their dog. i haven't talked to them since but i think that the kitty will be much happier with that guy than it would've been with its careless owners.

cheers to caring disc golfers!
that is too cool .you otter feel honored to have seen that
Walking off hole 15's A pad yesterday......2 squirrels frolicking in the limbs 25 feet above...fell....both of them...about 6 feet behind me....double thunk!!!
At Morley Field, I had just finished one round and was heading to the first tee to start a second when a squirrel jumped on my head. A girl at the bench freaked out but I had no idea what had happened until I saw the squirrel quickly climb up another tree.

At Stafford Lake, my buddy and I drove on a hole and as we were walking up the fairway there were three deer about 15 feet off to the left...the same area where my drive had gone.

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