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OK, how many of you are going to attend the 2008 Worlds in Lansing Michigan? How many of you have taken the time and looked at what the courses look like? Well I have looked and it looks like on most holes that they just took a big front end loader or a bulldozer and rode thru the woods. . The fairway are from 4 to 14 feet wide, very few field shots, and no down hill or off a cliff shots. Some of the courses do not have concrete or even rubber mats. If these are championship course, the people in Michigan should get out of state more often. Playing in the World's one would expect to play on real championship courses. These course are far from that. Now lets hear from the locals in Lansing.

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The Cold Brook Tees have been replaced. don't worry..
BB, Hey man, I just was trying to get someone's else opinion on what they thought about the courses. Did not mean to upset your applecart. I have played in at least 10 Worlds. South Bend, Cincinnatti, Charlotte, Rochester, Detroit, St.Paul & Minneapolis, Flagstaff, Des Moines, Augusta. Plus around 300 courses here in the states. I realize not everyone is as good as you or has so much free time and the money to go to every tournament or every Worlds. What my rating has to do anything is beyond me except you think that you know everything. I started playing in 1974, object golf. Played the Sedgley Woods course upon installation in 1976. Got hooked on a game that anyone can play that applys themselves. I have gotten several hundreds of new players playing.

The MPS will be playing once Robert Morris, (not even a course), Oshtemo, Cold Brook, and Victory each twice. Since you know it all, what tee pads will we be playing?
Last weekend I played a tourney at Oshtemo. It is a really fine course-in a long, tough, technical way. It is worthy of a World Championships.

The best score posted was 5 under par (by Worlds TD Larry Labond) and that weighed in as a 1060 rated round. A 1000 rated round was one to two over par. There are only a handful of easy deuces and lots of tough pars. I think it is really well designed and very fun to play (well, more fun to play if you play it well).

Geoff Bennett won the Open division with two rounds under par. That is fine shooting.

Can my division play this course for all our preliminary rounds?
912 rated sure, 60 yrs also. PDGA-554. If it was possible to go back past 2001 on the pdga website you would see wayyyyyy more than the 2 tourneys last year. If you want to talk about credibility, I suggest responding with a little less of the "I think...." , "I'm not sure..." "I don't think..." "maybe....".
Thanks for your reply Jeff. I get slandered because I cannot see these courses as World Championship courses. Playing through the woods is not what disc golf is about. But if this all that you have to call a disc golf course then to you it is a disc golf course. If ball golf was played as they have to play disc golf then most would not be playing ball golf. No where do they put objects in the fairway of a ball golf course. Bunkers yes, but no four foot fairways.
Playing through the woods is not what disc golf is about.

Actually it is...However, I do agree with you, a world championship course should have more well defined fairways...as opposed to poke and hope shots. but, without knowing the courses being played or standing there actually looking down the fairway of each hole, I can't comment on what courses you guys are supposed to play.
Keep in mind... pictures may be worth 1000 words but they generally lack depth or dimension.
Ludington 2014!
Ludington has some fine courses but it takes a lot more than courses to run a Worlds. Mostly importantly it takes a strong, deep, talented and committed Club (or alliance of clubs). It is not for any of us to decide whether someone else should take on that huge responsibility.
Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still retarded.

With that said, give the tourney and its staff a chance. There are some great courses and people in Kalamazoo, Michigan and 08 worlds will be an enjoyable experience. Turns out "I HEARD" a rumor that everyone who is in a specific division plays the same courses...

...so its fair for everyone?

Love you bye.
Paul garton wrote: " Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still retarded"
That is funny stuff.

To have rational discussion with rational people is a different proposition. The rule I like better is: Never waste your time arguing with fools. It seems most folks on this site are pretty rational (even those who disagree with me).

It is true that everyone in a given division will play the same holes on the same courses. If everyone threw right handed backhanded then it would be fair.
True, thats why I left the question mark on their at the end. I do agree with you there, and everywhere else I have read your posts for that matter. Keep up the good work by the way. From what I have seen posted on here and when I obsered your actions at tournaments in Michigan, I believe you are a true pro on and off the course. Keep up with the comments and helping new disc golfers, the lifestyle(sport for some) needs people like yourself to draw others in to our obsession and teach them the correct way to play and conduct themselves.

Thanx Mark,
Paul Garton #26317

P.S. Go Discraft(its scary living in Innova country)


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