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OK, how many of you are going to attend the 2008 Worlds in Lansing Michigan? How many of you have taken the time and looked at what the courses look like? Well I have looked and it looks like on most holes that they just took a big front end loader or a bulldozer and rode thru the woods. . The fairway are from 4 to 14 feet wide, very few field shots, and no down hill or off a cliff shots. Some of the courses do not have concrete or even rubber mats. If these are championship course, the people in Michigan should get out of state more often. Playing in the World's one would expect to play on real championship courses. These course are far from that. Now lets hear from the locals in Lansing.

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Better get some Discraft up in Maine, haven't seen any yet..
Thank you for the kind words. You, and all who serve our country in the military, risk your lives for our security. I just throw frisbees. So somebody here deserves thanks.

It looks as if no one wants to talk about the courses that will be used in this years worlds. It is more about the war, arguing with slow people, or someone who wants it in a whole different city.

How about a new guestion? Who got to pick who would be playing on what courses or how was it decided who would play what courses?

Have heard a rumor that they might all have tee pads by August, is that a truth or fable? If you cannot see the basket, from the tee area, are you allowed time to walk to the basket and back. I know with 4 or 5 players per hole it will take hours to play one round. But are you allowed time to go look for the hole before you have to tee off on each hole? Hopefully someone involved and lives in Michigan can answer some of these questions. And yes I realize that most players will be there a week early, but some people have to work and pay for the trip, room, food, etc etc etc.
I'm just Curious, what courses did you play when you were in town? I'd like to help clear some of this up.
Who said I have been to town. Played several courses in Michigan, but none if your area. Was up there for the Worlds a few years back. Played Hudson Mills, both courses, Kennington, both courses, Firefighers, liked it, Wagners 9 hole and liked it.

Just what is it that you can clear up? Please re-read my original message. I was looking for someone from there to fill in the rest of us on the 10 courses. Now I know that I will only be playing 4 of the ten. I have gone thru the team michigan courses and looked at the signage and fairways and baskets. It seems that none of the baskets can be seen from the tee-pads. It seems that someone took a ride on a bull dozer and made a trail from the tees to baskets. Some of the holes had stumps down the fairways, around the baskets were tons of logs scattered around the baskets. I have heard back that some of the tee pads have either been poured or they are going to put down the Fly 18 mats. It just seemed to me at that time that they were no where near being championship quailty.

So now fill the rest of us in on what Victory, Cold Brook, Oshtmeo, and Robert Morris are like. Got any pictures of the parks, fairways, baskets, footage? Thanks, GB #554
I know you are trying to be objective here, but it's fairly ridiculous to start a thread about your opinion about the courses at worlds without ever having played them. This only leaves the door open for more negative discussion and can leave a bad taste for others that are trying to learn more about the area before their trips.
Like I said before, I have only looked at the pictures that are posted on the courses. I descibed what I saw. Go take a look and get back to me. So tell us what are the courses like, if not what I have mentioned. It is not negative by telling what I have seen in the pictures taken by someone that lives there in Michigan. Later, GB
R U playing in the worlds? If you have read my original thread, I was asking for imput from the local players. I have only tried to get a conversation with local players, and get their input. But you and few others only see it as a put down on your disc golf courses. If you ever do get to Florida, go play Melbourne's Wickham Park, or Orlando's Turkey Lake, or Clearwater's Cliff Stepens Park, or even here in Daytona at Tuscawilla Park. We have mowed fairways, each and every hole can be seen from the tee pads. No real poke and hope courses.
You should definitely check out http://discgolfmichigan.com/ it has a special for worlds courses, and has several pictures of each hole. footage isn't on every hole but it might help out a bit.
Tate, This is where I found the pictures of the courses. This is where I got to see what I discribed, looks like the bull dozer when for a ride thru the woods. Anyway, I guess it does not matter. My division has to play Victroy, Coldbrook, Oshtemo, and Robert Morris. We are all over 60 and will not be crushing out 500 drives. I hope that there will be spotters along the holes where no one can see the basket, blind drive holes. R U playing in the worlds?
For Victory, Oshtemo and Robert Morris the holes are all long enough that the basket will be tough to see from a photo. Coldbrook is a lot shorter compared to those other 3 courses.

Victory park is a new course in Albion and it can be a tough course with lots of OB from roads and water. The water comes into play on probably half of the holes. There aren't any blind shots here, but lots of big oak trees throughout the course and it can be technical because of the water.

Oshtemo is a tough, long course. The fairways are anywhere from 80 to 200 feet wide at most on pretty much every hole and staying in the fairway is key here. Throw straight and throw midranges at times instead of going for the long deuce. Definitely not poke and hope though.

Robert Morris has 3 holes that are poke and hope, holes 1, 2 and 8 but last I heard hole 8 may not be there come worlds. Get 3's on 1 and 2 and you are golden though. The rest of the course is mostly open with good usage of elevation. One hole is around 750-800 feet long but plays longer because the drive is uphill. The rest of the course has holes between 300 and 500.

Coldbrook will be a course that your group will like. Short and technical. From the courses you mention in Florida you may not like the pinball style trees at this course, but a player can go way under par there, or way over if they have a hard time hitting gaps.

I now understand where you are coming from and I apologize to jump so quickly on your comments. Running a tournament as big as this is a lose/lose situation most times so your comments struck me from a different angle. I am not local there, but I used to be and I am involved on a smaller level with the worlds process this year.

All of those courses have good teepads now as well. Coldbrook used to be bad and Oshtemo now has two sets of teepads on every hole as of last summer. I played Victory this winter when there weren't any teepads but I do believe they have since been added.
I agree with EZ$. I think a guy that has been playing as long as GB has a pretty damn valid opinion, and I guarantee you that a few rude comments towards him aren't going to phase him whatsoever.



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