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I discovered today at Trophy Lakes that a person in our Club found one of my discs (at a different course), scratched off my name and had been playing with it. The only way I found this out was my disc was turned into the pro shop at Trophy Lakes after someone had dived for discs at the course. I do not know the person who wrote their name on my discs but someone told me the person recently joined our club. Any suggestions on how I should handle this so it does not happen to anyone else. I plan on talking to our President about it but I do not want any bad vibes or to isolate anyone.

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I'd beat them over their head with my retriever and take it back. ...No just kidding...only if it's someone I know. I'd approach them and ask for it back, explaining to the noob that we put our names in them for a reason, blah, blah, blah. I would be happy to give them the going squid rate for a lost disc, blah, blah. If they don't agree they will usually catch heat from the whole group and eventially catch on or go away.
When you threw your disc in the water and didn't retreive it, I think you abandoned it.

I don't mean this in a legal way, but in a practical way, you abandoned it. It sounds like whoever retreived it did not know you but if he is using it, at least he appreciated your taste in discs.

I have lost lots of discs and had many returned to me. I have always veiwed my lost disc as the property of whoever retreived it. I was the fool who lost it ( the vast majority of the time I threw my discs in some field and left one there). If the lost disc is one that is beloved then I will try to trade for its return and give the finder a disc they want. If the lost disc is not beloved then I would rather the finder keep it because perhaps it will be beloved to him.

For many years it seemed that the less I liked a disc, the more likely it would be returned to me if I lost it. So when someone told me they found one of my discs, it was almost for certain that it was a disc I didn't care about. The trend has reversed the last couple years and now I seem to be getting back the most beloved of the losses. Darn nice trend!
See, I don't completely agree with Mark. We have some water hazards down here and if you can't get it out within the 3 minutes, we play on and come back for it. So the disc is not technically lost nor was it actually abandoned. I believe 98% of regular golfers know this. If you left a disc laying in the woods because you forgot to pick it up...that's not abandoned either...just a brain fart. Abandoning a disc is when you huck one into water or woods and don't bother looking for it at all. Once you made an effort to look for it and can't find it...that's a lost disc, not an abandoned disc.

Last year during the Daytona Open, one of my friends threw his 2002 USDGC CE Roc in one of the ponds on 15. He couldn't retreive it in the alloted time so he had to move on. That disc wasn't lost or abandoned ....it was flat out stolen. When the round was over he went to get it...it was gone. Not returned to the lost and found disc box...gone! Ironically that disc did come back to the owner several months later. The tool that took it apparently lost it on another course. ...that's Karma.

You bought the disc, put your name in it....it's your disc in my book. Try to get it back politely...offer the going squid rate. He, being new, may not know disc golf rules..written or unwritten. If the guy says no...then hopefully he won't stay around long enough to become a regular player and that is a better outcome, IMHO.

Good luck!!!
That's just wrong!!! He should have offered to give it back.
Throw a Roc at 'em!

Seriously, depends on the person that has your disc and the disc in question. Mark has a good low-conflict philosophy that I have found will work in most cases. I have purposely thrown a disc (Lightning Disc) into the woods to lose it, twice, and I still got it back both times.

But, there are times when you'll run into someone that is only out for themselves and their only beloved disc is the next one they find. Most players like this do not play tournaments or weekly doubles or whatever and you can't expect them to have a "My Name Is Earl" realization next week.

For these kinds of players I would confront them in a friendly way, explain that you lost the disc (with your name on it) and say that it is not a big deal THIS TIME. Offer to trade another disc if you really want it back. Also, explain, nicely, that you have saved all of your receipts and have taken pictures of every newly bought disc since you started playing. Additionally, explain that any markings on the back of a disc even if it has been erased or marked over can be revealed by applying a special chemical. Then, warn every club member that you know about this player so that it does not happen to them.

Normally, large tournaments with water hazards will have someone after the rounds go and dredge up lost discs at a nominal cost. If they don't, I would question the club putting on the tournament and find a better tournament to play. They'll learn.
That is the point I am making. How could someone in your club do this to another club member? The disc has my name and # on it and he did not even bother to call the local #. I find many discs with out of state area codes and I call them all. I have even tracked down owners of discs on another website to let their club know I found a disc in their vicinity. This guy would not even call or give back or call a disc to a local, club member.
That's been my experience with disc golf more than most other aspects of life-- karma comes into play a lot. Hopefully the offender will come realize as they travel more fairways in this life that WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND - both good and bad.
Exactly, "what comes around goes around" hopefully they realize and turn out to be a welcomed player.

Sometimes a little sacrifice is good when it comes to getting new players started. If you don't need the disc then maybe consider approaching him and saying something along the lines of...."hey, that's my old disc.... cool, glad you found it. It's perfect for new players, go ahead and keep it, I don't need it anymore. Here's another old beater I got...you can have too."

Maybe that will help make the 'Disc Golf Vibe' click a little
We have 6 ponds and this particular one isn't a hazardous water hazard so it was off the squid's radar. Not to mention it was a near mint 02 USDGC Roc. We all figured it would show up on eBay...sooner or later.

None the less it was the only disc that was not actually lost, lost ...to not get returned. It was just out of reach in a puddle of a pond...lost on the first day and of course, repeatedly asked for it to be returned. Someone flat out took it.

Happy ending is ...Big Jim got it back eventially when it was found elsewhere.
big jim got it back? .... and thats a HAPPY ending?
I'll wait to I get him in a deep enough hole, then I'll get it from him in leu of the cash. Ha!!!...see there is method to my madness.

Now that's funny....I wonder If he know's it's there.

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