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I discovered today at Trophy Lakes that a person in our Club found one of my discs (at a different course), scratched off my name and had been playing with it. The only way I found this out was my disc was turned into the pro shop at Trophy Lakes after someone had dived for discs at the course. I do not know the person who wrote their name on my discs but someone told me the person recently joined our club. Any suggestions on how I should handle this so it does not happen to anyone else. I plan on talking to our President about it but I do not want any bad vibes or to isolate anyone.

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hahaha One of the funniest post I have read in a long time. You have a real problem on your hands. Let's see...Some dude who doesn't know you is throwing a disc that you lost? Sounds like you need to move on.
If you leave a disc behind, it's your fault.

However, if you find a disc, it's your responsibility to try to get it back. Make an honest effort, or two, or three. If you have enuogh plastic, you make plenty of attempts, because you don't need it. If you find someone else's disc and the owner never calls you back to retrieve it - donate it to some player who coudl benefit from it (after they definitely have proven they arent interested or are too lazy to come get it). If someone asks you if you foudn their disc, you give it back. It's all about beig honest.

If they won't give it back, or blatently steal it when it's marked, then be reasonable, and try to get it for free, if not, barter for a trade. Explain to them how "the system" works, and how thry ought to buy into it, because it happens to everyone.

If they're still beliegerant (sp?) then hope you get to play a roudn w/ them & embarass them! (-:
Well said, Denise!
I ALWAYS call the # on the back of a disc, no matter the area code. If there is no name or #, and no one in the group recognizes it as someone else's "new disc", then I'll bag it, maybe even ask other players on the course as I continue my round.

I believe that a disc golfer should make a good effort to return a lost disc. I also believe that the finder has the right to throw the disc a little bit until returned, if they so desire. When I first began playing this was how I learned a lot about different discs flights. =)

At my local courses, Whistlers Bend and Riverfront, there are some individuals who are known for not returning found discs, even selling them to other players! These types of individuals do not take the sport seriously or know how to fully enjoy it. For one reason or another these individuals respect me and call me anytime they find one of my discs. I believe there are a couple of reasons for this favor. #1: I'm not too picky about who I play with; I play rounds with some of these guys pretty often, because they basically live at the course. #2: I have always given' them something for any returned disc. I have trained them well in returning my discs, like little retrievers. LOL If I lose something really important to me that I could just not find after strenuous searching, I'll tell these guys that I'll give em like $10 if they can find it; they usually do.

As Denise said, we put our name and #'s on our plastic for a reason, because it is OURS. Nothing wrong with rewarding somebody for finding it for you. I've learned to even reward for the plastic that you dont care about, unless they want it, because then they will keep calling ya when they find something else.

It is WRONG to find a disc with someone else's name and # on it, and not make a solid effort to return it!

My two cents . . . . .,
offer them another disc if you really want that one back. then you'll get a chance to tell them how you've returned others.
I have want as far as mail the disc to the owner as long as the pay for the shipping and i wouldn't expect less from someone who finds one of mine ,and for the people that say get over it , disc are pricey almost 20 bucks that sucks if you lose one it and sucks worst when your info is on it and it isn't returned just like someone losing a 20 dollar bill the person behind him walking picks it up and says it's his now
Tell him how it works bro. Ask if he would like to have his returned him when he lost something. If all else fails, You now know the type of guy he is. Here in Clearwater Fl, the when the squids get them they are returned to the Clearwater disc golf store. They get $1.25 a disc with names. More for no names. When your disc is there, you pay the store $2 for returns. Pretty cool but there are still people like this guy who just don't know "etiquette"
Man, if lost disc is all you have to worry about in life then you are doing good. You lost a disc and didn't get it back. Well, hairlip the Pope. Why can't we look at it as,"Oh somebody is getting good use out of a lost disc." We should celebrate this cycle. Not cry about it like we have nothing better to worry about. Our counrty is in the middle of a Holy war and all I can think about is that driver that I lost that some dude is using. By the way, some kid cleans out the water hazard and sells the disc to the local Play-it-again-Sports for $2 and then you buy it for $3.99. Then some donkey sees his name on a disc. Guess what? If I pay for a disc it is mine BOTTOM LINE. I don't care if Jesus's name number and pdga # are in it. Thats just me. I was under the impression that disc golfers were laid back folks. Unless it comes to thier disc I guess?
...well if it was Jesus' name....I would be inclined to give it back...but hey, that's me.
Jesus would be so good he wouldnt lose his discs. Besides he would want you to keep it. Thats just the kind of guy he is.
We have an annual "Shule School" tournament here, because one of our local courses is ALL shule.
I found 41 discs in the creek here this week. 4 were mine and my friend who went swimming too, 5 had no names, and 3 didn't have working numbers. Anything unnamed/unanswered that I didn't want goes into a box I have to give to new players to encourage them to play. I highly endorse clubs getting their old discs together and keeping it around, so that new kid can come out, planning to borrow his buddy's disc, and go home with a handful of plastic and good memories of some generous folks.

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