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So I started the discussion about pet peeves on the course. Lets go the other direction and talk about our favorite things about this great game.

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I will start. I am sure I'm not the only one, but I love the sound of the chains when sinking a any length of putt. Nothing like it.
There are so many great elements of disc golf, that one should make a periodic table.

I love....

-- Being able to chose which route (out of many) to the basket I want. Standing on the tee and focusing on what will happen from a "discs eye" view for each route is fun. There are so many more choices in the flight than there is in "ball" golf.

-- Crushing a disc over 400 ft only to have a random person watching that has never seen a Frisbee fly over 100 ft.

-- The special bond you develop with your "go-to" driver or go-to midrange disc.

-- Putting on flip-flops, and drinking cold beer after a couple of rounds in floridas summer heat.

-- Playing with peoples dogs in the park

-- Giving a understable/lightweight disc to a beginer that is only throwing a max-weight firebird or something totally ridiculous.

-- Giving any disc away that would get more air time with someone else than yourself.

-- Finding an unmarked disc on the course.

I am so glad I discovered disc golf at a younger age than some. It is something that consumes your mind and gets you through the day. Of all the things to day-dream about, Disc Golf is at the top of the list (right under the usual "you know"). I like playing handicap, doubles, wolf, or whatever we play every sunday morning. Sundays used to be such a drag because we all know that the dreary monday is coming tommorrow. I swear that I have never played a round of Disc without learning something new. Thats another thing that keeps me coming back for more. If you dont learn something, even if it is a really trivial and silly thing, then you aren't doing your skill any favors.
All that and a bag of chips...
I love the trees* (*when I'm not throwing). Also the wildlife on the courses. Nothing like a beautiful wooded course with birds and furry animals.
I love when I throw that awesome line. It doesn't matter what I hit a long the way, when the disc leaves my hand and I see the line it is willed to take, it doesn't matter the outcome because I am becoming a better disc golfer when the disc *almost* does what I tell it ... LOL
(btw, I am a beginner)
i love a couple of things. the first is the excitement of stepping on the first tee box and looking to where you are going to throw. the second is going through the course being away from everything else at the time
call me crazy, but I love to watch the flight of the discs. When my group is throwing, I will stand behind the tee and watch everyones disc. Just something about the flight!
Me, too, Tino. It may be my favorite thing. I don't even mind playing in 6-somes, so I can watch more discs fly.
The people I meet-- really really good people on courses all over the world
the #1 thing i love about disc golf is the people. i have met somany of my best friends through this amazing sport!!
Ther are many great things about this sport. The most important, too me, is the great people involved in it. The others are 'the spirt of competition' and the harmony with nature.


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