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Has anyone ever wondered if/when/to what degree the PDGA might limit the amount of discs one can carry in sanctioned competition, such as in ball golf?

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i say let them carry as much as they want to in 1 bag.
That would change the way alot of people play. I have three buzzs and two of two others and that would suck to have to down size to a set limit.
If somehow a player can beat me carrying a huge bag of discs and he has three caddies all carrying more discs and he has hot air balloon above him with thousands more at his disposal, then more power to him. He can only throw PDGA approved discs. He can only throw one disc at a time.

Limiting the number of discs is artificial and arbitrary. Why not limit the colors of discs? Why not disqualify anyone who has a shoelace break during the round? Let's add two strokes to any competitor who suffers a bee sting on his left ankle on an odd numbered hole!

A rule should increase the liklihood that the player who plays the best wins.

The down side of carrying lots of discs is that they weigh you down. I once caddied for Todd Branch during a final 9 in a tournament. His bag weighed a ton. I felt like I was in one of those Worlds Strongest Man contests (and losing). Maybe we should make anyone carrying less than 15 discs also carry a cannon ball.
There is one big difference.............Touring ball golf pro's are not very likely to lose a club to a water hazard or have their club remain lodged thirty feet in a tree after a drive.

I'm sure PDGA BOD has given this some consideration at one point or another, but some courses would then make it possible for someone to be DQ'ed for no longer having discs to play with (imagine a 300ft Island hole with a small green).

There would be no point (IMO) to limiting the number of discs a competitor could carry.
Haha. Jon- I've seen one touring ball golf player throw a club in the creek and leave it! Anywho, I agree with Mark. Go ahead- carrying a whole bunch of molds... or even 10 of the same mold. I'd be impressed if they could actually use a majority of the discs and still beat everyone while doing so. My guess is that if someone is carrying a lot of different molds, they probably don't know many if any of the discs very well. I haven't been playing long, but I have learned to take the time to learn a mold by doing field work and really getting to know it BEFORE even thinking about adding another new mold to the bag.
I agree too just curious if anyone else ever thought about it like i just did. Doubt it would ever happen, discs are too different and it's easy to lose them. Imagine running out of discs...has that ever happened in a tournament? That'd be hilarious though.
I recall this discussion on the PDGA boards, and I also recall more than one story about someone running out of discs. not sure about the truth of it though.
I think that carrying around a ton of discs ( for the average player ) has something more to do with the evolution of ones game/knowledge.
If I went to my home course and asked each player there on a saturday how many times they had gone to a park and just thrown different discs to get a feel for them I bet the majority would say they havent.
I would doubt it too. But If they did.....say for top events, the limit would be high.
Actually Pga golfers can only carry a certain number of verified balls and clubs. I have seen 1 person not be able to finish a sanctioned event because of water at rock hill. I have played the same course with someone that threw 10-11 in the water in one round and he still finished. Why not limit the disc? If you throw in the tree its your problem, not the governing board. Errant shots sometimes deserve penelties. So, if you limit it to 22 disc then it would take 22 errant shots to receive a penelty of DQ, why is that an issue? A set number of disc is not a bad idea unless it becomes a penelty infraction with no room for error. For example a low number like 10 doesnt allow for much, but cutoff at 20 disc or so shouldnt be considered to little room for error. Not all divisions need a rule but if you truly want to be a professional all bags should have some defined amount, even if that amount is 1000. They have already legalized and illegalized many disc, and changed standards. At what point do you think they should be penelized for slowing play, discouraging others, backing up the event? Ive seen grown men throw their bags in the lake and walk away, as well as bag kickers, cooler tossing, caddie bashing, etc... Im all for it in higher divisions, open mainly, but if it somehow speeds play by doing it in other divisions while still allowing room for errant shots then thats good too. A per round number assures quality of play while a per event might be harder to define with some of the courses being mostly water.

Im sure people dont agree and would like to have three caddies with a bag on each shoulder pulling 2 carts each, myself included. Reality is, people will whine,moan, and complain about anything. You cant please everyone. The one guy that gets affected by a number of disc rule will still moan if you let him have 1000 errant shots and slowed play for a ten hour round. Meanwhile everyone else is affected as well all the way from TD to the volunteers helping run the event. Maybe we could give everyone a ten minute run back to car to get more disc after they throw their bag in the lake. Then after he loses them he could borrow from his buddy in the group and throw his in as well, long as he writes his signature or mark on them.
Oh and by the way I have been to events where certain rules were relaxed to accomadate events .
14 clubs...I think, as per USGA rules?
Generally I practice the concept of limiting the discs I carry in a given round, but it's not for competitive purposes, just to save unnecessarily carrying discs I know I won't use. But just because I can play a given course with just 10 discs doesn't mean everyone should. I'm with the folks that say if someone wants to lug a buttload of discs around the course, more power to them.

I played with a guy last summer who had one of the Revo Dual-Pack bags packed full to the brim with discs. Both top and bottom racks were stuffed so tight he literally had to fight to get a disc back in once it was out. But what amused me was through most of the round, he never really went into the bag much because he was carrying his two putters, a Roc, a couple drivers and a towel in his hand (none of which could have fit in the bag if he tried) through most of the round and those were the ones he was throwing predominantly. If I had to guess, I'd say he went into the bag for a disc maybe three-four times tops over the 18 holes. Granted, half the course we were playing was open field, huck it hard and far type holes so he didn't really need a varied number of discs (I probably only used 6-8 different ones myself), but the fact was that he was carrying 40+ discs around the course for nothing. My back couldn't handle that, but if his could, so be it. He beat me by 3 strokes on the round. I don't believe the extra discs gave him any advantage over me since I could see he wasn't using them all.

To each his own, I say. There's no compelling reason for the PDGA to ever consider a bag limit rule, but there are sure plenty of reasons not to, as have been pointed out on the thread already. But it's fun to talk about, I guess.

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