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I was searching on eBay for discs when I came across a bunch of them being sold about 10 minutes from my apartment. While looking at the auctions I noticed that two discs that were being sold look exactly like once I lost last year and this year in the pond at my home course of Mt. Pleasant, MI. I put my name and my phone number on the discs so I wrote the seller asking him if there was one. He replied with "Yes there is a name and number on both. Shawn Welling is the name." When I told him that those were my discs and I would pay him to end the auction plus some for his trouble of diving in the pond to find all of these discs he replied with "I would rather not end my auctions sorry." Should I be mad that he is selling my discs? He did go down in the pond to get them but I did have my name and number on them. I know I can always buy more but one of them has personal value along with it.

What is the legal dealings with that anyway? I am not going to take any action because well, it's a couple discs, but just pure curiosity because it is on CMU's campus which I believe would be state property, plus they were mine to begin with.

Anyway, what does everyone think. Is it ok to not contact the owner of a disc and sell it or should you always contact them?

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Everyone always talks about people "abandoning" their discs, or it being your fault for "leaving it behind." But when I climb 40ft into a tree to try and retrieve my disc, shred my hands and knees, and still can't get it out, I don't think I just left it. Or when I spend an hour combing the water, find 30+ discs that aren't mine, and call all of those, and then never get the ONE I threw in back, I feel like things aren't quite right. Yes, some people just leave things, but I'm not one of those. Most of my discs that I throw regularly are special to me in some way, and I'd be willing to trade a brand new disc for some of them. So to ME, the majority of my discs are stolen, because I don't just leave them. And I've had a player at our local course play with my discs, after telling me he'd never purchased a disc, and then demand a disc/money.

That is stolen.
I think people need to get over it. If you don't retreive it...then obviously it has no importance to you. If you "climbed 40 ft into a tree" or "spent an hour combing a pond" And still didnt' find it, and you gave up...obviously the disc isn't THAT important to you. If its really that big of a deal...keep looking. If you don't want to keep looking...get over it and buy a new one, and don't be pissed off when someone else does find it.

If I find your disc..I'll sell it back to you. I spent the time and effort in that grimey ass water looking for a disc, if I find it..its mine.

Sorry to be blunt..but that's how it is around here. Its not even worth it to put your name on the disc, because if you don't find it yourself..theres a good chance you're either A. Not getting it back, or B. Trading it for a green picture of Abraham Lincoln.
And I'll say it's pretty frustrating to try your very hardest to get a disc, only to have someone come up and say "Yeah, I found it just laying on the ground." How did they earn that disc?
When people give me a disc back, if they're not like a Pro or something, I'll give a dollar or two, or a different disc. Especially for beginners, I'll give a whole bag worth of decent discs that I don't use for one of my discs. And I do go buy new ones, and I usually don't get mad. But when it's a regular player, who's a member of our club, and who's won two ace pots at our mini's, says he doesn't buy discs, he only uses those he finds, then that's something else. We have trees on our course that hold them nice and high, and then the next day they blow down. So since I can't magically climb to the top of a tree, and that kid came by after it blew down, somehow my claim to it is invalidated? C'mon. It's ethical to try and give them back.
But, you're right about the truth of the world. So, now on discs that I value, I write my name, phone number, courses I play, and I put what kind of bounty I'm willing to pay for that disc's return. (Usually either a disc, $1, or $5.)
None of your arguments negate the fact that I call every phone number'd disc I find, and even ones without numbers I ask around if anyone knows them. So maybe I'm a sucker who's too nice, but if everyone did that, we'd all be happier golfers, and we'd have more discs to give to new players (which I encourage)
ok cody this has happened to me before i was playing a blind hole someone on the next tee see's my disc because the holes or close pickes up my disc i spent 20 min's looking for it and see him with it 7 holes ahead is it his now and is it ok that he said he found and and i should give him a couple of $'s for it even though it was my shot on that hole which i went a little past (i did get it back btw without playing a cent )
John, getting your disc stolen from the middle of the fairway, and having someone find your disc at the bottom of a pond, are two completley and totally different things.
Boy, you sure do have a lot to learn about the our sport, the people involved in it....in fact, life in general.

Good luck!!!
Well recently I was visiting Schaumburg IL, Whille playing in the local leagues there I had a huge gust of wind blow my prized CE plastic pro stamp firebird into some tall reeds and water. I did wade into the water, It was up to my knees deep. I looked for several minutes but my group needed to continue on. I figured it was gone for ever! luckily I got a call from a guy "who gets it" I don't believe much in karma but I do believe you you should treat people the way you want to be treated! I the guy who found my disc was a dillweed like the guy whos selling the discs on ebay, this story would have an unhappy ending. Thankfully he was not and I am happily throwing my firebird once again!
what do you mean by that ?
i understand that i was just using a extreme because some times like at courses in my area with a lot of casuals that like to pick up any disc they see ,even if the see you on the tee throwing it . I have had many times that i seaching for a while for a disc to later find it was just picked and i agree if it goes in water and you didnt get it it's your lose but as i did i mail disc if i have to to get them returned to the owner i firmly believe in karma
John, I wasn't referring to you.
ok sorry
Hey, it's all good.

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