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I was searching on eBay for discs when I came across a bunch of them being sold about 10 minutes from my apartment. While looking at the auctions I noticed that two discs that were being sold look exactly like once I lost last year and this year in the pond at my home course of Mt. Pleasant, MI. I put my name and my phone number on the discs so I wrote the seller asking him if there was one. He replied with "Yes there is a name and number on both. Shawn Welling is the name." When I told him that those were my discs and I would pay him to end the auction plus some for his trouble of diving in the pond to find all of these discs he replied with "I would rather not end my auctions sorry." Should I be mad that he is selling my discs? He did go down in the pond to get them but I did have my name and number on them. I know I can always buy more but one of them has personal value along with it.

What is the legal dealings with that anyway? I am not going to take any action because well, it's a couple discs, but just pure curiosity because it is on CMU's campus which I believe would be state property, plus they were mine to begin with.

Anyway, what does everyone think. Is it ok to not contact the owner of a disc and sell it or should you always contact them?

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This may lie under the laws of "Salvage Rights", anything abandoned in the water for a certain amount of time becomes the property of whoever salvages it from the bottom.

These laws are different in every area, make sure you are specific.
Good Luck and Stock up on Discs!!!

Salvage rights are going to kick in if you throw your disc in navigable waters. LOL
Bruce Brakel said:
Salvage rights are going to kick in if you throw your disc in navigable waters. LOL

You haven't seen this water ;)
The guy sounds like a disc pirate. We have those in this area too. I agree w/ Nibs and JC - get ahold of Ebay and let them know what's going on and if that doesn't work, buy the discs and then leave the negative feedback. We have a pond at our course in Wooster, OH and when we go in after discs, we try like heck to contact whoever the owner may be (if the name and number is on it of course). Now if it's blank...well... we'll post it on the website if we can or if we see someone new playing the game w/ a dollar general frisbee, we'll give them a used/found/unmarked disc and encourage them to keep playing. Regardless, we never try to make a profit off of someone else's stuff. It's just morally wrong!! Go after the guy any legal way you can.... it's time we golfers stand up to these pirates who would rather sell other people's stuff than get a real job!!
If I leave my car somewhere I hope nobody takes it and auctions it on E-bay. Same deal maybe they were in the pond for safe keeping ?
I have lost a few discs in that very pond my self and they have never been seen again...
I just lost my favorite JLS Millenium in some woods up in East Harbor, OH. Sure hope someone finds it and has the heart to call the number on it and return it. :-(
He is doing it again, this time with a dyed z flick.
You may want to read Ben Calhoun's discussion on Michigan and disc returns.
I think you "should" be mad and possibly frustrated. Also it matters how long one looked for a disc before letting it go for another to find. Some just let it go with the thought in mind that "it has my return info on it. I'll just let someone else find it and maybe they'll call. But in reality that is he reson ones name and phone is on it. That discers are honest people and will return it with no question. NOT!!! Some will, but is seems most won't. That's why I mentioned to read Ben Calhouns discussion on lost discs. Personally...I would return it if I found it. That is if it had all the info on the disc "to" return it. Hope this helps.
then report him to ebay shawn

or go to his house and egg it! or beat the snot outta him
Try this:
Take a disc that you no longer want.
Write on it with a sharpie (big and obnoxiously)
This disc does not belong to: His Name, but belongs to yourself and the phone number.
Place the disc conveniently so he gets it.
See what happens.
He probably will not be able to remove the marker.
What is his ebay name? We will all give him a "bad rating!"
I have to agree w/ Disc Player Sports... Great idea!!! And by all means.. provide an ebay id and I'll be more than happy to leave a bad feedback~~!

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