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Nope, not for president of the USA, for the PDGA Board of Directors. If you are a PDGA member, you will be getting a ballot soon, maybe this weekend or Monday. Voting can be done on line and it's easy. Please do!

First, you should read the candidates' statements. Then, if you wish, share your opinions here. Please do not engage in personal attacks. The policies of this site, among others, are to be factual in claims, avoid personal attacks, and be fair. My fingers will be fast on the "delete" button to remove any posts that step over the boundaries of what I consider to be a discussion among friends.

I am officially endorsing one candidate at this point: I urge you to vote for Tim Keiffer. I met Tim last summer while he was spotting for a Worlds course. His willingness to get stung in order to retrieve a golfer's disc impressed me, personally. Professionally, since then I have followed his posts here and on the PDGA DISCussion board and am impressed by his perspective as well. He maintains a level head, understands others' points of view, and engages in discussion collegially, not with the personal attacks/Swiftboating that some on DISCussion use as their default argumentation style. To my knowledge, he also has no financial stake in making money from disc golf, something I think is a very important qualification for a member of the PDGA Board of Directors. I urged him to run and promised my support if he did.

I need help deciding from among the others, some of whom I know and personally like very, very much, which is why I started this thread. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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I've only met one of the candidates myself and I could not be more impressed with him. Rand Eberhard has been not just throwing but involved as a TD and all-around promoter of the sport since his teens.

When I met him at last years' USDGC he had at least half a dozen kids following him around and explaining the action to them. He was also selling CFR destroyers to promote a tourny he was directing, even though he had moved over an hour away from the course to Atlanta.

The dedication he has shown to doing everything he can for local/regional clubs in both Georgia and the Carolinas is a skill that would be well-translated to the PDGA as a whole.
Rick is a good friend and his breadth of disc golf knowledge is amazing.
I've been calling and emailing around to get opinions from people and Rand's name has come up in a very positive way more than once.
not a member so i cant vote but good luck to all.
I would like to add my support to Terry's position. I would also like to point out that it isn't the problems you see, or even the solutions you put forward, rather it is your ability to get those solutions implemented. Rick Rothstein has done so many things in this sport that I can't even begin to list them all. He is a doer, not a complainer.

I have watched the PDGA closely over the past year and there are many who feel the best approach to change or getting things done is to fight. Think about where you work, is it those who figure out how to work together that get their agendas met or those who fight it out? Tim Keiffer has shown a great ability to negotiate, to take a level headed stance no matter how much he is attacked, and to compromise. I can think of no better leader for this organization.
I voted today. and you you get 3 votes. Then one vote for your state rep.

Appreciate the kind words!

There are several good candidates running, which is very encouraging. I think we are going to end up with an excellent Board in the end, which is really what this is all about. Hopefully one which will be able to work together to further the sport and help tone back the level of animosity that seems to be prevalent with the current Board.

I know one of my votes is going to Mr. Rothstein. He has an incredible amount of background and experience in this sport and disc sports in general that almost no one can compare to. It's an honor just to be mentioned on the same page as him.

I've never met Rand Eberhard, but it sounds like I would enjoy the meeting if the opportunity presented itself. Once again, there are some great people offering to help the PDGA, and Rand sounds like he is one of them!
Voted for the people of my choice.
It is difficult to vote for unknown people running.
I think the PDGA Board needs more good business sense and needs to take a customer service approach so I think Steve Timm has something valuable to add.

Rothstein is another guy with business experience. He's smart and capable. He has also been a long proponent of skimming the ams to create a pro purse. If you are a pro you should vote for Rothstein. I think what we are doing with the IOSeries demonstrates that if you want to grow the game, am-scam is not a good strategy. So if you are a pro, you could also take the longer view and vote for a better candidate.

Chris Bellinger voted on the Board to release to members only those PDGA documents required by law, and to keep all other documents a secret unless the Board voted to release them. Then he has the gall to claim that he is for openness. The only place to go from there is into personal attacks, so I'll just let you fill in your own personal attacks.

Chris will get re-elected so, just to make his life suck a little, I think I will vote for Pat Brenner.

I've played a few rounds with Wildman. He's totally cool. I like him too much to put him on the Board. Being on the Board is a thankless task. You have to stand in front of one of those giant wind tunnel fans while some fool like UnderParMikey shovels manure at it from the backside. I can't do that to Wildman. Terry seems to have a teflon moon suit for that sort of thing. I could do that to Terry. Terry isn't running but I'll bet he gets 20 or 30 votes!

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