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Last week I attended a meeting with park officials and disc golfers. The park has a disc golf course but is interested in expanding and improving the course. It is already a really fine course but doesn't have the length of some championship level courses.

We toured the land available and talked about lengthening some holes and adding others. The course currently has 18 holes but the additional land won't support another 18. We may be able to add another 6 or 9. One suggestion under consideration is to create a practice area. So my question is what should a practice area include and how much land will it take? How many baskets should be placed in a practice area, and where? How do we design it to minimize danger from other disc golfers practicing in the same area? Do we want obstacles? yardage markers? other equipment?

Does such a thing already exist anywhere? I mean one formally designed and created for this purpose.

What design elements will best encourage golfers to use it and improve their games?

I have given these issues some thought but do not want to prejudice any responses or limit the creativity of any ideas.

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It might be cool to set up a Driving Range sort of thing. Place 2-3 baskets out in a field, have one about 200-250 out and the other maybe 350 or 400 with distances marked every 50 or so feet. It would allow you to stretch out your arm on the longer hole, or do some approaching/ace runs on the shorter basket.

If there is a small group of trees maybe put one basket behind it so you can practice your hyzers or anhyzers at it

As for adding more holes my home course has 27, which is great. It gives the option to play a few different 18s and when our league comes around to that park we don't have to cap it at 72 players. Anytime extra people show we just add another hole for the night, which cant be done elsewhere.
what course are you talking about?
Although I had always wondered how a Disc Golf practice area would be set up. You would need 'BIG" open room for a driving range.....like 600 feet by 600 feet. In most case that's not an option, so how about a 'Driving' net with sweet spots marked on it. The big obvious advantage is not having to chase your discs down. It would have to be constructed like the barriers they use on Ball golf driving ranges. Telephone poles and heavy net covered with nylon mesh...Tall 30 to 40 feet high...wide around 120, set back off a throwing line at least 60 to 75 feet. A big net would be really intrusive and and not that appealing to the landscape.

If I had the room for 9 more holes...that's what I'd do.....with adding extra pole hole placements on the existing course. It all depends on the budget really, but extra sleeves are cheap.
These are great ideas!

I would have to ask what is the tone of your local players? Are there lots of people interested in competitive play or do you have more casual players? If your local players are into league/tournaments then more holes and the extension of some existing hole may be ideal. If not a sweet practice area may hook new players.

What else is near-by the course? If there is a soccer field near-by then a driving range might not be the most efficient use of the land.

Perhaps you could add 6 holes and a sweet putting area. I love the idea of elevated/depressed baskets. Another thing I've seen and loved is putting markers around a basket at different measured distances creating a great place to practice or play PIG/HORSE.

I like the idea of a driving range, but I think more people would use a putting practice area. Every course should have a putt basket IMO.

One more thought: Less is more. If you can't add 9 holes that are at least equally as good as what’s already there then opt for less holes.
hhhhhhhhhhmmm, wondering where this park is since we both co-habitate SE michigan?

An open field would be great for all types of shots with marks at every 5O' out to six hundred.

Another area adjacent with tunnel shot practice area would be really neat.

third area.....with lots of elevations changes on a hill area(s) with several baskets & obstacles.....if taken to an extreme one could almost imagine something akin to those crazy Adventure mini-golf set-ups....lending itself for some putting games
I think a driving range with obstacles would be nice, a mock tunnel fairway(like described above) with range markers. I myself have a problem with figuring out approx distances so some help learning to do my own range finding would be great. Those ideas paired with an open "driving range".... hey if there's a couple extra bucks put some concrete tee pads in on the range :) .
i can give you a hint.
This course charges non-residence of the county a fortune to get in the gate.
And a practice area would be a waste of space there. I don't think it would get used. The course seems to be packed with casuals more than competitive players and I just don't see alot of casuals using a driving range.
The only thing that would make the course more apealing is the the addition of some holes. Definately some longer ones too. Just my opinion though.
Two baskets, about 30 feet apart would be nice. You could play putting games with two teams of two.
Well I guess I am dumb, share the info here, what park charges a fortune to get in the gate?
Rolling hills....sweet. although I heard that they had plenty of land for an additional course due to acquiring a lot of land north of the current course from Wiard's orchards. either way, larger practice area or more holes.....I am psyched since this course is about 7 minutes from the home.

lengthy holes would be nice!

I frequent the course a lot and I think the casual numbers decline once they open the waterpark and have a gate attendant consistently.
Yeah I guess the extra land for the other new course is alot less land then what was expected.
And not nearly enough for a championship level course like the park wanted.
I've also heard it was pretty wide open. I was really hoping for another course in there so it would make it more worth while to buy the $45 season pass to get in there.
A practice area just isn't going to do it for me.

would be happy to buy you a resident pass for you on my "other car" if you would like me to,,,,,resident is $25 yearly, no brainer for me since it is the closest course to my house.

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